“Better Things to Do” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

As I mentioned in the previous edition, yesterday, after I had put Thursday’s edition of the blog to bed, I headed off to Estel’s for breakfast. Just me and my good friend the iPad!

While I was waiting for breakfast (and after I had finished it too) I took care of my morning ‘tasks’. I had better things to do than just browse the Internet! First off was an email to Jesus Cervantes at TheTile and Stone Center in Belize City to find out what is the ideal grout for the Milan Super Crema tiles that we have throughout most of the First Floor and our bedroom on the Second Floor of our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Next up was an email to my three friends in the UK who are heading off to Ostend for a three day stag party to celebrate and say ‘goodbye’ to the end of Jon’s bachelor state (although given that he lives with his soon to be wife he is not strictly a bachelor) to wish them a great time. They are all middle aged but won’t act like it at all. It will be a messy three days. And had I still been living in the UK I would have been getting messy with them!

I then turned my attention to trying to find examples of kitchen islands that serve a dual purpose as a table or breakfast bar and found one on houzz that Rose and I can ‘play around’ with and adapt to come up with what we are looking for.


The prototype. Our version will not have a sink and tap (faucet for non UK readers).

I mentioned in a previous edition last week that Rose and I had turned our attention to selling the one bedroom condo we have at Banana Beach Resort (we bought it around fifteen years ago). Well last week we put it up for sale by using the services of Pelican Properties and the good news is that it has already been viewed three times. Here’s hoping for a quick sale.

Trying to respond positively to suggestions from some readers of this blog that I vary the photo scenes a bit I took the camera to breakfast with me and below are a few of the shots that I took.


Boats at rest and boats at work and play.


The beach just before the heavens opened up.


Snake hitching a ride. Don’t know if it was alive or dead but I wasn’t going to be the one to prod it to find out!

On the way home I drove up (yes I was very lazy and drove to breakfast) Caribena Street and noticed that My Secret Deli is undergoing a major refurb -inside and out. Cannot give you any photos of the inside (its closed for business at the moment) but when it re-opens this is what you need to look for.


Paint job and an extended roof for outside eating. I imagine that there will be a bit of sign writing soon!

Rose and I headed to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize at around 14.45 hours and when we arrived stopped to have a chat with Edgar (the granite man) who was creating the bullnose edge on the granite for a vanity unit for one of the two bathrooms on the Ground Floor.


Improvised water cooling system.


Water cooling system running from the rainwater collection water tank under the house.

Whilst with Edgar we could see that he had already chosen the next two slabs of granite that he will be working on.


Blanco Tulum – for the kitchen island on the First Floor.


Yellow Butterfly – for the vanity unit in Rose’s bathroom.

Close to Edgar the welder was still working on the railings for the western (lagoon) side of the Second Floor.


Can’t be much more to do now. Can there?

In to the Ground Floor self-contained apartment where we found that Wilson having finished tiling the hallway between the two bedrooms had started laying the floor tiles for the en-suite for the larger of the two bedrooms.


Up to the First Floor where we could see that second coats of masonry sealant (also doubles up as primer/base coat) had been applied to the inside of the eastern and northern veranda walls.


Eastern wall.


Northern wall.

Inside the house Christopher had recommenced (having repositioned the scaffolding which currently serves as the stairs to the Second Floor) laying floor tiles in the living room area.


Not many more to go now!

Out on the western (lagoon side) veranda work continued on laying the stone floor tiles.


Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, that Christopher had grouted the floor tiles in the bathroom (for Rose’s handicraft room).


Area where the toilet and vanity unit will go.



While we were up on the First Floor we heard the sound of a motorbike and looking down from the veranda could see that a guy had pulled in to our lot to see if he could sell any of his wares to the guys.


Unlocking the ‘shop’.


To present an assortment of footwear and shirts. A sort of mobile Del Boy Trotter ((Only Fools and Horses in the UK and the Kings of Van Nuys in the States (it bombed there)).

As we were getting ready to leave our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize we were horrified to see that a sacrilegious act had been committed in the hallowed hallway of Highbury House (for new or occasional readers of this blog we have named our new house in memory of the ground that our favourite team, Arsenal, played at before relocating to a new stadium). Someone (culprit/villain) who currently remains unknown had ripped up a shirt adorned with the Arsenal badge and was using it as a rag!!!! What’s gone wrong with the world.? Have we got an anonymous Spurs fan working on our house?


The ‘victim’ of the heinous act!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1995 by Terri Clark which reached number three in the US Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.


  1. Erik Jensen says:

    I wouldn’t want to be the perpetrator of that act.
    You can run, but you can’t hide… 🙂

    1. Thinking about putting ‘wanted’ posters up around the build. And maybe a reward!

  2. Tracy Jamison, Idaho says:

    Ok I am confused, am sure you probably covered it in earlier editions. You reference selling your condo and you also referenece the condo you and Rose have been renting? Are they not one in the same?

    1. Hi Tracy. Understand how you could be confused. The condo we own at Banana Beach is not a full time living unit (they are now about to become so though if owners want to make the necessary investment). Knowing that it was not equipped for full time living when we moved here around 15 months ago we rented a condo that is equipped for full time living eg washing machine, own water and electricity meters.

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