“I’m Sorry” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Spent a bit of time yesterday morning finalising the ‘agenda’ for the meeting Rose and I were having with Daniel Camal, our building contractor, at 3 pm at our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. This didn’t take too long because we are now trying to focus the meetings on a few things. And this is becoming increasingly easier as the build progresses.

As part of the meeting preparation we browsed the Internet again to ‘screen grab’ a selection of light fittings – fluorescent for the store room, pendants for the internal stairwell and recessed for everywhere else. Oh, we are also having pendant lights over the breakfast bar but we have already chosen them.

With the preparations for the meeting out of the way I took my trusty old Kindle down to the dock in front of our rented condo and got stuck in to reading The Litigator by John Grisham. I am now heading towards the finale of the book and it is becoming more and more difficult to put it down. I had to leave reaching the conclusion to another day though because it was time to head off for our meeting with Daniel.

When we got to Tres Cocos Daniel was already there so we started our meeting straight away. But only after he had given us nine samples of different stain treatments for the cabinetry. We are now in a position to make our final choices and can then move on to making final decisions on the granite colours/finishes we want and next Thursday it is off to Belize City to choose the tiles.

First item on the ‘agenda’ was discussing the light fittings and with Daniel’s guidance we now know what we are going for. We then – well after Daniel had arranged for the scaffolding to be moved to provide easier access for Rose -made our way to the Second Floor to ‘hit’ the remaining ‘agenda’ points.

These didn’t take too long either. We showed Daniel where we want the seats and recessed shelving in our respective bathrooms and Rose described what type of wall she wants in her bathroom between the toilet and the bath. We also described and showed Daniel how we want the concrete seat in the north-west corner of the veranda to be extended. We now have to work out exactly where we want the concrete table and what it’s dimensions are to be (probably a task for Sunday).

With the meeting finished it was time to review progress and given that we were already there we started this on the Second Floor.

Zapeda was busy at work in Rose’s bathroom ‘striking the lines’ for the course of cement that will be applied.


Immediately to the left – where the column is – the wall that Rose wants will be built.


Line already struck where the sink/vanity unit will go.

Out on the veranda Eric and Eduardo were busy applying cement to the exterior wall and it was here that it was necessary for me to say I’m sorry to both of them. Why? Well, in recent editions I have inexplicably transposed their names.


Eric at work.

Here is a photo for which I did get the names right!


Eduardo on the left and Eric on the right. Think I have got it now!

Down on the First Floor Porfelio was working on the column close to where (to the left of it) the breakfast bar will be situated.


And in the Utility Room Rafael , aided by a colleague, was fitting the pipe connections for the hot and cold water feeds for the washing machine.


“Is it level?”.


“Is it the right height?”.


“Let’s get started”.

Back in the living/dining area I could see that they had ‘made good’ around the air-conditioning pipe that had been cut and refitted the previous day.


Much tidier.

By this time – they don’t hang about – Porfelio had started on another column.


And a few feet away they had started to move the scaffolding so that Oscar could start cementing the walls at the top of where the stairs will be.


Trestle on its way up.


It’s there.


And now the tools.


And away Oscar goes.


And when he goes, he goes!

Elsewhere on the First Floor work was taking place on other walls.


The Powder Room.


Angel at work in the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room).

Exiting the house we could see that they had erected scaffolding to tackle the exterior northern wall of the Second Floor roof terrace.



A clearer (although more distant) shot.

A walk around the back (lagoon side) of the house and we could see them working on the exterior walls.


Plenty of action going on everywhere.

The headline is based on the 1960 single by Brenda Lee which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number twelve in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Jane says:

    Those fellows work hard, but at least they have a spectacular view while doing so!

    1. Maybe I should start charging them !

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