“Don’t You (Forget About Me ) “ when I’m away from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Now when I left you it was just after a resounding victory (OK so it was a one nil win with a bit of a flukey goal) by Arsenal over Watford FC.

The next day was the day for what has now become an annual pub crawl with my friend John (yes , aka Harry the Hornet,the Watford supporter ).

After a (very) hearty breakfast (if you read the first in this series you know what this means. If you didn’t read it , you must) I set off to cross the Thames .

I took the underground. You didn’t think I walked across . Did you ?

To our favourite meeting point. The Royal Oak at the Borough

where real ale is sold

and customers are happy.

After a few (quite a few actually) beers and a bite to eat we headed north of the Thames. We were on a pub crawl after all.

John trying to look cool and stylish. But failing miserably.

I think we went to three pubs – we normally ‘hit’ six or seven but I was still struggling from the broken ankle I suffered just before Christmas – but that didn’t limit the amount of alcohol we consumed. It had to be done.

The thoughts of a sage.

The next day, after another hearty breakfast (it’s the only way to start a day – or at least that’s what they tell me at Estel’s Dine By the Sea ) Rose and I set off for some retail therapy. But I had a surprise for her. I booked tickets for the matinee of a show that had just opened in London.

When I could see that Rose was starting to look like the therapy had worked I suggested that we head for Haymarket where there were a couple of good pubs. I chose the Tom Cribb.

Over our drinks I broke the surprise when I showed her the tickets .

We were going to see the stage show of Only Fools And Horses , recognised by many as one of Britain’s greatest ever TV comedy shows.

Tickets to see the show was not the only surprise that Rose got. Oh, no. During the Intermission she found that she was sitting next to Joanna Lumley .

It was the second time we’d met Joanna Lumley (although it didn’t appear that she remembered!). The first time was around twenty-two years ago when I was working for the company that published OK! Magazine and the owner at the time used to host celebrity parties to generate a photo library for the magazine.

It’s a great show and one that I highly recommend if you find yourself in London during its run. It’s , as Del Boy would say, “Cushty“.

The next day we had to travel across London and once again found ourselves celebrity (sic) spotting. Eagle-eyed Rose spotted that Paul Burrell , former butler to Princess Diana was in our carriage.

The not-so-loyal butler is fifth from the left.

Oh, I digressed. We were traveling across London to meet up with Jacqueline and Roy who had travelled down from Yorkshire to spend some time with us. We first met Jacqueline and Roy at Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar in San Pedro and immediately struck a friendship. It was Jacqueline it was her first visit to Belize but for Roy it was a return visit. He’d served here with the British Army in the mid seventies .

We had arranged to meet at The Moon Under Water

a JD Wetherspoon pub.

For those of you that have not frequented a ‘Wetherspoon’s , they are generally quite large and well appointed establishments that offer a good menu and a range of good beers and very reasonable prices when compared to pubs in the adjacent area (and no, I’m not on the payroll ).

With all of our planned meet-ups completed Rose and I spent the Easter weekend meandering around Central London in weather conditions that had been arranged just for us !

I do like a good bookshop.

And an olde English sweet (candy for non UK readers) shop. Catch the name of the shop next door ! Snog

Rose so wanted to get Ziggy one.

Rose’s favourite stage play.

My how things have changed since we immigrated.

A devastated Rose after finding that her favourite bead shop in London is no more. Now it’s a shop that sells paper

Very, very expensive Japanese paper.

With the weather being so good we even managed to take in some ‘street food’.

All too soon it was time for Rose and I to have our last breakfast together for awhile.

Doesn’t she hide the sadness well ! But before we got up from the table she looked at me intently and said “Don’t you forget about me ” (she didn’t really but I was stuck for a song title for the ‘headline’).

With breakfast over I contacted Uber for vehicles to take Rose to her sister’s and one to take me to my friend John’s house.

First task when I arrived there was to unwrap the stuff I had delivered there ( I use it as a ‘mailbox’ ) and pack it in my suitcases.

With that task completed John and I headed to Watford for the game against Southampton. It wasn’t the greatest game but it was my last chance to watch live Premiership football ( the S word for readers from the US ). It ended a one all draw with a goal scored in the first minute and the equaliser in the ninetieth.

The next morning Janet, John and I were up early so he could take me to Heathrow airport so I could catch the United Airlines 09.30hours flight to Houston. I caught it and after an uneventful journey was in my hotel room by 19.30 hours.

