‘Stairway to Heaven’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

It was that time of the month again today- time to renew our Visas. Pleased to say that this time we set a new record for processing time. Excluding the drive to the Immigration Department we were ‘done and dusted’ in eight minutes.

With such a start to the day we thought we were in for a wonderful day but then the sky got very grey and then very dark . Within minutes the heavens opened up and there was a swirling rain. It didn’t last long though but the sun didn’t really emerge in full force.

We had planned to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize but decided that it could wait until the rain stopped or at least subsided. So we moved to plan B which was to review the architect’s plan to do our best to avoid a repetition of the ground level stair access ( see yesterday’s edition ‘Cause & Effect’) problem.

We focused our attention on the Ground and First Floors and identified a number of small changes we want to make e.g. not having a cabinet between the oven and the pantry but use the space to increase the width of the pantry, providing plumbing for a dryer in the utility room but fit a cabinet in the space ( we have never been avid users of dryers but you never know…),etc. With our list drawn up we are ready for the first of the formal weekly meetings that we have asked Daniel Camal, our building contractor, to have with us. The inaugural meeting takes place at 4pm on Friday at our apartment.

Our session done poring ( not pouring) over the plans we drove to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to see what work had been done. We were hopeful that work had started on removing our Mayan Ruins ( the description the guys gave) looking stairs.


The ‘Mayan Ruin stairs’

When we arrived we immediately walked around the eastern (roadside ) side of the house and were thrilled (OK maybe not thrilled but definitely happy) to see that the shape of the stairs had changed materially.


Goodbye Mayan, hello modern!

Work was also taking place on carrying out the preparatory work for the stairs that will ‘sit’ alongside the ramp.


Working out where they will go.


Putting the form board in place.


It is not going to move.

Additional sand had been put in the ramp area to provide the necessary base for the concrete.


Daniel with the shovel with Rose looking on in awe.

Whilst work on the stairs was going on the rest of the guys were putting the final form boards in place on the northern side of our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize




Nearly there.

For the rebar addicts ( there must be a few of you surely) two of the guys were busy carrying the nearly forty foot lengths required for the frames that will strengthen the columns that will support the Ground Floor ceiling/First Floor.


Now that is what you call rebar!


And the rebar frames are going up.

Good progress again today but the most pleasing thing for us was the work on our stairway to heaven.


Now isn’t this better.

The headline is based upon the Led Zeppelin song which was track number four on the group’s forth album( released in 1971) which is often referred to as Led Zeppelin IV.


  1. kathi moore says:

    I’d go for a dryer if you can. If the rainy season lasts for six months, how are you going to dry your sheets. I remember living in the UK when our house looked like a chinese laundry with clothes on all the radiators.

    1. That’s when I come in to play. Rose is always telling me I am full of hot air !

  2. Alan Slater says:

    I see the new stairway to the right of the ramp, which is a more sensible move, but the ramp still looks steep for a golf cart, unless you are planning on revving up from a distance and letting out the clutch!!!

    1. Alan, the ramp is 16 feet in length from end to end and hopefully will not be too steep. If it is then I may need a winch on the Ground Floor!

  3. Harry the Hornet says:

    My first reply on the blog and just checking in from sunny Thailand. Glad all’s going well.

    1. All is good thanks T . Hopefully the same for Janet and you.

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