“Cuba” from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize -Part Three.

If you read the previous edition (and if you didn’t , why not!) you’ll know that Rose and I spent our first afternoon in Havana, Cuba touring our hotel (Hotel Nacional de Cuba) and its magnificent grounds which reminded us so much of some of the grand, old hotels in Sri Lanka.

Feeling my age – I try to fight it but sometimes it just gets the better of me – I suggested to Rose that it might, perhaps, be a good idea to eat at the hotel for our first night. Rose, who it was patently obvious to see, was nowhere near as bushed as me, agreed.

So, after a shower and change of clothes we headed downstairs with the knowledge that we had 4 options to choose from ranging from fine dining at Comedor del Agular to light meals and snacks at Cafeteria “Film Corner”.

The maitre d’ at the La Veranda – here they serve a buffet of international and Cuban cuisine – made our mind up for us. “What’s the price”, Rose enquired (she can be so nosy at times!). “Twenty-five CUC”, the maitre d’ responded. “But tonight, for you, it’s a special price, twenty CUC”.

We asked (well Rose did actually) if it would be OK to have a look to see what was on offer. He affirmed this would be OK. So we did. Have a look at the food, that is.

It was plentiful. And it was varied. And it was for us! So we took a table and feasted on mussels, crab, shrimp, steak, pork and chicken complimented with a good selection of vegetables. We finished of the meal with desert. Rose had a very healthy (she would!) fruit plate. Me? I went for an ice cream combination.  All this for the equivalent of US$ 20. What you call a CUC’ing good deal. There’s little doubt that there’s a good and a bad way to get CUC’ed.

With full bellies we retired (its the type of place where you use language like this!) to a comfortable sofa and got ourselves a couple of drinks from Bar Galería where I reacquainted myself with Señor Mojito. After a couple of more drinks we called it a night. We’d had a busy day. 

Up bright and early the next morning it was straight to La Veranda for us for breakfast. When making the booking I’d gone for the bed and breakfast package,  and a good decision it was too. A wide selection of options to suit everyone’s tastes.

Fuelled up , we went back to our room, grabbed our bags and headed off for the 2 1/2 mile walk along the Malecón to Habana Vieja (Havana old town). Stopping along the way to look at and take photos of what we saw.

Spot the guy that’s a little worse for wear to the left in the photo.

It just seems like there’s music and old cars everywhere.

And then we found it. The Floridita.

The bar famous for its seafood and daiquiris that was a favourite haunt for Ernest Hemingway.

If you look hard you can just (the poor quality photos don’t help) see Hemingway at the end of the bar.

The place was packed, with a constant stream of people (it appears its up near the top of the list for tourists to visit) entering and leaving the establishment. It wasn’t for us. My days of overly packed bars are long since gone. So, took our leave of the place and went where our ears took us. We heard music and we found it at 

Don’t think Rose realises that you photobomb other people’s pictures.

In the next edition you get to join us on our trip to the Museo de la Revolución ( museum of the revolution) and a tour around Havana in an open top car that’s older than me (and, before you think it, in better condition!) and maybe another bar or two.

Today’s headline (which is virtually the same as for the previous edition) is based on the single by the Gibson Brothers initially released in 1978 which reached number 12 on the UK Singles Chart and number 81 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart.


  1. Larry says:

    Hey John, Larry here. First all thanks for the QRP info. It was very helpful. Secondly, looks like a great trip. I will have to put it on my to-d list. Good to see you writing again. I enjoy the posts!

    1. You are more than welcome Larry, I hope it helped.
      It was a great trip and well worth making.

  2. Jim McCluskey says:

    Hope you are both well Rose and John
    Best wishes and up the Arsenal

    Coventry Jim from the Ferry House ⛴

    1. Hi Jim. All is good for us. Hope it’s the same for you. May be heading to the UK this year. Will let you know if we do. Best John and Rose.

  3. Paul cloutier says:

    I was in Havana last September and really enjoyed it as I am sure you will. Great photos !

    1. We had a great time Paul. The days just whizzed by. Always a sign of a good time.

  4. Jane says:

    The colorful old cars bring back memories, John! I’m enjoying the “ride” with you!

    1. Thank you Jane. They have some wonderful old cars. I can see a lot of them heading to the US in the future though.

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