“Hot in Herre” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

With all of the excitement (different things excite different people!) that Rose and I have had recently – getting our new burglar gates/doors AND getting Ziggy for good – I almost forgot to tell you about a little shopping expedition that Rose and I made a few weeks ago.

It all started when we went to the self-contained apartment that we have on the ground floor to give it a little spring clean (OK so it was early August but you know what I mean) in readiness for the visit of some guests.

We don’t go in to the apartment very often and as we opened the door the heat hit us. A rush of warm, no, hot air (and, it was not because I started to speak). As we entered Rose turned to me and -stating the bloody obvious – said “It’s hot in herre” (I know its spelt incorrectly but bear with me ).

We’d always known that an increase in humidity levels allied to the fact that the apartment isn’t used that much (and no this isn’t a invitation for a flurry of visits!) that it made sense to get a dehumidifier. Our time in the apartment that day convinced us that it was now time to translate talk in to action. A visit to the hardware stores on Ambergris Caye was called for.

Working north to south we called first at Hermano’s Hardware in Boca Del Rio.


There was lots of stuff on display and much fitting the description of “I could really use one of those” but not a dehumidifier to be seen. So Rose ushered me out of the store and we headed to Pescador Drive calling first at Castillo’s.


No dehumidifiers in there either so we crossed the road and popped in to S.P. Home Center.


Same story. Lots of stuff that took my fancy but not what we’d gone out to buy. So on to the next stop, Harmouch’s.


Success. They had one in stock!


But it was a brand we’d never heard of and was a whopping BZ$ 850 before discount! So on to Sam’s Hardware a short distance down Pescador Drive. I wasn’t confident so Rose went in to the store alone. I didn’t think it was worth locking up the golf cart.


I was right (for a change), not a dehumidifier in sight. So we went straight to the S.P Hardware store in Sea Grape Drive.


And … Not one but two models on display! And better still we knew the name of the manufacturer.



I stepped back gracefully (I know my place!) and Rose (the “Terminator”) took over. “How much?”, she enquired. “HOW MUCH!” The guy repeated the prices and undeterred Rose retorted with “But how much with a discount?” The guy dropped the price by ten percent. Not bad I thought. But Rose had sensed blood and she went for the jugular. He wilted. I knew he would. I always do so why shouldn’t he! He agreed to give a further five percent discount.

Deal done, a fifty pint dehumidifier for BZ$ 675. Ouch and ouch. Why ouch? The same unit can be had at any Home Depot for US$ 229 (or BZ$ 458).

We’ve been using it for the last few weeks and it works a treat.

It’s not all trawling around the shops though. Oh no. Since we got Ziggy for good I now get to take him for his swim. He just loves frolicking (I’ve been waiting an age to use this word) in the sea.


“Slowly Ziggy.”




With the amount of effort he put in retrieving the ball he should have laid down and got to sleep when we returned home but no, he went straight to the garden to hunt iguana.

Please turn away if you’re squeamish.


And he got one!

The headline for today’s headline (told you that it would all become clear) is based on the single released in 2002 by Nelly (with additional vocals by Dani Stevenson) which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number four in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Krys says:

    Hi John,
    I enjoy reading your blog. I just wanted to let you know that you mentioned that Castillo’s Hardware doesn’t have dehumidifiers….they do. The brands of dehumidifiers that they have are Danby and Comfort Air. That pic that you posted stated that Harmouch’s had the Danby, but I noticed that pic was taken in Castillo’s Hardware. You can see the ‘DO IT BEST’ label on a box on top of the Danby dehumidifier. I just wanted you to clarify that you got the two hardware stores mixed up.

    1. Krys you are absolutely right. The sequence of the photos (let alone the “Do It Best” sticker) should have made it obvious to me that the Danby was on display in Castillo’s . I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m losing it. This error backs up my assessment of myself.
      Thanks for the correction. And for liking the blog.

  2. Jane says:

    Good to hear Ziggy’s back “for good,” John. What a lucky guy! Not, however, the iguana you LET him catch. Since I name them and feed them, I cannot condone that behavior! 🙂

    1. I think we are lucky too Jane. He’s a very nice (normally) well behaved “boy”. I must take some blame for the slaying of the iguana but not too much. I’m not as quick as I used to be. And Ziggy is fast.

  3. roseypon says:

    John no dissing Ziggy he is the dragon slayer and a very brave boy ;0) x

    1. He had a fifty plus pound advantage. And one more leg!

  4. Jan B. says:

    Love the headline for today’s piece…..didn’t know you were a fan of hip hop! LOL! Ziggy,the dragon slayer, has arrived!

    1. Hi Jan. I like most genres of music. Actually had that album when we were in the UK. It went the way of the rest of them. Sadly. As to the dragon slayer (and that’s what Rose was calling him yesterday), he now feels that he can catch them all. Me? I think it only had three legs and was a bit old!

  5. robert Vernon says:

    So no ‘Night of the Iguana’ then !!! Is there a/c in the apartment ? Turn into a Sauna . Been reading in the forum about the road north, but still cant quite understand the route its taking, sounds like its not the existing road

    1. Hi Robert I’m not clear on the route the road is going to take but I’m sure a stretch will not be on the beach as it currently is around The Residences at Barrier Reef.

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