“The Second Time Around” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Having not finished finished reviewing the draft contract for my ex-colleague in the UK on Sunday as I had planned I resumed the review at 4.30 am yesterday morning and completed the task by 7.30 am when, feeling that I deserved it, I showered, dressed and went to (yes, regular readers have guessed it) Estel’s for breakfast.

When I finished at Estel’s I went to see the manager of the Post Office to see if he had come up with a solution so that he could issue me with a P.O Box. I knew as I approached his office that it was not my lucky day. He didn’t look at all pleased to see me. It wasn’t an expression of panic on his face but nor was it a look of welcome!

As I approached his desk he shrugged, hunched his shoulders and pointed to the pile (a rather small pile I might add) of paper on his desk. Being the perceptive type I interpreted his reaction to my entrance in to his office as me being not at all welcome.

Eventually he uttered the words ‘ I didn’t expect you this morning. I thought you would come here in the afternoon”. I amazed him ( and myself for that matter) when I replied that ” I would come back later. No, I will come back tomorrow”. The look on his face was a picture ( well it would have been had I had my camera with me) of happiness. Hopefully my reaction will be rewarded when I return to see him again. I will let you know the outcome of course.

On the way back to the condo we are renting I dropped the golf cart off at Captain Shark’s to see if -once and for all- they could cure the irritating rattling sound from beneath the ‘cart that had developed again. The day, so far, had a certain déjà vu about it. I just hoped that they could fix the problem the second time around.

Got a ‘phone call just after 2 pm from Enrique at Captain Shark’s informing me that they had fixed the problem and the ‘cart was ready for collection so Rose and I assembled our gear and took a stroll down the beach (sure beats the route I used to take when collecting my car after a service back in the UK) and collected the ‘cart (rattle free) and headed off to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and got there just after 3 pm to find that the guys had just finished a game of four-a-side football in the back garden (couldn’t get my camera out to snap a few photos – next time!).

Up the stairs to the First Floor where we found that they had been finishing off the veranda floors by laying cement for the small strips that they used for foot placement when laying the bulk of the floors.


Southern veranda finished.


Western (lagoon side) veranda finished.


Angel using the feather edge on the northern veranda.


Eastern veranda ‘waiting’ for the feather edge.

Up above there was just one small strip (in the south-east corner) of plycem required to complete the fixing of boards for the ceiling.


Small strip required.

Inside the house we found Rafael (aka The Frog) running the wiring for the air conditioning unit for the living room area.


Rafael being observed by Rolando, the plumber/electrician for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Martin was just a short distance away busily removing flooring where the concrete had not cured properly.


Patch removed in hallway/kitchen area.

He had already removed and replaced a section in the living room area.


Being so close to the scaffolding we just had to go up to the Second Floor and when we got there we saw straight away that José and Alfonso had been busy fixing the Sheetrock (plasterboard for UK readers) for the Master Bedroom and ‘his’ and ‘hers’ en-suite bathrooms.


The bedroom.


Rose’s bathroom(apologies for the poor quality of the photo).


Rose’s walk-in closet.

And the guys were busy at work in my bathroom.


I have to assume that Alfonso was assisting José fit the boards in my shower area.


‘Boards waiting to be fitted.

As we were preparing to leave our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize Daniel Camal, our building contractor, arrived and gave us the great news that our windows, tiles and paint will be on-site when we next visit.

Seeing that Porfelio, assisted by young Appolito, was ‘making good’ some rough spots on the entrance stairs we made a hasty exit so as to not get in his way.


Porfelio at work on the entrance stairs.

The headline is based on the 1979 single by Shalamar which reached number eight in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number forty-five in the

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