“Bring It On, Bring It On” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

In my haste (who do I think I’m kidding, I don’t do anything fast nowadays) to get the last edition “out there” I omitted (OK, so I forgot) to mention that last Friday Rose and I did the Ice Bucket Challenge.

I’d been very “kindly” set the challenge by Carlo Segura (the Carlo of Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill) so last Friday afternoon in the heat of the afternoon sun I decided to “man up” and go take the punishment.

Now up until Friday I’d thought that Carlo and I got on well. I’m not so sure now. Why? Well the bucket was huge and it was full of ice cold water and a double helping of ice cubes.



You don’t need to look too hard to see the ice cubes. It was cold. And I mean cold ((if you want to see how brave I was (OK, stop laughing) just go to my Facebook page where you will find the video)).

I barely uttered a sound though. Those years of taking cold showers after playing football (Soccer for those of you from the USA) all those years ago paid off!

But who could I set the challenge for? Easy. Ofel of Brianna’s Deli


for not ALWAYS having chicken soup on the menu when I want it.

Who could be next? Ernie ((THE Ernie of the dynamic (!!!) duo)) for relegating Arsenal to second place for the teams he follows. How could he be so insensitive to his customers’ feelings!

And the third spot? Well it just had to be Rose. Why? How long have you got? I could fill pages !

Rose was “up” for it though. “Bring it on, bring it on” she exclaimed. So Carlo did!



Still can’t work out why she was wearing the glasses. They did co-ordinate well with her top though!

We were going to make our donations to ALS but after I had seen what this fund raising initiative (and one with a lot of fun attached) has done for donations we decided to make our pledges to MND, the UK equivalent.

Yesterday afternoon after a spot of weeding (I never quite get to the end of this) Rose, Ziggy and I took a drive (don’t worry I drove – Ziggy hasn’t got a license. Yet!) up north to see how the new road is progressing and were very pleasantly surprised. There is now a stretch at the beginning (around three miles north of the bridge) with two “lanes” operable.



And both sides in use.

One lane has reached the northern extremity of Captain Morgan’s Retreat


and preparation for the next stretch has already begun.


At the rate they are going I reckon they could be going past our front gate around the end of October/mid November. Bets anyone?

This morning Rose and I were out shortly after 09.00 hours to take the golf cart to FCS Aluminum in Seagrape Drive



for a service and hopefully to fix a problem. Just lately it’s been a bit like me. It doesn’t start straight away!

After dropping the ‘cart off we managed to cadge a lift in to ‘Town whereupon I went for breakfast (what else was I supposed to do?) and Rose went shopping. A very fair and reasonable allocation of duties I’d say. And I’m sure you’ll agree with me. And if you don’t, well keep it to yourself!

Rose rejoined me shortly after I had finished my breakfast ( I’m convinced she’s got a webcam on me) and we then took a leisurely walk along the virtually windless seafront.


Static palm fronds.


A calm and virtually motionless Caribbean Sea.

It was good to see that the seagrass appears to be diminishing.


Piles on the beach but very little in the sea.

We carried on for a while and cut up to Pedro’s Hotel where we had lunch and then watched Arsenal scrape through to the Group Stage of the Champions League with a one nil win over the two leg tie against Besiktas.The less said about the performance the better though.

Lunch over it was time to pick the cart up where I was relieved to find that they had cured the starting problem. I’m booked in next week to see if they can do the same for me!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1983 by James Brown (the Godfather of Soul) which reached number forty-five in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Melanie says:

    It has been two weeks today that we left San Pedro,, and although I look so forward to reading your blog and seeing the great pictures, it also makes me so sad! On seeing the little ones on the beach, I had gotten so attached to them. They should be starting school next week, should they not? Anyways, thank you for keeping me connected! [I left my heart in San Pedro!]

    1. Sorry for making you feel sad Melanie. The High School has already resumed but you are right that the younger children start next week.
      As to your heart, it will be well looked after here until you come back!

  2. Jane says:

    Enjoyable blog, as always, John. I keep waiting for the road workers to appear in front of GC with a stretch of new road, but it seems all we have are the cement trucks and lots of noise and activity from the barges brining in materials. I’m optimistic, though. I hope your guess on timing is correct.

    1. As always Jane I am pleased that you enjoyed my ramblings. The road guys appear to be moving at a reasonable lick and it won’t be too long, I’m sure, before you can leave your house and enjoy a bit of cement road.
      We must (please, please) be in for some rain soon though and that may slow things.
      But for sure its happening. At last.

    2. Meant to ask. Are all of the materials being barged in for the road or is some of it for the development on the lagoon side opposite GC?

  3. Andy says:

    John…. Same photo TWICE !

    1. It was a nice scene Andy but I agree, not worth seeing twice! Thanks for pointing out the error. Now corrected.

  4. footballbat says:


    As always I love the updates.

    By “Going by” with the road do you mean STARTING work? Or do you mean COMPLETE roads? With the rainy season coming on soon it would seem completed roads might be many months away.

    Is there a drainage plan associated with the new paving? Simply paving is only part of a plan. Without proper drainage they could potentially make things more impassable in places . . .

    I was once knee deep in muddy water pushing a golf cart a few 100 meters or so from your present locale.

    1. Hi Derek
      Poor choice of words on my part. By “going by” I meant that the road will be laid in front of our house.

      The rain (when it eventually arrives) will present problems but I do understand why they have chosen to lay the road in the slow season ie less traffic. The crew working on it look to be very organised and I would imagine that at the first sign of rain they will cover newly laid road with plastic sheeting.

      As to drainage, I’ve seen nothing mentioned so I doubt that its part of the plan.

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