“It’s So Easy” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I got out on to the veranda – yes the western, lagoon facing one on the first floor – around 05.00 hours yesterday morning with the “must have” mug of black coffee (no sugar) and my iPad.

After a few minutes of just taking in the sights,sounds and smells. I know it should be the same vista – I sit in the same position every morning after all – but it never, ever is. The different shades of the early morning light conspire to make it a different and truly enjoyable picture every day.

Sated with the ambience (and a couple of sips of coffee) I turned to The Times online and was well in to the Business pages when the tranquility was broken by the sound of hammering from the lot immediately north of our home.

I don’t why but this got to me to thinking about how I would have reacted to such an intrusion at 06.30 hours when I was living in London. I’m pretty certain that the reaction from me would have been to utter a few expletives. The next step would likely have been for me to shout similar types of invective at the “offending” workers.

My reaction yesterday morning? I had another sip of coffee and went back to the Business pages.

But I didn’t stay with them for too long. This reaction on my part got me thinking about how I’ve changed since moving to Ambergris Caye and doing a little bit of self-appraisal.

From this period of introspection I concluded that I’m far calmer. I hardly ever get agitated now. OK, I’ll tell the truth – I am known to “lose” it when I get an idiot in front of me when I’m in the golf cart (some old habits die hard and after driving around London for years this is a habit I doubt I’ll ever lose totally). So if you see a smallish Caucasian male driving around town gesticulating at the ‘cart in front of him it’s highly likely to be me!

This period of assessment of the changes in my inner self was interrupted when clouds of black smoke started to drift towards me. The guys on the building lot had started a fire to get rid of rubbish. How did I react you’re thinking. Shout at them to stop? Nope, I just picked up the chair, mug of coffee and the iPad and went to the other side – the eastern side – of the house.



The “new” view.

I spent a little time watching the guys at work and marvelled at how much they had done in just two weeks.


From this


to this. Floor for the water tank laid. Next the walls. A very impressive performance.

After showering, shaving, dressing and eating breakfast I headed in to ‘Town to take care of a few chores (primarily paying bills I’m sorry to say) and my inner calm was put to the test on the way home. Roadworks. And a detour.


Now in London a sign such as that would have heralded the start of a traffic congested detour that would have turned a ten minute journey in to at the very least a sixty minute one. And it would have turned me in to some foul mouthed demon behind the wheel. But not now. Oh no. I just followed the directions


and headed down (or is it up) the beach road.


When your “inconvenienced” like this it’s so easy to keep your cool!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1958 by The Crickets and surprisingly never made the charts. This changed though in 1977 when Linda Ronstadt released it as a single and it reached number five in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number eleven in the UK Singles Chart.

“Bring It On, Bring It On” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

In my haste (who do I think I’m kidding, I don’t do anything fast nowadays) to get the last edition “out there” I omitted (OK, so I forgot) to mention that last Friday Rose and I did the Ice Bucket Challenge.

I’d been very “kindly” set the challenge by Carlo Segura (the Carlo of Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill) so last Friday afternoon in the heat of the afternoon sun I decided to “man up” and go take the punishment.

Now up until Friday I’d thought that Carlo and I got on well. I’m not so sure now. Why? Well the bucket was huge and it was full of ice cold water and a double helping of ice cubes.



You don’t need to look too hard to see the ice cubes. It was cold. And I mean cold ((if you want to see how brave I was (OK, stop laughing) just go to my Facebook page where you will find the video)).

I barely uttered a sound though. Those years of taking cold showers after playing football (Soccer for those of you from the USA) all those years ago paid off!

But who could I set the challenge for? Easy. Ofel of Brianna’s Deli


for not ALWAYS having chicken soup on the menu when I want it.

Who could be next? Ernie ((THE Ernie of the dynamic (!!!) duo)) for relegating Arsenal to second place for the teams he follows. How could he be so insensitive to his customers’ feelings!

And the third spot? Well it just had to be Rose. Why? How long have you got? I could fill pages !

Rose was “up” for it though. “Bring it on, bring it on” she exclaimed. So Carlo did!



Still can’t work out why she was wearing the glasses. They did co-ordinate well with her top though!

We were going to make our donations to ALS but after I had seen what this fund raising initiative (and one with a lot of fun attached) has done for donations we decided to make our pledges to MND, the UK equivalent.

