“It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Hi Ziggy here. I’m a sort of stand-in blogger for the day (well, anyone can ‘knock’ this drivel out). Why ? How come? You’re thinking. Understandable thought process on your part I’d say.

Let’s go back a bit. I got up this morning at the place I’m staying at for four weeks to greet John (he’s the less attractive one out of the two people I’m staying with) when he came out if his bedroom. I gave him the old tail wagging routine to make him feel like I missed him, let him stroke me, wagged my tail some more and then we headed downstairs. He then went into the room that they call the kitchen (I’m not allowed in there) where he put some brown stuff in a mug, poured boiling water over it (strange,very strange), grabbed his (they have ‘him’ and ‘hers’) iPad and went out onto the veranda with me following him. And that’s when it all started.

I heard him muttering something about it being Sunday – a day of rest – and how he felt like taking a break from, as he put it, “knocking out an edition for the blog”. He also mentioned something about watching the Liverpool v Chelsea game before turning to me and saying “It’s about time you did something for your keep. You can churn out today’s edition”. So there you are, for today’s offering you have the pleasure – and I mean PLEASURE (I’m a modern blogger so I like the use of caps) – of me.

Where do I start first? A little bit about me I suppose is as good a place as any. My name is Ziggy (don’t ask because I haven’t got a clue why), I’m eighteen months old and a rather good looking specimen even if I do say so myself. The good looks come from my Mom’s side of the family (she’s a beautiful looking Labrador).


Admit it, I’m one good looking dude. How could you resist those eyes!

I’m sure there’s a bit of my Dad in me but I’m not sure what or how much. Mom never spoke much about him (well not in glowing terms anyway). Apparently it was a one night stand. So there have been no visiting days or holidays spent with him. No puppy support payments either!

I’ve been brought up (and very well I might add) by Frank, a British soldier serving with BATSUB, but I’m Belizean through and through even though there’s a tinge of Scottish in my accent.

Frank’s time in Belize comes to an end in August when he takes up his next posting in Germany and as much as he would like to take me with him when he leaves he can’t because his new quarters just don’t have room for me (time for you all to go “Aw”). So he’s been looking around for someone to adopt me and his first thought was Rose and John (he’s the bloke that normally writes this blog – not as well as this though!).

He spoke to them about it when we last came to Ambergris Caye and they said they would like to have a trial run first. A sort of “let’s see if he (that’s me) likes us and we like him (that’s me again)”. So it was agreed (I hasten to add that I had NO say in this) that I would stay with them for a month when Frank returned to the UK for a holiday.

This trial period started last Saturday when Frank brought me over from my home in Ladyville with all of the stuff I would need for my holiday. You know the kind of stuff – my bed, blankets (it might get cold!) my toys (c’mon I’m still young), leads, ect. You get the idea, the creature (that’s me again) comforts.

I’ve got to admit that when I first arrived at their house the idea quite appealed to me. I mean they live in quite a nice place (Tres Cocos) on Ambergris Caye. They’ve got a nice big back garden


and a big front garden too.


I’ve got my own swimming pool just across the road


Neat eh!

I mean what more could I want? This is the place for me I thought. That is until it was time for bed and he (John that is) grabbed my bed and took it outside to the front veranda and then turning to me pointed at it and said “Ziggy, bed”. Me being the obedient type I am stupidly ran over to it and laid down. Big mistake. He (John that is) quickly turned around, shut the front door and locked it. Not good. And definitely not in keeping with my view of suitable sleeping arrangements!

What could I do? I know I thought “Attack the front door”. I’m not normally ‘in to’ wilful damage but drastic action was required.


Not nice but as I said “drastic action required”.

It was obvious when they saw it that they were not impressed (I can’t repeat some of the words he used) but it didn’t stop him from putting me out the next night or the night after that even though I gave the door some more of my special attention!

On the forth night it got worse when he (John that is) constructed a temporary fence out of chicken wire that prevented me from even getting up to the first floor veranda.


Alcatraz had nothing on this!

A different approach was obviously required. A charm offensive. So I gave them the soulful eyes, wag the tail routine and ‘Bobs your uncle’ , they relented and brought my bed inside the house. And it’s been there ever since. Who said its a man’s man’s man’s world, give me a dog’s life anytime!

Excuse me a moment while I take a short break from this blogging malarkey


because I must just have something to eat


Some of those, and


some of these, and


Oh and it’s Sunday so I’ll have some of this



No, it’s not too much. I’m a growing boy. AND I work out.


“Excuse me if I don’t talk with my mouth full”.