I stayed in Houston for two nights so that I could treat myself to some retail therapy!

I also managed to have dinner with Caesar a friend from Ambergris Caye but it was time to head home.

The first I did after picking up my golf cart was to go a get Ziggy. I had some stuff for him.

Meet Ziggy’s newest ‘friends’. Sophia the Snow Leopard (this is actually Ziggy’s third Snow Leopard ) and Basil the Badger.


some chew sticks to keep his teeth in good order.

The headline (contrived) for this edition is based on the song released in 1985 by Simple Minds which reached number 7 on the UK Singles chart and number one on the US Billboard Hot 100.

“Streets of London” when away from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

At the end of last month Rose and I celebrated our 7th anniversary of moving permanently to Ambergris Caye, Belize. Seven years. They’ve flown by so fast. 

Nothing to do with celebrating the anniversary but around a month before it we took a little time out from island life and made a visit to our previous stamping ground . London. England. United Kingdom no less.

Long time readers of this blog will probably have (quite rightly ) formed the opinion that I am somewhat a creature of habit. If I like something then I generally tend to stick with it (just ask Rose !). So, for our trip to London, I booked air tickets with United Airlines out of Houston and the Radisson Blu Grafton in Tottenham Court Road for our accommodation.

We caught the 09.00 hours Tropic Air flight to the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport

and had checked in for our first flight to Houston , gone through security and were sitting at Jet’s Bar

and by

I had a

in front of me .

The short flight ( 2hours and 20 minutes ) to Houston was uneventful but we got a rude awakening when we approached the Immigration zone. It was packed. Horrendously packed (readers please do not moan about delays when visiting Belize ).

We eventually (around 90 minutes later ) cleared Immigration, got our plane and arrived at Heathrow around 11.30 hours the next day. We cleared Immigration and then Customs very quick;y and were in an Uber car (I love Uber ) no more than twenty-five minutes after touching down and in our hotel forty-five minutes after that.

Quickly checking in at Reception

quickly unpacking our ‘cases and a freshen-up and we were ready to ‘hit’ the shops ! We had some presents to buy .

With shopping over it was time for Rose and I to reacquaint ourselves with

and then for a good night’s sleep.

Breakfast the next morning .

Now what shall I have ?

Not quite anEstel’s Dine By the Sea ‘ but …

With breakfast over it was time for us to reacquaint ourselves with the UK’s transport system.

An unusually empty railway carriage.

Around thirty minutes later we were collected by my nephew Bradley so that we could spend the day with his partner Shorona and lovely (Shorona is lovely too) children Lottie and Cody. Cody is with me in the photo below.

And then it was present trying on time for Lottie (it was her third birthday the week before we arrived).

“C’mon Lottie . Cheer up “.

“Stop hiding . We can see you”.

it was like a fashion parade. And we managed to get the right size !

We had an amazingly enjoyable day and didn’t get back to our hotel until around 22.30 hours. We had to get some sleep in. We had an appointment the next day With my friend John and his wife Janet for a traditional British Sunday lunch !

But first to savor the lovely Spring day with a walk-in the streets of London.

My friend had booked a table (who knew you need to do that with pubs too now) and not long after sitting down I was devouring my lunch (sorry, only remembered to take a photo after I’d started eating it ).

All friends before the big match . Watford versus Arsenal the next day. Janet and John both support the Hornets and Rose and I, the Gunners and I was going to the game with John.

After breakfast the next morning

-something a little different –

there was time for a little bit of shopping with Rose before heading off to meet my friends and ex workmates John and Jon for a pre match appetiser . Oh, and a few beers !

And after a bite we moved on, yes you’ve guessed it, to another pub!

This one with more Watford fans in it. I was outnumbered.

And then onto to game but not before there was a photo call.

Me surrounded by a load of plonkers.

Enough tomfoolery it was time for the serious stuff.

One nil to the Arsenal.Not unsurprisingly I wasn’t the most popular person in that section of the ground .Time to make a hasty exit and head back to my hotel !

More exciting adventures in the next edition which I’ll try to publish real soon. Can’t wait, can you.

The headline for this edition is based on the song (which I have to admit is one that I don’t particularly like ) released in 1972 by Ralph McTell which reached number 2 on the UK Singles Chart.

‘The World is My Oyster’ away from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I know, I know. It’s been a while since I last produced an edition. A long while.