Yesterday afternoon after a spot of weeding (I never quite get to the end of this) Rose, Ziggy and I took a drive (don’t worry I drove – Ziggy hasn’t got a license. Yet!) up north to see how the new road is progressing and were very pleasantly surprised. There is now a stretch at the beginning (around three miles north of the bridge) with two “lanes” operable.



And both sides in use.

One lane has reached the northern extremity of Captain Morgan’s Retreat


and preparation for the next stretch has already begun.


At the rate they are going I reckon they could be going past our front gate around the end of October/mid November. Bets anyone?

This morning Rose and I were out shortly after 09.00 hours to take the golf cart to FCS Aluminum in Seagrape Drive



for a service and hopefully to fix a problem. Just lately it’s been a bit like me. It doesn’t start straight away!

After dropping the ‘cart off we managed to cadge a lift in to ‘Town whereupon I went for breakfast (what else was I supposed to do?) and Rose went shopping. A very fair and reasonable allocation of duties I’d say. And I’m sure you’ll agree with me. And if you don’t, well keep it to yourself!

Rose rejoined me shortly after I had finished my breakfast ( I’m convinced she’s got a webcam on me) and we then took a leisurely walk along the virtually windless seafront.


Static palm fronds.


A calm and virtually motionless Caribbean Sea.

It was good to see that the seagrass appears to be diminishing.


Piles on the beach but very little in the sea.

We carried on for a while and cut up to Pedro’s Hotel where we had lunch and then watched Arsenal scrape through to the Group Stage of the Champions League with a one nil win over the two leg tie against Besiktas.The less said about the performance the better though.

Lunch over it was time to pick the cart up where I was relieved to find that they had cured the starting problem. I’m booked in next week to see if they can do the same for me!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1983 by James Brown (the Godfather of Soul) which reached number forty-five in the UK Singles Chart.

“Busy Doing Nothing” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

After the travail of producing the last edition – I had to take notes and write with accuracy and seriousness (something that regular readers will not have seen much evidence of in what I normally put “out there”) – I’ve taken a little break. I mean, it was like being back at work again and my little, old (strong emphasis on the latter and not the former please) brain just isn’t up to the job any more.

Now I’d seen the signs of waning physical prowess (allow me to exaggerate whatever physical attributes I may have had once) some little while ago. I’m not able to bound up the stairs the way I used to. Those five gallon bottles of water feel just that little bit heavier (they now feel like they’ve got twice the amount of water in them). My ability (OK so it’s not an attribute) to hold liquor is nowhere near as good ( is this really the word I should use?) as it once was (I now wonder why I spent so much money on “training”). But I never envisaged when I set out to cover the opening of Rain Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace at Grand Caribe that it would take so much out of me.

It didn’t really but I didn’t know how to start today’s edition and I thought why not try and build up some drama (see what island living does to you – this is my idea of drama!). I’ve also (well I don’t have to but it helps fill up the edition) got to admit that I didn’t really have a clue what I could write about.

I mean after breaking the news about the new restaurant there wasn’t too much excitement in my week. I watched Arsenal a couple of times on TV but their performances were , to say the least, rather flat. I did some weeding (I now know that this is going to be a task for my lifetime (cheery thought isn’t it). I gave Ziggy his weekly bath.


We thought that Ziggy is Belizean through and through but we’re not so sure now. The way he’s been digging up the garden we are convinced he’s got some Australian in him (yes I know, terrible).

I’ve been in to ‘Town most days and obviously took advantage to “grab” a breakfast.


I’ll leave it you to guess where.

I got a slow puncture repaired at Adrian’s in Boca Del Rio.


It transpired that the rear, off-side tyre (tire for non UK readers) had managed to find a two inch screw. Twenty minutes later and BZ$ 10 lighter after I went in there the problem was solved.

Oh and on Thursday I gave an interview to International Living magazine for an article about the Qualified Retirement Program (now I’d normally spell it “programme” but …). I haven’t got a clue when the article will be published but I’m sure to let you know when I find out. Could this be fame at last!

Some of the questions posed made me think just that little bit more (OK, it made me think) about what it means to live on Ambergris Caye, Belize. I’m sure that people that know me wonder what there is to occupy myself with in such a small place. I mean I come from London , a metropolitan area with over thirteen million inhabitants. Theatres, art galleries, restaurants, sports stadia. Something for everyone.