Oh well, back to the blog


“I look like a techie, don’t I”.

I’ve got lots more to tell you but I’ve just been told by him (John that is) that they’re taking me downstairs for a bath. Before I go though I did want to answer the question that Derek asked about me and the golf cart. I love it!


“Lewis Hamilton move over”.

You’ve probably sensed that I like it here and I’m keen to make this my permanent home when Frank leaves for Germany so I’ve started a ‘Save Ziggy’ Facebook page. Please help by Liking my page and make me your friend. And if you share my page it’s even better. You can find my page by entering Ziggy Belize in the Facebook search bar. When I get twenty-five friends I’ll get my own URL (told you I was getting techie!). So come on, Friend me. PLEASE.

The headline ((I’ve been forced by him (John that is) to continue with this rubbish)) is based on the single released in 1966 by James Brown which reached number eight in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and number thirteen in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. tom e says:

    Oh the perils of taking on another into ones home or better yet in song: Who Let the Dog Out

    1. I’m sorry to say Tom that I bet it is not too long before I am using that song as the headline!

  2. Jenny Bryan says:

    This made my day! I smiled through the entire thing! Thanks “Ziggy” for your great storytelling!

    1. You are more than welcome Jenny. And it was my first attempt!

  3. Kathy says:

    Love Ziggys view, with the dog days of summer fast approaching he seams to have learned to earn his keep and no more hard days nights locked outside! One vote for Ziggy on his Facebook, blog on Ziggy, blog happy!

    1. Ziggy here Kathy (John told me that if any comments are directed at me I have to respond to them). First of all thanks for ‘friending’ me on Facebook. As they say, a dog is a man’s (or, in your case, woman’s) best friend.
      I don’t know when I will get a chance to knock out an edition again but hopefully it will be before my four week holiday here has finished.

  4. Paul Cloutier says:

    Sounds like Ziggy was in the newspaper business also, great piece of writing !

    1. Ziggy has never done a day’s work in his entire (short) life Paul. Must be a natural! Who knows he could end up winning the Pawlitzer Prize!

  5. I really enjoyed this post Ziggy / John you made it seem just like it was a dogs life in a man’s world well done keep it up the two of you.

    1. Well thank you Stephen. Just gave Ziggy a bit of instruction on how to use an iPad and he was away. His paws were a blur!

  6. Emily says:

    One of the best blog posts I’ve read in awhile! You da top dog, Ziggy!

    1. Well thank you Emily (tail wagging frantically).

  7. Jane says:

    Oh, funny! Looking forward to hearing more from you, Ziggy!

    1. If he (John that is) let’s me near the iPad again you will Jane.

  8. Laurie The Cruisin Camper says:

    I just sent you a friend request…. well done with your first go at the blog thing.

    1. Ziggy is taking a nap and has asked (ordered) me to take over but he asked me to say thanks for wanting to be his friend.

  9. footballbat says:

    Thanks John! errrr Ziggy. Amazing what thumbless quadrapeds can do these days.

    Ziggy uses punctuation far better than our house panther. 🙂

    1. Ziggy asked me to say thanks. He said that with a bit more practice on his part I could well be redundant!

  10. Wes Witt says:

    Ok here are a few songs for Ziggy to choose from:

    Billy Currington – Like My Dog (2011)
    Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out (2000)
    Heart – Dog & Butterfly (1979)
    Atlanta Rhythm Section – Dog Days (1977)
    Ted Nugent – Dog Eat Dog (1976)
    Tom T. Hall – (Old Dogs, Children and) Watermelon Wine (1972)
    Led Zeppelin – Black Dog (1972)
    Lobo – Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (1971)
    The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog (1969)
    Cat Stevens – I Love My Dog (1966)

    1. Ziggy decided that with that many songs to choose from you are definitely “Leader of the Pack”.

  11. Harry the Hornet says:

    Excellent blog today from you today Ziggy. You seem to have an intelligence and appearance advantage over the normal blogger and you probably smell better too. It makes a pleasant change to see some nicely crafted writing and some humorous observations. Personally I think you should sleep on a bed inside and the little fellow in the glasses should spend his nights in a cage in the garden. Perhaps we could have a vote?

    1. Well Hi Harry, thanks for your very kind and exceptionally perceptive comments. If I get a permanent move here I will definitely work on getting the little fellow sleeping in a cage in the garden.

  12. roseypon says:

    Ziggy their my glasses, you never asked if you could borrow them, you better not break them. ;0) x

    1. Ziggy here. Better get my own pair then. Please.

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