I’ve actually sat down to write something a few times. In fact each time we’ve been on holiday this year – London, Nashville and Cartagena- or family or friends have come to stay with us I’ve knocked a few paragraphs out but then lost the drive to finish what I started.

Well, Rose and I have just got back from a trip to New Orleans and I think the virtually exclusive diet of omega 3 ( more later) has had a substantial effect upon my energy levels. And appears – how long this may last I have no idea – to have instilled a degree of discipline into me again.

Anyway, back to our little trip away from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

We narrowed it down that we would take our break in the United States. But where? Well, the place must have music and good food. How about New Orleans we thought, it had been twenty-five years since our last visit. Actually now I think about it , I thought of it and suggested it to Rose. She gave the ‘thumbs up’.

With the plan approved I set about making the arrangements. Flights booked with United Airlines- we are members of MileagePlus, it’s loyalty programme (program for non-UK readers) – and then I booked 7 nights at Homewood Suites by Hilton. A hotel conveniently located just 3 blocks away from Bourbon Street.

With our arrangements made I then booked Ziggy’s holiday. An 8 night stay (this made for a less busy outbound day for us) at his favourite (favorite for non- UK readers) hotel and spa on the island. Pampered Paws . Where else !

For the inquisitive amongst you (this presumes that someone has actually bothered to read this) we caught the 11.00 hours Tropic Air flight to the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport where we connected with the United Airlines 13.14 hours flight to Houston where – after a bite to eat and something to drink – we caught the United Airlines 18.39 hours flight to the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

Upon landing we collected our suitcases fairly quickly, caught a taxi and were in our hotel room at 20.30 hours. And just forty-five minutes later we were in a bar in Bourbon Street!

The next day after eating breakfast -nothing like the view I usually enjoy at – Estel’s Dine By the Sea – we took the bus (US$ 3 each for unlimited travel) to the nearest Walmart. It had to be done so my view was to get it out of the way early and then start enjoying ourselves !

It wasn’t too painful and we completed the mission within a couple of hours and amongst our purchases we got enough Dentastix to last Ziggy half a year.

A joyous Ziggy guarding his ‘stuff’ on our return.

With the horrible shopping out of the way it was time to ‘hit’ the French Quarter for a shucking good time!

“They need a good shucking”.

Meet Lorenzo and

just look

and see how he shucks!

And for only US$ 13.50 for a dozen. At that price the world is my oyster !

Today’s headline is based on the second track on side one of the album Welcome to the Pleasuredome released in 1984 by Frankie Goes to Hollywood which reached number 33 on the US Billboard 200 and number 1 on the UK Albums Chart .

For another shucking good read keep your InBox open.

“Lay Me Down” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

On Sunday I enjoyed a bit of a lie -probably caused by the exertions (for exertions read Belikins) of going on a Poker Run– and got out of bed unusually late at 06.15 hours.

I hurriedly (well you can’t hurry up a kettle really apart from putting less water in) boiled the water for my mug of coffee fairly well rushed -OK, I walked quickly- out on to the veranda. Yep, the western, lagoon facing one.

Why the hurry (or maybe you’re not), you’re thinking. Simple. The Spurs versus Liverpool game was on TV with a 06.30 hours kick-off. What right minded Arsenal fan wouldn’t want to watch Spurs take a good hiding. And they did. What a perfect start to my day. Or so I thought.

Time for another mug of coffee and my breakfast (no time to go to Estel’s Dine By the Sea for a last breakfast before it closes for a month) before the Leicester City versus Arsenal game. Exquisite scheduling by the Premier League (or was it the TV companies?).

I settled down for the expected (don’t know about you but I expected it) win but although we dominated the play and we huffed and we puffed we could do no better than get a draw. But it wasn’t all bad because the game hadn’t been going more than around fifteen minutes (it started at 10.00 hours) when I heard the sound of rain. Yes, rain. And it was coming down heavily.



There wasn’t a cloud to be seen. The sky was just a dark greyness. This was not going to be a brief downpour. Time to revise my plans for the day. No gardening. No giving Ziggy his weekly bath. Oh no. This was going to be a morning just for me! Only one thing for it. Time to lay me down and overdose on football. And I did.

I finished watching the Arsenal game (don’t really want to say much more about that) and then watched Villarreal lose to Barcelona and Real Sociedad beat Real Madrid (that was a shock by the way). What a heavenly Sunday morning.