But although this is a small place there appears (well at least to me) something new and different going on all the time. It keeps it interesting.

Here’s just a few examples.


The old Dreddy’s bar has been gutted. What’s this going to be? Another bar? A bike shop? An Apple store (now I’m really starting to lose it – and you too probably!).

The old wooden building in middle street (Pescador Drive)


has been razed to the ground and the lot cleared ready for construction. I wonder what’s going to go there. A restaurant? A bar? Watch this space.

I’ve found out that Ritchie’s Supermarket


is now being run by Chinese people and the offering has been expanded to include liquor sales and – wait for it – the likes of mussels, squid and shrimp. What next?

I’ve seen banners erected over the roads for P.U.P ( the People’s United Party)


to join those erected some weeks ago for the UDP (United Democratic Party)


and this for elections that do not take place until next March.

I’ve watched the road in front of our house being widened in readiness for the laying of concrete.


But with all of this going on I’ve still managed to get my ‘me time” out on the veranda (the western, lagoon facing one on the first floor) with my mug of black coffee (no sugar) and the iPad.


View from my seated position.

And if I can find the will (told you I’d lost some energy) to stand up.


I’ve also caught a sunset or two.



I’ve learnt something about myself this past week. I’m good – and I mean GOOD – at being busy doing nothing!

And so is she.


And Ziggy seems to have mastered the art too!


The headline for today’s edition is based on the song that featured in the 1949 film ” A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” which was sung by Bing Crosby, William Bendix and Cecil Hardwicke.

“Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Around a week ago Rose, Ziggy and I took a drive up north to take a look a the road that is being constructed that will initially run for around three and a half miles from the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge.

We hadn’t been going long when we came to Grand Caribe and saw the progress that had been made on the new building that is being built to the south of the resort.

It looks grand (well it would do, wouldn’t it) from the outside but what’s it look like inside I thought. My inquisitiveness (some might call it nosiness) got the better of me so I sent an email to ask if there was any chance I could have a sneak preview before the official opening of this “all singing, all dancing” addition to what is already one of the outstanding developments in Belize, let alone Ambergris Caye.

I’m pleased to say that permission was granted and this morning I had the real pleasure and thrill of being given a guided tour.

Before the photo roll a bit of background information and a few facts and figures:

Grande Caribe, which is set in seven acres located at the edge of the Caribbean Sea two miles north of the core of San Pedro Town opened its doors for business in June 2010 ( around three and a half years after construction started).

It comprises ninety-three well appointed accommodations in 11 separate, very tastefully constructed buildings which between them account for twelve 1 bedroom /1 bathroom, one 1 bedroom/ 1 bathroom penthouse, fifty-one 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom, twenty-two 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom and three 4 bedroom / 4 bathroom condos. And a 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom villa if that’s what you’re looking for.

The resort already has five swimming pools with one of them featuring a swim-up pool bar, spacious, well laid out and meticulously manicured gardens, well trained and extremely courteous staff and a concierge desk that will do its utmost to satisfy your every whim.

Nothing’s that good you’re thinking. He’s being paid to write this. Does he have a condo there (I don’t but wish that I did because a one bedroom condo sold recently for US$ 415k) ? Is he a partner in one of the new businesses? Nope. None of those. I’m just recounting what I saw and the impressions I formed.

Here’s just a few of the photos I took:


The main entrance.


The view you get when you’re booking in. Not bad eh!

And after you’ve dropped off your suitcase?





Take a dip in one of the four pools.



Or a stroll around the lush and verdant walkways.


Watch the world go by at the end of the dock.

Or keep cool , inside and out, at the pool bar.


Grand Caribe is impressive and I hope I’ve whetted your appetite but what about the new stuff you’re thinking. Well I’m convinced it’s going to be equally impressive and can do nothing but materially increase the Grand Caribe experience.

The finishing touches on the new four story building are just being made.


Ground level will ‘house’ a Convenience store incorporating a Deli.


Floor markings for racking/shelving in place.


The Deli area.

Up to the first floor where you will find a 1,000 square feet fitness center which will have the necessary equipment to help you burn off any unwanted pounds you’ve managed to put on.

Currently under consideration is a membership scheme which could include use of the swimming pools and the swim-up bar.

On this floor there’s also a fully equipped, 3,000 square feet, conference centre.



With two refreshment areas.


