Immigration man – Let me stay another day.

Yes OK I am guilty of purloining lyrics from Graham Nash but thought it a reasonable headline (Title)to maybe attract a few more readers ( I didn’t spend my working life in newspapers without picking up a few tricks!).

And anyway it is not a frivolous use of the song title. Why? Well because today Rose and I had to go and renew our 30 day Visas to be able to remain in Belize.

It is not an arduous process . Well, it hasn’t been so far for us. Normally it is a 5 minute drive to the Immigration Office in Coconut Drive ( the offices are located above Scotia Bank) but this morning I decided to treat myself to a late breakfast at Estel’s and then renew the Visas this afternoon.

Estel’s serves all day breakfast from 6 in the morning until 5 at night ( closed on Tuesday) and no matter what you choose to go for you just know it is going to be good. The menu choice is huge and you cannot miss it – it covers nearly half a wall.

The menu.


The food, as previously mentioned, is good but the view you get from your table is even better.

My breakfast time view .


Just in case you find yourself over here I thought it might be helpful to show you what Estel’s looks like from the beach.

Outside of Estel’s.


Set off to go to the Immigration Department at 13.45 hours and arrived at 13.55 hours ( got caught behind a water delivery truck which caused a traffic delay). Went to the Immigration Department first where they checked our passports and gave us a reference number . Took the reference number to the Treasury Department and paid the BZ$50 for each of our Visas. Then went back to the Immigration Department to get our 30 day Visa slips and our passports stamped . Didn’t time the exercise ( do not wear a watch anymore) but would estimate that the whole process took around 15 minutes ( longer than we have experienced previously but there were a few people in the queue before us). A bit bureaucratic but not the end of the world . Thank you Mr Immigration Man, as David Crosby would say ( or sing to be more precise).

We then set off to see what progress had been made on the build .We have set ourselves the objective of visiting the site every single working day and for work of significance – for example when the ground slab is laid- we will go twice a day . The journey from the Immigration Department , which is around a mile ( cannot be precise because the golf cart doesn’t have a mileometer fitted) took around 15 minutes. The primary reason for the long time being that the road on the northern side of the bridge is a dirt road full of bumps and holes. A very bumpy ride.

Anyway, when we got to the site we were very pleased to see that all of the piles had been sunk .

All ‘piled up’!


The land , given the absence of rain of any materiality during the last few days, has started drying out so I took the opportunity of seeing how close to the lagoon I could get . No tape measure with me ( note to self – take tape measure in future) but I reckon I got to within 15 feet of the water’s edge .

Close to the lagoon.


Intrepid individual that I am I then took a ‘shot’ so that I could let you see what the land looks like from the lagoon ( OK, nearly the lagoon) to the road.

Lagoon to road.



  1. Bob Steadman says:

    and Estel’s looks wonderful

  2. Bob Steadman says:

    impressive stuff John – keep going!!

    1. Appreciated Bob. The viewing figures , which have gone up materially, will keep me going . Haven’t worked on something involving the written word that has shown growth for years!
      Come on you Eagles.

  3. MTW says:

    It was Nash…not Crosby…as any fule kno.

    1. Abject apologies. Shoddy research on my part.

  4. Andy says:

    John it looks great…. H&S was covered well… You were wearing Sun glasses to keep the dust and sun from your eyes… Good luck with the build I will be a avid reader and watcher… regards to Rose…. Andy

    1. Thanks Andy . Hope that Diane and you are well in your retirement.
      Cannot get The Sun out here so thought I would write something I can read!
      Regards John

  5. Mary Jarvis says:

    Looks fab,well gel,the weather here is bloody awful,love to you both .xxxxx

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