Late afternoon Rose, Ziggy and I headed to Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill. Rose wasn’t too keen on going out in the rain. I was ambivalent but Ziggy was insistent.

We hadn’t been there long when it became obvious that he had been studying me during the morning. It took only minutes after arrived there before he took up the position.


A master at work!

When we got home we showed Rose that we could work (sic) as a double act.


I’m the one wearing the shorts.

Now I know that the vast majority don’t give two hoots about how I spent my Sunday. Actually you probably don’t give two hoots about how I spend my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, … No what you want to know is what I did for breakfast today now that Estel’s is closed. In your shoes I would too.

Well, I took a drive south to Caribbean Villas Hotel in Seagrape Drive and got there shortly after 08.00 hours and a “front row” table


with a view.

A quick study of the Menu “told” me that there was only one choice to make. The “full English”.


THE “full English”.

At BZ$ 24 I thought it well worth the money. Don’t let my size mislead you. I can tuck it away. But this breakfast just had the better of me. I had to leave half a slice of toast!

Before I left though I took the opportunity of taking a peek at the new building that is under construction that will provide forty-eight additional rooms for this Caribbean beachfront hotel.



The windows will start to be installed this week and everything and I’m reliably informed that everything is on track for the new rooms to be available early in November.

On the way home I had to stop off at Adrian’s in Boca Del Rio. Yes, another puncture.


When I started this edition I felt that I had so much to tell you but as I get to the end of it I question what. So if you haven’t got this far I think you made a good decision. If you’ve stayed to the end though, well, thank you.

The headline for today’s edition is based in the single released in 2013 by Sam Smith (if you haven’t heard this guy he has a great voice) and it reached number forty-six in the UK Singles Chart.

“Road to Nowhere” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I’ve always enjoyed my early morning “me” time on the veranda. For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time (where have you been?) this is normally any time between 04.00 to 06.00 hours (the latter being a “lie in” morning) when I head out to the western (lagoon) facing veranda on the first floor of our house with a mug of coffee (instant, black and no sugar) and my iPad. I’m now starting to appreciate this time even more.

Why? I hear you thinking (don’t worry I can’t really hear you). Quite simple actually, a house is being built on the lot adjacent to us and the sounds of construction start reverberating around our house between 06.30 to 07.00 hours. And they are working weekends too.

I’m guilty of exaggerating the noise actually. It’s not really that bad. There’s been the sound of shovels digging to create the depth for a water tank. The moving, cutting and bending of rebar. The cement mixer at work. Oh, and the sound of some of the guys singing (and one of them is not too bad).

We’ve got talking to one or two of the guys working on the project and we understand that its going to be a single level, three bedroom concrete house built on stilts. What amazed us though is when they told us they are aiming to finish it by Christmas. Six months from start to finish. I’ll be watching this one closely!


After only two weeks ! They might hit Christmas after all (and look at all that rebar Kathi Moore!).

The house being built next to us is one of many of the developments currently underway “north of the bridge”. It’s a burgeoning area and it came as no great surprise to us when a short while ago it was announced by the San Pedro Town Council that a seven mile cement road would be laid from the northern side of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge. The work – which has started – is being undertaken in two phases with phase one starting around three miles north of the ‘Bridge near Venezia Del Caribe. Eventually phase two will result in the road going a further four miles north.

The road north has been spoken about for as long as I can remember. It’s been dismissed as “pie in the sky” by many. Some have (and still are) fiercely opposed to it. Me? Well I like the rustic charm of the dirt road but the island has grown and it continually grows and much of this growth with now take place north of the ‘Bridge. Why? Because that’s where the available land for development is. And a good road to support this growth is a necessity in my opinion. It will also (on a really personal note) be good for my golf cart AND my back!

Yesterday after taking care of a bit of weeding (they keep growing) Rose and I decided to head north to take a look at the start of the road and what follows are some photos of what we saw along the way.


Turn left (north) out of our gate.


Striking bougainvillea. But look at the rocks in the road.


Approaching the turn-off for the Palapa Bar & Grill.


Construction of holiday let cabanas near the Palapa Bar & Grill “junction”.


Ak’ Bol.


Aji Tapa Bar & Restaurant.


Captain Morgan’s Retreat.

All of them are businesses that should benefit from the new road.

Continuing our drive north which, at times, felt like (wait for it) we were on the road to nowhere (terrible isn’t it) we came to the start of the new, concrete road.


