“Levels” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up just before 05.00 hours yesterday morning and after reading The Times online and drinking my mug of black coffee I thought about going to wash the golf cart – it gets so dirty (dusty) here. But it was hot and sticky, and it wasn’t even 06.00 hours, so I decided to give it a miss. It will be there for another day. And anyway it will only get dusty again!

So with that momentous decision taken I switched to browsing the Internet to continue my search for the items that we want to bring in from the States for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize

I took a break to shower, shave and get dressed and then I went to Estel’s for breakfast but resumed the searching again when I got back to the condo we are renting around 10.00 hours and I diligently stuck at it (as boring as it is) until it was time for Arsenal’s away game against Fenerbaçhe SK in the Champions League play-off round.

Fortunately Fenerbaçhe seemed more content on defending than trying to win the game and Arsenal easily ended the game as three nil winners. A win at the Emirates in the home game next Tuesday should see us make it in to the Group stage. This does not belie, however, that we do need to buy players. Quality players!

With the game finished Rose and I had a bite to eat for lunch and then set off to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and got there around 15.15 hours.

Seeing Moses’ and George’s bikes there (it’s funny that after a while you even get to recognise the guy’s bikes) we decided to go straight up to the First Floor but before entering the house saw that Manuel had started fixing the skirting (base) tiles for the veranda.


Tiles for north-eastern veranda wall fitted.


Skirting tiles for the exterior wall started.


Skirting tiles cut to size ready to be fixed.

In to the hallway and to our right we saw that the frame for the vanity unit in the Powder Room had been installed.


Note the spirit level on the top of the cabinet.


And it’s level!

One of the things we have noticed during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize is that there are levels everywhere. Not complaining. Just making an observation. In fact we wouldn’t want it any other way. We love levels!

Before we had moved any further in to the house we heard the sound of a car horn. Going to the veranda we immediately saw why. Our appliances (ovens (ranges), refrigerators, microwaves, washer and dryer) were being delivered. They had arrived safely on the Krystal Shipping barge from Belize City.


Appliances about to meet their new home.

Watching the guys (and they all dropped whatever they were doing and rushed to the truck) we could see that the boxes were seriously heavy. So, wanting to get out of their way we went to the supermarket opposite Reef Village to get a supply of soft drinks. The guys would need them.

By the time we returned the vehicle was unloaded and the guys were able to sit down for a cold, refreshing drink. They deserved it.


Refrigerator, oven (range) and microwave in the living/kitchen area of the Ground Floor self-contained apartment. Note that all of the walls and the ceiling have had the first coat of masonry sealant applied.

Whilst we were down there we took a look at how Wilson was doing with the tiling for the en-suite for the larger of the two bedrooms.


Tiles starting to go on the wall for the shower area.

Back up to the First Floor where we saw that the guys had stored the appliances in the dining room area.


Ready for installation.

The big surprise though was when we looked over at the kitchen area. Moses and George had been busy fitting the doors and draws for the cabinetry.


Doors fitted for the wall cabinets (over where the oven (range) will be).


Doors fitted for the cabinets for where the sink will be.


Doors on and drawers in for the cabinets that will butt on to the breakfast bar.

Before going up to the Second Floor we had a quick look in the en-suite for the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) and saw that the vanity unit frame had been fitted there too.


And another level!

Up on the Second Floor Moses and George, having fitted the door jambs, were out on the veranda making final adjustments to one of the doors before they can hang it.


“So, how much do we need to trim off?”.



“Looks OK to me”.


View from our position looking south-west over the lagoon just before we left at around 17.15 hours.

The headline for today’s edition is based on single released in 2011 by Avicii , featuring Etta James, which reached number sixty in the US Billboard Hot 100, number one in the US Hot Dance Club Songs chart and number four in the UK Singles Chart Chart.


  1. Pat says:

    Hi John..

    Sorry I missed your reply last week. I was on holiday in Cancun and just returned home last night! I bought a lot just North of San Pedro in GBE.. Not quite as big as your location is but it was what I could afford at the time! It’s possible that I may not build on that lot and buy another one closer to San Pedro in a year or two. Just in the very early planning stage of my great escape as an Expat now.

    Who is the builder you are using and what is the approximate sqft when finished?



    1. First of all Pat I hope that you had a great time in Cancun.

      The approximate area for our area (First and Second floors -excluding verandas and roof terrace) is around 2,400 square feet.

      We chose (and happy with the choice we are) Daniel Camal as our building contractor. Probably one of the busiest contractors on the island.

  2. Alan Slater says:

    Hi John & Rose, Looking, ” rather swish ” now with the cabinets going in, ” in fine fettle!!! ” What I am most looking forward to, is the pix. of those massive rail sets being lifted into place. Hope you don’t miss that part, by them mounting them in the AM after you rising so early in the day!!!!!

    Alan S.

    1. Hi Alan. We are pleased with the cabinets.
      I will be doing my best to be there when they lift the railings in to place but I think they would rather that I am not there.

    2. robfranz says:

      I asked in an earlier blog, along the lines of Slater…has there been a plan put in place regarding the rigging and installation of those stout railing?

      Kindest regards,


      1. Hi Rob. Not so sure about a plan. I think the guys will take it up via the outside of the house using brute force. It’s heavy but I have confidence in them.
        Kind regards

  3. Pat says:

    I’ve been “following” your Build, on and off, for about 8 months now. Can’t say that I have read everything posted on your blog though. So I am curious about exactly how long the expected completion of your house will take from the initial “ground breaking” to the final “walk through” ready to move in will be?

    I asking because I purchased a lot on Ambergris Caye last year myself, and though I am not ready to begin building for another 3-4 years, I am curious about the duration of a completed build for a concrete house. Better to begin planning early, rather than wait until I am ready to begin my build.

    1. Hi Pat. First of all thanks for reading the blog.
      We anticipate another 4/5 weeks before we are able to move in. If this proves to be the case then it will have taken 46/47 weeks from breaking ground.

      I would only use our timescale as an indicator for when you build. What you are having built. Where you are having it built. Who is building it will all have a bearing on how long it takes.
      Good luck when the time comes for your build.

      1. Pat says:

        Thanks for the reply.. Of course I realize there are a lot of factors that come into play when building any house, anywhere.. When I was there in April this year, I was told, depending on size and type of house, one could be built in 60 days or could take up to a year. I figure mine will take about 6 months as it will not be very large, at least not by American standards.

      2. Where exactly are you going to build Pat?

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