‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’.

Unbelievable. Four editions produced in nine days. That’s what a good dosage of omega 3 can do for you! But I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit bored with it now so I’ll wrap up our trip to New Orleans with this edition. Thank goodness, did I hear you say ? Shame on you. I’ve been away a long time so …

Amazingly we were up early after watching the Saints play the Falcons the previous night and after breakfast we headed off for, yes, you’ve guessed it, a bit more shopping. After all it was the

I’d done a little research at home and based on this we elected to go to the Lakeside Shopping Center. We loved traveling on the extremely economical streetcar/bus system but really didn’t fancy the multiple changes required for 8+ miles journey. So, using the AT & T tourist plan we bought on our first day I booked with Uber and we there in just over ten minutes.

Look at all those people.

After what seemed like days ( weeks more like it ) we’d finished our shopping. I bought some new polo shirts and shots – since packing up smoking in March I’ve gained a few pounds. Locally my friends used to call me flaco but just recently it’s become gordo ! Oh, Rose did a bit (read BIT ) of shopping too. I digress. With the shopping out of the way it was time to eat. What else ? I’ve now got an appetite.

So it was back to Bourbon Street and the


a choice of


for Rose and

for me.

On the Saturday we hopped on a streetcar, paid our US$ 3 each and took the twenty odd minute ride to the National World War ll Museum .

Names of serving military engraved in pavement bricked leading to museum entrance.

For an entrance fee of US$ 28 – US$ 35 if you include watching the Beyond All Boundaries film (narrated by Tom Hanks) and you should include it – you get a tremendously informative and enjoyable experience. Rose and I were in there over four and a half hours and could have stayed longer. So much to see.



And another one.

Just to show you that I really did go there.

The next day we took to the Mississippi River for a cruise on the Natchez , the last authentic Steamboat on the river.

It rained. It was cold. But we still had a great time.

And then we got the stair-rods .

And then just as we were about to moor up the weather changed. For the better. It was still cold but the rain had stopped. Time to find somewhere warm.

A bar with a real fire.

I looked at Rose as she warmed herself up and then glanced outside and saw people huddled together in the bitterly cold wind and couldn’t stop myself (you know what’s coming don’t you ) as I said (I really can’t believe I’m about to type this ) “Baby, it’s cold outside “.

Our time in New Orleans quickly came to an end and it was time to head back home to San Pedro. The bummer was though that our first flight – New Orleans to Houston – had a departure time of 05.29 hours.

The corny headline for this edition is based upon the single released in 1949 by Dinah Shore and Buddy Clark which reached number 4 on the Billboard Best Seller chart.


  1. Kris Jensen says:

    Thank you for the delightful tour – I didn’t see you in the Harrah’s Casino? It was so good to see you and Rose again if only briefly.

    1. You are more than welcome Kris. Next time you visit we will hopefully spend more time together.

  2. Frank Ney says:

    Greetings from Puerto Vallarta, and congratulations on the smoking resolution. A few pounds won’t hurt you John! You definitely found some of the highlights of Louisiana food. Thanks for the tour.

    1. Thank you Frank. Gaining a few pounds didn’t concern me but when the pounds turn to stones !

  3. robert kellett vernon says:

    Looks like you two had a really good time , so much to see and do and shop in New Orleans , sorry the weather was so cold and wet , we were supposed to be in Texas in the motor home that week but put it off. You’l have to come over to the Tampa Bay area sometime . Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year from us two

    1. Plenty of shopping done Robert.Got most of the Christmas shopping done. If we ever do make Tampa way I’ll be sure to let you know. Have a great Christmas and splendid 2019.

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