Sweet Charity in Ambergris Caye, Belize

Charity begins at home so the adage goes. Well home for us now is Ambergris Caye,Belize and during the many visits Rose and I have made and particularly since we moved here permanently in May have found that this truly is the case.

When someone is in need -locally born or expatriates alike – the community joins together to provide whatever help and support it can.

Such was the case today when a Christmas Charity Concert was held to generate financial aid for the surviving children of Hector ‘Chapin’ Duran.

Hector, or ‘Chapin’ as he was more commonly known, was only 39 years of age when he tragically died on 8 October when, in the area he was working at the Amigos del Mar dive shop , a gas tank that he was filling exploded and took his life.

Today’s ‘Concert , held on the beach near Wayo’s Beachside Beernet, was organised and held to generate much needed financial aid for Hector’s 5 surviving children.

Much credit for the event must go to Vic Murphy, who arrived to live in Ambergris Caye from the UK the same week as Rose and I. Vic became aware of the financial plight of the bereaved, mustered a team to work with him and set about organising a fundraiser. And what a fundraiser it turned out to be.

Having first gone to monitor our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize ( more about the build later) Rose and I arrived at the event around 4.30 pm and the final arrangements were being put in place.


Vic Murphy in the red T shirt finalising arrangements.

It wasn’t long before the entertainment got underway and first up was the Roman Catholic Youth Movement Choir with great renditions of Christmas carols.


Checking the song sheets.

They were joined by the adult choir that Vic had assembled, seasonally attired in Christmas themed cassocks,with Vic and Gino amongst the three guitar accompaniment .


I knew what was to follow because I spied the dance members of the marching band resting in their beach sleigh.


Composing themselves before the big entrance.


The drummers really got the place throbbing.

It was time for the Chinese Auction which was masterfully run by Jan Brown who skilfully , with the aid of her money collectors , managed to extract the maximum for every bid.


It’s mine!

The place was packed and the desire to contribute to a good cause was there for all to see. There is little doubt that on Ambergris Caye everyone has a heart.


Even the dogs.

As I mentioned earlier, before going to the Christmas Charity Concert Rose and I went to check on our build in Ambergris Caye,Belize.

As we expected , the focus had been on installing the rebar frames and when we got there the final frames were being put in place.


Rebar frame being positioned in the north – west corner of the house.

The rebar frames , required for the pouring of concrete scheduled or next Tuesday, criss-crossed the house.


A maze of rebar.

The frames which run vertically are placed over the horizontal rebar rods and then positioned onto the wooden supports.


Nicholas easing the frame into position.

Looks like we will be all set for the pouring on Tuesday.

I thought that some of you , especially those of you that like facts and figures, might like to have an understanding of the quantity of materials that will be used for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.. I will provide further information of this type as the build progresses but thought I would start off with the materials required to construct the foundations – including the water and septic tanks- floor and walls. When I added up the quantities it was an eye-opener for me . It might be for you too:

Rebar – 3,586 lengths of varying circumference ( a total of 130,965 feet)
Cement – 2,727 bags with a combined weight of 115,897 kilos
Concrete Mix – 686 cubic yards
Cement block (8″) – 4,099
Cement block (6″) – 2,515
Cement block (4″) – 160
Water – 16,610 gallons

For me this was mind boggling.

As to Sweet Charity, it was a 1969 film starring Shirley MacLaine and John McMartin based on the book by Neil Simon.

And charity in Ambergris Caye is most definitely sweet.


  1. Alice says:

    The build of the house is growing so quickly, it really is amazing and such a treat to see all the photos and read your blog. Makes its feel like you are both so much closer, so thank you and see you at the end of next year!!!! whahahaha

    1. We are pleased with the progress too Alice . But still a long way to go. Rose thought ( and hopes) that you co e much sooner than the end of next year. She had you ‘booked’ for not Less than one month after the house is finished!

    1. Thanks for the plug Tacogirl. Tacogirl at:

  2. Nurse Natalie says:

    The littlest drummer boy was the star of the show! His Santa hat hanging from his back pocket and his little tongue working as hard as his drumsticks, his expressions were priceless! God Bless Hector’s children, and God Bless those involved in helping them. Natalie

    1. Yes, I was taken with the little drummer boy. So much concentration but also so much enjoyment. Was tempted to change the headline to ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ ( by Johnny Mathis).

  3. Jon dyer says:

    Hi John Henry!
    Looking good! When will it be finished? Out with Townley tomorrow.

    1. Hi Jon, good to ‘hear’ from you.
      If the build goes to schedule ( and it is so far) it will be finished at the end of July.
      Give my regards to ‘Big Ears’ . John

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