The area is adaptable with wall dividers which will make it an ideal area for presentations, staff training and, who knows, a venue where two sides with differing views can meet to reach a compromise. No, I’m not thinking of Rose and I!

It’s when you get up to the second and third floors that you’ll probably think that use of the fitness center might become a ‘must have’. Why? Well this is going to be the “home” of Rain Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace Bar (the website is currently under construction but will be fully operational very soon – bookmark it, you’ll be glad you did).

This new restaurant is owned and going to be run by the husband and wife team , Victoria and Hugo Meyer, who many of you will affectionately remember from their time running Aji Tapa Bar & Restaurant.

Within five minutes in their company I was infected (in the nicest possible way of course) by their unbridled enthusiasm to create a dining experience “par excellence”. Their ambition quite simply is to provide their customers with whatever they want to eat. Great food. Great service. And a great atmosphere. The restaurant you leave thinking “wow”. They want it to be THE only place to go!

When I was there they were training staff but they very graciously took time out of their very busy (and tight) schedule to show me around and tell me about the type of experience they are hell bent on providing for their customers.

With a menu that they describe as world cuisine they’re aiming to have something for everyone. A wine list that boasts twenty- nine wines and champagnes from around the globe. From the very affordable to that bottle for the special occasion.



The fully air-conditioned restaurant, which is on the third floor, has seating for two hundred and fifty


Seating re-arranged for training purposes.



a chandelier no less!

But you don’t need to rush to eat your meal. No. Spend some time at the bar


and get that drink that you just haven’t been able to find!

And where are these culinary delights magicked up?



In this state-of-the-art kitchen, that’s where.

If you want a more informal, fun atmosphere you don’t have to go too far. Just take the lift to the top floor where you’ll find the Rooftop Terrace Bar. The bar with a Euro lounge feel.



And it has its own equally well stocked bar too.


This area will host a myriad of events from live music to learning to paint whilst having a drink at the same time. Don’t worry though, expert tuition will be provided by Melody Sanchez-Wolfe.

It wasn’t all taking photos and asking questions for me though. Oh no. I got to sample some of the menu items (well I would, wouldn’t I!).


For once my timing was impeccable!

I know I’ve kept you waiting long enough. You want to know what delights are on the menu don’t you. So here you are!






Look closely and you’ll find the opening times.

And how about these hand painted menus!


These are the lengths this couple has gone to in creating their vision.

Rain Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace Bar opens bright and early on Monday 1 September. Want to know what I’ll be doing? Pulling mussels from the shell, that’s what.

When you go to Rain Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace Bar do tell Victoria and Hugo that I “sent” you.


Victoria and Hugo.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1980 by Squeeze which reached number forty-four in the UK Singles Chart.

“Road to Nowhere” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I’ve always enjoyed my early morning “me” time on the veranda. For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time (where have you been?) this is normally any time between 04.00 to 06.00 hours (the latter being a “lie in” morning) when I head out to the western (lagoon) facing veranda on the first floor of our house with a mug of coffee (instant, black and no sugar) and my iPad. I’m now starting to appreciate this time even more.

Why? I hear you thinking (don’t worry I can’t really hear you). Quite simple actually, a house is being built on the lot adjacent to us and the sounds of construction start reverberating around our house between 06.30 to 07.00 hours. And they are working weekends too.

I’m guilty of exaggerating the noise actually. It’s not really that bad. There’s been the sound of shovels digging to create the depth for a water tank. The moving, cutting and bending of rebar. The cement mixer at work. Oh, and the sound of some of the guys singing (and one of them is not too bad).

We’ve got talking to one or two of the guys working on the project and we understand that its going to be a single level, three bedroom concrete house built on stilts. What amazed us though is when they told us they are aiming to finish it by Christmas. Six months from start to finish. I’ll be watching this one closely!


After only two weeks ! They might hit Christmas after all (and look at all that rebar Kathi Moore!).

The house being built next to us is one of many of the developments currently underway “north of the bridge”. It’s a burgeoning area and it came as no great surprise to us when a short while ago it was announced by the San Pedro Town Council that a seven mile cement road would be laid from the northern side of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge. The work – which has started – is being undertaken in two phases with phase one starting around three miles north of the ‘Bridge near Venezia Del Caribe. Eventually phase two will result in the road going a further four miles north.

