“Road to Nowhere” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I’ve always enjoyed my early morning “me” time on the veranda. For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time (where have you been?) this is normally any time between 04.00 to 06.00 hours (the latter being a “lie in” morning) when I head out to the western (lagoon) facing veranda on the first floor of our house with a mug of coffee (instant, black and no sugar) and my iPad. I’m now starting to appreciate this time even more.

Why? I hear you thinking (don’t worry I can’t really hear you). Quite simple actually, a house is being built on the lot adjacent to us and the sounds of construction start reverberating around our house between 06.30 to 07.00 hours. And they are working weekends too.

I’m guilty of exaggerating the noise actually. It’s not really that bad. There’s been the sound of shovels digging to create the depth for a water tank. The moving, cutting and bending of rebar. The cement mixer at work. Oh, and the sound of some of the guys singing (and one of them is not too bad).

We’ve got talking to one or two of the guys working on the project and we understand that its going to be a single level, three bedroom concrete house built on stilts. What amazed us though is when they told us they are aiming to finish it by Christmas. Six months from start to finish. I’ll be watching this one closely!


After only two weeks ! They might hit Christmas after all (and look at all that rebar Kathi Moore!).

The house being built next to us is one of many of the developments currently underway “north of the bridge”. It’s a burgeoning area and it came as no great surprise to us when a short while ago it was announced by the San Pedro Town Council that a seven mile cement road would be laid from the northern side of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge. The work – which has started – is being undertaken in two phases with phase one starting around three miles north of the ‘Bridge near Venezia Del Caribe. Eventually phase two will result in the road going a further four miles north.

The road north has been spoken about for as long as I can remember. It’s been dismissed as “pie in the sky” by many. Some have (and still are) fiercely opposed to it. Me? Well I like the rustic charm of the dirt road but the island has grown and it continually grows and much of this growth with now take place north of the ‘Bridge. Why? Because that’s where the available land for development is. And a good road to support this growth is a necessity in my opinion. It will also (on a really personal note) be good for my golf cart AND my back!

Yesterday after taking care of a bit of weeding (they keep growing) Rose and I decided to head north to take a look at the start of the road and what follows are some photos of what we saw along the way.


Turn left (north) out of our gate.


Striking bougainvillea. But look at the rocks in the road.


Approaching the turn-off for the Palapa Bar & Grill.


Construction of holiday let cabanas near the Palapa Bar & Grill “junction”.


Ak’ Bol.


Aji Tapa Bar & Restaurant.


Captain Morgan’s Retreat.

All of them are businesses that should benefit from the new road.

Continuing our drive north which, at times, felt like (wait for it) we were on the road to nowhere (terrible isn’t it) we came to the start of the new, concrete road.


It may not look much now. But …

We continued north (intrepid aren’t we!)


Rendevouz Restaurant & Winery.


On to the beach road (sic). Look at the build up of seagrass.


The Residences at Barrier Reef. Another development that will in the future benefit from the new road.


Mata Grande Grocery.

As an interesting side note (or not), I understand that the ‘Town Council is giving away fifty by fifty feet lots to three hundred and fifty people that live on the island. The cost to the lucky recipients? A surveying cost of BZ$ 500. Many of these lots will be developed soon and they too will benefit from the new road even though it initially will stop short of them.

We continued northwards


Rojo Lounge.


Matachica Resort & Spa.

We carried on until we hit the


point when we decided that we deserved (needed) some sustenance so we turned around and headed south until we came to


the Jambel Jerk Pit based at the old Xaman Ek Resort.

The place was deserted apart from Klinsmann (his father is a mad keen Germany football supporter and Klinsmann was born when Germany won the World Cup in 1990!) the bar man /chef.






The resort hasn’t been fully operational for a couple of years and is currently up for sale. So if you are looking for something to do and have a spare US$ 1.6 million …

As the sun started to set we knew it was time to bring our adventure to an end and hit the bumpy road south!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1985 by the Talking Heads and reached number six in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. dawnyt says:

    Last year, we very nervously bought at Venezia Del Caribe!! The road is good news! Thanks for the blog, it’s tough to find updated news about Belize online!

    1. You are more than welcome. The road will improve things in so many ways.

  2. Gail says:

    LOL That Kathy Moore loves her rebar..

    1. She certainly does. She told me as much!

  3. Jim Cremin says:

    Hi John The Jamel Jerk Pit seemed unusual . . . like the way you relax and have/use your ‘me time’. Lesson for us all. Best wishes to you and Rose. Jim

    1. Hi Jim. Yes, the ‘Jerk Pit is unusual. Great location but not many customers! And for sure I’m enjoying my ‘me time’. It’s the only way. Rose sends her regards. Hope is all good for you.

  4. Wilma says:

    Nice shots of what lies to the north! BTW – the “seagrass” you saw is actually the seaweed called Sargassum that has been carried over from the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic. The whole coastline of Belize has been inundated with loads of it; more than I have ever seen here before. At our place south of Placencia and just north of Monkey River, it was about 2 feet deep on our beach. Take a look at a post I wrote about it: http://southenglishtown.blogspot.com/2014/08/sargassum-invasion.html

    1. Thank you Wilma. When I wrote about the seagrass I actually thought it might be seaweed and at the back of my mind (memory nowhere near as good as it once was) seemed to recall the Sargasso Sea being involved. Having read your post about it I now know why.
      Nice blog by the way. One I shall now follow/read/look at.

  5. robert Vernon says:

    Wow, things really happening, you’ll need two bridges to cope with the flow. How on earth are they deciding who gets a lot or not. Do you know who’s moving in next to you yet? I can see an airport being built so that flights from USA can fly straight in LOL

    1. I agree re the bridge. At some point it will need to be replaced with something that can allow both sides to be used even when a lorry (or lazy taxi driver) is on it.
      As to the allocation of the lots, I have no idea. Would imagine though “who you know” comes in to it. 350 votes gained though I would think!

    2. Oh, and our new next door neighbours are the couple who have a house on the beach (the one that looks like a castle) just north of us.

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