‘Here Comes the Rain Again’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Since starting this blog I have received quite a few comments about how basic, may be even primitive, the building techniques are. Well, if you want to see primitive building techniques in action take five minutes to look at ‘House Building Mayan Style. Compared to this the techniques for our build in Ambergris Caye,Belize look absolutely modern.’

Rose and I spent most of the morning on our computers communicating with family and friends in the UK and taking care of administrative matters. This done we had lunch and prepared for an afternoon visit to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and set off around 2.15 pm. We hadn’t travelled too far when we felt spots of rain so we decided to stop off and pop into the Harmouche Hardware store in Pescador Drive to look at the door knob range – we have to choose these for our new home. There was a reasonable range on display but nothing that really took our fancy.

When we came out of the store we saw that the heavens had opened and it was absolutely bucketing down ( English expression for pouring down). Only attired in our usual T shirt and shorts we elected to shelter under the canopy for a while in the hope that the rain would pass.


Wished we had bags like that with us!


Effective though.

We sheltered for around thirty minutes but there was no let-up and accepting that this was likely to be the case for some considerable time we set off home ( pointless going to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize because even our guys would not be working in conditions like that).

A drive in rain in a windscreen free golf cart is not the most pleasant experience and we arrived home looking like drowned rats. A quick shower, change of clothes and a cup of hot coffee perked us up and we decided to make use of our ‘imprisonment’ by trying to take decisions about our kitchen cabinets.

For some considerable time we have subscribed to Houzz and have found it to provide some great home design ideas and we have filed things that have appealed to us. So it was time to open up the kitchen cabinet file.

We decided some while ago that we will incorporate large drawers and sliding shelves to store pots, pans and dinnerware in as opposed to just having conventional drawers and cabinets. Seems more practical to us – easier to access things.

Here are a selection of the ideas we have to make our final choices from.







Decisions, decisions what will we choose? We have narrowed the choice down though.

The headline is based on the 1984 song by the Eurythmics . It reached number four in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number eight in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Peter Wagg says:

    Arsenal 5 West Ham 1, and I was there with my grandson and full corporate hospitality; just for once I didn’t think that I would rather be sitting on a beach in Belize

    1. Peter, watched it on TV and enjoyed it thoroughly but watching at the Emirates AND with corporate hospitality just does not compare. So, for today, and just for today ( but it has been raining all day) I would have swapped with you. Regards John NB hope you are not a West Ham fan!

  2. Phil says:

    Hatter Phil (since I saw a Yellow Belly on here bringing down the tone)

    Make sure those plate pegs can be changed when ‘er indoors decides she needs new crockery that you know will be a different shape. Love ya Rose.

    1. Everyone is allowed a black sheep of the ‘family’ and my Hornet mate is just that.
      As to he pegs, once they are in, they are in. Until, that is, I am told otherwise .

  3. Emily says:

    I heard my name mentioned! 🙂 John, I apologize for lack of response to your question on our blog a few weeks ago. For some reason I stopped receiving email notification of blog comments a few weeks ago, and because of this, I had a lot of pending comments stacked up that I was unaware of. I finally found them today and saw your question. All of our fixtures and finishes were supplied by Benny’s through Grand Caribe as they provided the furniture/household/finish package for our build. You are right that the choices were not extensive, but that certainly made it much easier. We have built custom homes in the US, and all the choices made my head spin, and sometimes “analysis paralysis” would set in. It was easier not having so many choices. We picked everything out for our condo in one day. And Larry, we have actually lived on Ambergris Caye for a year and a half. We purchased our condo during pre-construction in mid-2010 and moved here in 2011. Cheers!

    1. Larry Merrill says:

      A year and a half! That’s not FAIR!!!!!

    2. You have very good hearing Emily! No worries about my question. We had a look at what Benny’s and Habet have on offer and decided to buy in the States. As you say, a wide range can make the selection process more challenging but we have time to make the choices. Hopefully!