The road north has been spoken about for as long as I can remember. It’s been dismissed as “pie in the sky” by many. Some have (and still are) fiercely opposed to it. Me? Well I like the rustic charm of the dirt road but the island has grown and it continually grows and much of this growth with now take place north of the ‘Bridge. Why? Because that’s where the available land for development is. And a good road to support this growth is a necessity in my opinion. It will also (on a really personal note) be good for my golf cart AND my back!

Yesterday after taking care of a bit of weeding (they keep growing) Rose and I decided to head north to take a look at the start of the road and what follows are some photos of what we saw along the way.


Turn left (north) out of our gate.


Striking bougainvillea. But look at the rocks in the road.


Approaching the turn-off for the Palapa Bar & Grill.


Construction of holiday let cabanas near the Palapa Bar & Grill “junction”.


Ak’ Bol.


Aji Tapa Bar & Restaurant.


Captain Morgan’s Retreat.

All of them are businesses that should benefit from the new road.

Continuing our drive north which, at times, felt like (wait for it) we were on the road to nowhere (terrible isn’t it) we came to the start of the new, concrete road.


It may not look much now. But …

We continued north (intrepid aren’t we!)


Rendevouz Restaurant & Winery.


On to the beach road (sic). Look at the build up of seagrass.


The Residences at Barrier Reef. Another development that will in the future benefit from the new road.


Mata Grande Grocery.

As an interesting side note (or not), I understand that the ‘Town Council is giving away fifty by fifty feet lots to three hundred and fifty people that live on the island. The cost to the lucky recipients? A surveying cost of BZ$ 500. Many of these lots will be developed soon and they too will benefit from the new road even though it initially will stop short of them.

We continued northwards


Rojo Lounge.


Matachica Resort & Spa.

We carried on until we hit the


point when we decided that we deserved (needed) some sustenance so we turned around and headed south until we came to


the Jambel Jerk Pit based at the old Xaman Ek Resort.

The place was deserted apart from Klinsmann (his father is a mad keen Germany football supporter and Klinsmann was born when Germany won the World Cup in 1990!) the bar man /chef.






The resort hasn’t been fully operational for a couple of years and is currently up for sale. So if you are looking for something to do and have a spare US$ 1.6 million …

As the sun started to set we knew it was time to bring our adventure to an end and hit the bumpy road south!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1985 by the Talking Heads and reached number six in the UK Singles Chart.

“Hot in Herre” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

With all of the excitement (different things excite different people!) that Rose and I have had recently – getting our new burglar gates/doors AND getting Ziggy for good – I almost forgot to tell you about a little shopping expedition that Rose and I made a few weeks ago.

It all started when we went to the self-contained apartment that we have on the ground floor to give it a little spring clean (OK so it was early August but you know what I mean) in readiness for the visit of some guests.

We don’t go in to the apartment very often and as we opened the door the heat hit us. A rush of warm, no, hot air (and, it was not because I started to speak). As we entered Rose turned to me and -stating the bloody obvious – said “It’s hot in herre” (I know its spelt incorrectly but bear with me ).

We’d always known that an increase in humidity levels allied to the fact that the apartment isn’t used that much (and no this isn’t a invitation for a flurry of visits!) that it made sense to get a dehumidifier. Our time in the apartment that day convinced us that it was now time to translate talk in to action. A visit to the hardware stores on Ambergris Caye was called for.

Working north to south we called first at Hermano’s Hardware in Boca Del Rio.


There was lots of stuff on display and much fitting the description of “I could really use one of those” but not a dehumidifier to be seen. So Rose ushered me out of the store and we headed to Pescador Drive calling first at Castillo’s.


No dehumidifiers in there either so we crossed the road and popped in to S.P. Home Center.


Same story. Lots of stuff that took my fancy but not what we’d gone out to buy. So on to the next stop, Harmouch’s.


Success. They had one in stock!


But it was a brand we’d never heard of and was a whopping BZ$ 850 before discount! So on to Sam’s Hardware a short distance down Pescador Drive. I wasn’t confident so Rose went in to the store alone. I didn’t think it was worth locking up the golf cart.


I was right (for a change), not a dehumidifier in sight. So we went straight to the S.P Hardware store in Sea Grape Drive.


And … Not one but two models on display! And better still we knew the name of the manufacturer.



