Dental work – part 4

Early start this morning for a 7am appointment at the San Pedro Central Medical Lab for the blood tests that the dentist wants carried prIor to carrying out my treatment

Really pleased that they open at that time in the morning . I am always up early – anywhere between 4-5 am being the norm for me – and by getting in at this time I could contain the fasting period and get a breakfast and coffee immediately following the blood extraction ( should really have booked the appointment for 31 October – could have got Dracula on the job!).

Should get the results around 4 pm today and, hopefully, the tests will not reveal any coagulation disorders or high glucose levels. Either (or ,worse still, both) would scupper the dental treatment. And, most likely lead to further tests and medication ( probably of an ongoing nature). Running before I can walk, aren’t I . Let’s wait until 4 pm.

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