  4. Harriette says:

    The pictures look great. I watch HGTV a lot and get at least one GREAT idea per week. I have an induction cooktop and just purchased some beautiful non-stick fry pans that are line with ceramic. The manufacturer warned to not ‘stack’ them as it could cause chipping or cracking. This just gives me the excuse I needed to justify on overhead rack. I am going to have it built from one of the hardwoods that are so easy to purchase here. Years ago I bought the stainless steel hooks and have them packed away.
    The peg idea for dishes is interesting. I’ve never seen that before. I do like upper cupboards that have slats built in so plates, etc. stand up with air between them.
    Have you been to the new store on Middle Street right across from The Rum House? I haven’t been in yet but there window does display some of the latest plumbing fixtures.

    1. Thanks Harriette. The quality of the pictures is totally down to the camera and not me. Good luck with your overhead rack. Had seen the store in Pescador Drive but haven’t been in there yet. If it continues to rain we may pop in today.

  5. Larry Merrill says:

    Hope the rain has past. I am having an off day at work today so have been reading some of your past blogs. I saw one request about the cost of living on the Caye. I don’t won’t to take away your blog business but there is a couple on the Isle that posts as well. Her name is Emily Smith. She and her husband Barry have been there almost a year full time. I think you can find her under Bear and Em in Belize. I can’t remember but but the site is weebly.com or something like that. Like you she is a good resource for info. She did a blog not long ago about the cost of living there.

    1. Rain has stopped for now but I have a horrible feeling that it will return. Arsenal (our football team) are on TV ( it is alf-time now) but when the game is finished we are going to the site (rain or no rain) to see what,if any,progress has been. Am aware of Emiliy’s blog(bebelize.weebly.com) and was reading it before we moved here. The question re cost of staples came from an ex-colleague of mine and,as such, I will (more likely Rose) cover it off in a future edition. Hope you are enjoying your day off. Regards John

      1. Larry Merrill says:

        When I come next week I will bring you and Rose some rain ponchos! I hope I will not need them!

      2. Appreciated. I hope that you do not get to use yours either!

  6. Diane says:

    I have really enjoyed following your build. We have pull out draws like your first picture. I love them, but once in awhile I will pack too much on the slider and something will pop off the back. I then have to fish it out of there before closing the drawer.

    1. Hopefully we will have enough drawers or too few pots and pans to cause that problem. Pleased that you are enjoying the blog. Regards John

  7. kathi moore says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the blog today, I wonder why. Drawer storage is very convenient and everythig is laid out so well. No back of the cupboard areas where things tend to hide.

    1. I looked for kitchen cabinets with rebar but couldn’t find any. Tried really hard as well!

      1. Larry Merrill says:

        Now I know why you like the poker runs so much! To get your next card you have to “REBAR”

      2. I am an absolute novice ( they give me a card and then tell me I have lost) at poker so am clueless. Please elucidate me.

  8. Jane Hohne says:

    Good post today. Really makes me wish I had $$ to build. 🙂

    1. Wish we did too!!!!!

  9. Jane says:

    I’ll be anxious to see the divisions you decide on for the drawers, John. Thanks for the tips on this great site!

    1. I will be sure to let you know Jane. You just need to keep following the blog to find (eventually) out.

  10. Larry Merrill says:

    Those “gulley washers” as we call them here in the States really fill up the ole cistern if you are collecting sky juice for a water supply!

    1. And we will be Larry. No mains water where we are building. Well, not yet anyway.

  11. robert vernon says:

    I totally agree with going with sliding shelves, it really does make life so much easier in the kitchen, worked well in my house here in NC

    1. Robert, we are convinced too. Just need to work out how we want the drawers partitioned now. Regards John

  12. alan brydon says:

    John and Rose hope all is well. Townley put me on to this so I look forward to following your progress. Brilliant work on the song title theme!! Maybe when it’s finished you can blog ‘Everybody’s free to feel good…..well at least me and Rose are’. best wishes. Alan

    1. Hi Alan, we are both good thanks and hope that it is the same for Rozalla and you. Really good to ‘hear’ from you. The headlines based on songs started out as just a bit of a laugh but now it is a daily brain teaser/ challenge for me. I will do my utmost to fit Rozalla’ s hit in . Oh, and really pleased you are following the blog. Regards John

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