I stepped back gracefully (I know my place!) and Rose (the “Terminator”) took over. “How much?”, she enquired. “HOW MUCH!” The guy repeated the prices and undeterred Rose retorted with “But how much with a discount?” The guy dropped the price by ten percent. Not bad I thought. But Rose had sensed blood and she went for the jugular. He wilted. I knew he would. I always do so why shouldn’t he! He agreed to give a further five percent discount.

Deal done, a fifty pint dehumidifier for BZ$ 675. Ouch and ouch. Why ouch? The same unit can be had at any Home Depot for US$ 229 (or BZ$ 458).

We’ve been using it for the last few weeks and it works a treat.

It’s not all trawling around the shops though. Oh no. Since we got Ziggy for good I now get to take him for his swim. He just loves frolicking (I’ve been waiting an age to use this word) in the sea.


“Slowly Ziggy.”




With the amount of effort he put in retrieving the ball he should have laid down and got to sleep when we returned home but no, he went straight to the garden to hunt iguana.

Please turn away if you’re squeamish.


And he got one!

The headline for today’s headline (told you that it would all become clear) is based on the single released in 2002 by Nelly (with additional vocals by Dani Stevenson) which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number four in the UK Singles Chart.

“Safe & Sound” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I may not have written an edition for a little while but thought you might like to know that I’ve still been going through basically the same routine.

Up before the sun rises out on the veranda, the western one on the first floor that faces the lagoon, with my mug of black (instant, with no sugar) coffee and the iPad (an Air for those of you that might be interested).

I’ve continued to enjoy the relative quietness -there are the sounds of the leaves swooshing (if there’s a breeze of course), the lapping of the water, the birds chattering, the fish jumping out of and then re entering the lagoon, the snarling and grunting of racoons when they fall out with each other. Oh, and the occasional barking of dogs when they are spooked by something. The early morning sounds that let you know that another day is about to begin but it’s quiet, very quiet.

Ideal conditions you’d think for knocking out an edition. And they used to be PZ. PZ? Pre Ziggy I mean.


For those of you not aware, this is Ziggy.

The solitude of the early morning for me is now a distant memory. When I get up in the morning there he is. Waiting at the bedroom door, tail wagging happy in anticipation of the first strokes and pats of the day. It used to be that my first job (sic) of the day was to get the kettle on and spoon the coffee in to the mug. Not now. That comes a poor second best!

We do eventually make it to the veranda but any chance of pulling together something that anyone might want to read has been nullified by Ziggy’s head constantly finding itself in my lap. So you can blame (or thank) him for the absence of postings on my part.

To get this one ‘out there’ I’ve had to (any excuse) decamp to Estel’s Dine By the Sea


for breakfast


and for some time alone with the iPad!

So with the “solitude” I sought and an ideal setting what do I write about? What has happened since I last posted something?

Regular readers may well remember that nearly two months ago I mentioned that we had ordered burglar bar gates/doors. At the time of placing the order we were informed that they would take around three to four weeks to be made and fitted for all of our external doors (two double doors and two single doors)


Double door entrance to the first floor.

We’ve been popping in to the workshop in Boca Del Rio probably twice a week to monitor progress and on each occasion we’ve been told “They’re nearly ready.” But … nothing.

And then last week – I think it was Wednesday- we heard Ziggy barking to let us know that someone was at our front gate. It was Franco and he had our gates/doors with him. Within minutes they were in the front garden


and just as quickly they were off the trailer neatly positioned for installation.


Franco decided to start with the ground floor apartment first so moved the relevant gates/doors but then realised that there was a design fault which he had to take two of the gates/doors back to the workshop to correct.


So close yet so far!

We thought that was the last of the gates/doors we’d see for a few days but no. The next day Franco returned and they started to be installed.


But first an adjustment to the frame.


Second gate/door about to be ‘slotted’ in.


“It works!”

With the first installation completed they moved on to the door of the apartment


and then the pump room


and then the first floor!



A bemused -and imprisoned- looking Ziggy.

They haven’t greatly obscured the view though


but have increased our sense of security so that we feel safe and sound. And the breeze can flow freely through the house.

We thought it had gone “belly up” on Wednesday

With the gates/doors installed Ziggy and I settled down to watch work on the house that’s being built on the lot immediately north of us.


“We’re going to have neighbours soon Ziggy.”


The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 2011 by Taylor Swift and reached number thirty in the US Billboard Hot 100.