Sun is shining – in Ambergris Caye

Regular viewers will now know that I have a penchant for using song titles for my headlines (naming convention for the nerdy traditionalists) and I normally let you know who wrote (and/or sang) it. Well today I am not. So, who wrote it? The clue is that even though he died 31 years ago he is still amazingly popular here in Belize ( and virtually everywhere else for that matter).

The first person to name the writer of the song gets two Belikins or two rum and cokes or a shot courtesy of me at BC’s. I will announce the winner and you just need let to let me know when you will be there to collect your prize.

The view from the veranda at around 5.20 this morning.

Sky between the palms.


And then just after sunrise.


In an earlier post I mentioned that I am going to apply for admittance to the Qualified Retirement Programme. At the time I said that I hadn’t decided to make the application ( and take care of all that needs to be done) for this myself or pay one of the companies out here who do this to take care of it for me .

Well after considering that for the latter there would be a fee of US$ 1,275 I have decided to do it myself.

When we have completed the application process and ( hopefully) been admitted in to the ‘Programme I will provide a detailed breakdown of the cost and I would imagine some tips on what to make sure that you do and also some things to avoid.

What I do know at this stage though is that we will have the following costs if we are successful:
US$ 150 Non refundable application fee ( only one fee because Rose is being applied for as my spouse( horrible word isn’t it).
US$ 1,000 fee upon acceptance in to the ‘Programme.
US$ 2,000 for a Qualified Retirement Person Residency Card
US$ 750 for Rose, as a dependant, to enter the’Programme

So, before fees for the medicals and the Criminal Reports, it stands at US$3,900.

On a completely different subject you will remember that yesterday ( see it pays to be a regular viewer) I mentioned the dehusked coconuts. Well, Rose decided to adopt one and here it is ( sure that it will be given a name soon!) on the veranda. I have placed it so that it can see the coconut trees on the beach for inspiration.

Our new addition.


It could have been worse though because we could have brought the other 30 back with us .

Back to the QRP application, we now need to get full medicals for this and go the Police Station to get Criminal Record Reports ( clean) . This is the clinic that we are going to.


After we had decided upon the next steps for the QRP application we drove to the building site to start planting the coconuts . We got there when the guys were at lunch ( noon until 1pm) so that I could borrow a shovel but unfortunately did not get there as early as we had hoped so only managed to plant 10 . So, back again tomorrow for the other 20.

Our ‘baby’ coconut trees.


While we were there the guys were busy digging out trenches in preparation for the pouring of concrete (hopefully on Friday) to create the water tank that will be beneath the house.

Busy digging the trenches.


Whilst ( old fashioned word isn’t it) they were busy digging the remaining guys were busy preparing the wood for the forms ( hope that this it the correct term) for the concrete.

Guys busy at work.



    1. I haven’t Wes but wife Rose has. She is more sensible than me!

      1. Helen says:

        Bob Marley is my replay. Will have drinks with you at the end of July. 🙂

      2. Sorry Helen the prize was claimed months ago. Prize awarded and consumed! Enjoy your visit in July. And thanks for reading the blog. Kind regards John

  1. Helen says:

    Great information. Thanks for posting. WE are thinking of retiring in Belize.

    1. Thanks Helen. If there is anything that I cover that you would like more information on then please let me know and I will do my best to come up with the answer. It will improve/increase my understanding as well. John

  2. John: Nearly forgot – I posted the calendar two days ago.

    1. Thanks Colin. It will have pride of place on our fridge. Will help us to countdown the weeks remaining on the build.

  3. It’s all looking good, John. Looks like you both made a good choice. Beautiful Sunset, etc pics.

  4. Joe says:

    She beat me, Bob Marley

    1. Keep viewing Joe, there might be further competitions!

  5. roseypon says:

    As I think I am the first I will be at BC’s this pm to claim my drinks cheers.

  6. roseypon says:

    The one and only Bob Marley, brilliant.

  7. Jim Cremin says:

    I thought it was particularly fascinating too. Well done, Jim

    1. Thanks Jim. Good to ‘hear’ from you.

  8. roseypon says:

    Excellent. Great blog today Mr. John.

    1. Just what I would expect my wife to say!

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