(No) Men at work – in Ambergris Caye.

Not a song title this time but a group’s name . And this one especially chosen for my Australian viewers. All two of you!

No work on the build today because it is a public holiday here in Belize ( holiday every day for me but…) because it is Garifuna Settlement Day. Initially ( in 1943) November 19th was a public holiday only in the Stan Creek and Toledo districts but it is now a national public holiday throughout Belize and has been so since 1977.

We didn’t manage to be there for the full parade but did manage to catch the majorettes and drummers from a local school. They caused a major traffic hold-up involving 3 golf carts and 4 taxis!

Schoolchildren celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day.


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, no building work today but Rose and I went to the site anyway to look at the dehusked coconuts that our neighbour’s ( remember we are next door to Pirate’s Restaurant and Bar) barman , Shaggy, had collected for us.

We sorted through them and grouped them into ‘little’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’ ready for planting tomorrow- no shovels available today!

The dehusked coconuts.


Really could do with some feedback from ‘my’ ( see how I have adopted you) viewers . Let me know what you like, what you don’t like, what you would like to know more about/see more of, what I haven’t covered but you would like to know about. Get the idea?

To get this on the roll I am introducing a new contributor ( not really, it will be me) called Swan’s Selection ( in honour of Billy Swan) whose section will be called ‘ If you’ve got a problem’ ( yes I know it is corny). Let me have your questions and I will do my best (time and resource permitting) to answer them . Please do not though attempt to use me as a phone book or an email address directory . I am neither and have no desire to change this.

Was sitting on the veranda finishing this when my attention ŵas caught by a boat to the south of me and wanted to share it with you.




  1. Linda Rochelle says:

    BTW – Love your musical references – we are great music lovers. Do you get much in the way of live bands or musicians (dude with guitar type stuff) in Belize at the bars? And even your American readership should recognize “Men At Work” (Who Could it Be Now?)

    1. Hi Linda again. You’ll find loads of live music and I’m sure something to suit your musical tastes.
      I will try to slot in Men At Work when I see the opportunity.

  2. Joe says:

    This is looking east (isn’t it?) and I thought you were building on the lagoon side. You can’t be too far from Harriette (scubalady) and the Palappa Bar.

    1. We are building on the lagoon side and it is immediately north of Pirate Villas which is immediately north of the Hotel. It is, therefore , on the western side of the island isn’t it?

      1. Joe says:

        Yes it would be but I was commenting on the pic with the sailboat, Isn’t that looking east? Toward the reef.

      2. Sorry I misunderstood . Yes, the boat is facing east.

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