“Come Fly with Me” to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Yesterday started much the same way for me as any other day. Up at 06.15 hours. OK a little later than normal but I needed the extra sleep given the ‘exertions’ (or was it the Belikins I had drunk?) the previous night on the Poker Run.

I chose the western veranda on the first floor (I think this is likely to be my usual ‘venue’ of choice) to savour my first mug of black coffee of the day and catch up on the news via The Sunday Times online.

I moved inside just before 07.30 hours (having unlocked the store room/garage at 07.00 hours for Rubio and Mike so that they could get their tools)to watch Newcastle United play Arsenal. Not the most exciting of games. In fact it wouldn’t be unkind to describe it as dour. But I didn’t care. Why? Because Arsenal secured a win, courtesy of a headed goal by Oliver Giroud.

That’s three games undefeated since we got our TV. I think The Arsenal may have found a new, lucky charm. The power of TV! I hope the unbeaten run lasts as long as the TV although out here that might not be too long!

I’ll bring you up-to-date on the progress of our fence later in this edition (please be patient and don’t skip to the next bit!) but first want to ‘introduce’ a few more photos kindly provided to me by Melissa and Ken Fellure. This time focusing on what air travel to Ambergris Caye was like twenty to thirty years ago.


The old Maya Air (forerunner to Maya Island Air) Arrivals and Departure building .

How it has changed (and grown).




A Cargo office too.

And what about Tropic Air?


From this to





These CUTE little buildings just cried out “Come fly with me”.

WOW. Stop. What’s happening to me? I’ve used CUTE, AWESOME and WOW in one edition. Is someone putting ‘blogger-speak’ capsules in my coffee?

Anyway, let’s get back to the fence.

The day started with Rubio and Mike focusing on placing the posts for the roadside part of the fence/entrance gates.



Mike digging the hole for one of the gate posts.


And it’s in.

So on to the next one.


With the posts in for the roadside section they then moved to the sea wall to start work on that section.


Post for the south-west corner.

On to the second post.



And the third.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the track of the album of the same name released by Frank Sinatra in 1958 which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 200.

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