It may not look much now. But …

We continued north (intrepid aren’t we!)


Rendevouz Restaurant & Winery.


On to the beach road (sic). Look at the build up of seagrass.


The Residences at Barrier Reef. Another development that will in the future benefit from the new road.


Mata Grande Grocery.

As an interesting side note (or not), I understand that the ‘Town Council is giving away fifty by fifty feet lots to three hundred and fifty people that live on the island. The cost to the lucky recipients? A surveying cost of BZ$ 500. Many of these lots will be developed soon and they too will benefit from the new road even though it initially will stop short of them.

We continued northwards


Rojo Lounge.


Matachica Resort & Spa.

We carried on until we hit the


point when we decided that we deserved (needed) some sustenance so we turned around and headed south until we came to


the Jambel Jerk Pit based at the old Xaman Ek Resort.

The place was deserted apart from Klinsmann (his father is a mad keen Germany football supporter and Klinsmann was born when Germany won the World Cup in 1990!) the bar man /chef.






The resort hasn’t been fully operational for a couple of years and is currently up for sale. So if you are looking for something to do and have a spare US$ 1.6 million …

As the sun started to set we knew it was time to bring our adventure to an end and hit the bumpy road south!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1985 by the Talking Heads and reached number six in the UK Singles Chart.

“Hot in Herre” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

With all of the excitement (different things excite different people!) that Rose and I have had recently – getting our new burglar gates/doors AND getting Ziggy for good – I almost forgot to tell you about a little shopping expedition that Rose and I made a few weeks ago.

It all started when we went to the self-contained apartment that we have on the ground floor to give it a little spring clean (OK so it was early August but you know what I mean) in readiness for the visit of some guests.

We don’t go in to the apartment very often and as we opened the door the heat hit us. A rush of warm, no, hot air (and, it was not because I started to speak). As we entered Rose turned to me and -stating the bloody obvious – said “It’s hot in herre” (I know its spelt incorrectly but bear with me ).

We’d always known that an increase in humidity levels allied to the fact that the apartment isn’t used that much (and no this isn’t a invitation for a flurry of visits!) that it made sense to get a dehumidifier. Our time in the apartment that day convinced us that it was now time to translate talk in to action. A visit to the hardware stores on Ambergris Caye was called for.

Working north to south we called first at Hermano’s Hardware in Boca Del Rio.


There was lots of stuff on display and much fitting the description of “I could really use one of those” but not a dehumidifier to be seen. So Rose ushered me out of the store and we headed to Pescador Drive calling first at Castillo’s.


No dehumidifiers in there either so we crossed the road and popped in to S.P. Home Center.


Same story. Lots of stuff that took my fancy but not what we’d gone out to buy. So on to the next stop, Harmouch’s.


Success. They had one in stock!


But it was a brand we’d never heard of and was a whopping BZ$ 850 before discount! So on to Sam’s Hardware a short distance down Pescador Drive. I wasn’t confident so Rose went in to the store alone. I didn’t think it was worth locking up the golf cart.


I was right (for a change), not a dehumidifier in sight. So we went straight to the S.P Hardware store in Sea Grape Drive.


And … Not one but two models on display! And better still we knew the name of the manufacturer.



I stepped back gracefully (I know my place!) and Rose (the “Terminator”) took over. “How much?”, she enquired. “HOW MUCH!” The guy repeated the prices and undeterred Rose retorted with “But how much with a discount?” The guy dropped the price by ten percent. Not bad I thought. But Rose had sensed blood and she went for the jugular. He wilted. I knew he would. I always do so why shouldn’t he! He agreed to give a further five percent discount.

Deal done, a fifty pint dehumidifier for BZ$ 675. Ouch and ouch. Why ouch? The same unit can be had at any Home Depot for US$ 229 (or BZ$ 458).

We’ve been using it for the last few weeks and it works a treat.

It’s not all trawling around the shops though. Oh no. Since we got Ziggy for good I now get to take him for his swim. He just loves frolicking (I’ve been waiting an age to use this word) in the sea.


“Slowly Ziggy.”




With the amount of effort he put in retrieving the ball he should have laid down and got to sleep when we returned home but no, he went straight to the garden to hunt iguana.

Please turn away if you’re squeamish.


And he got one!

The headline for today’s headline (told you that it would all become clear) is based on the single released in 2002 by Nelly (with additional vocals by Dani Stevenson) which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number four in the UK Singles Chart.

“Safe & Sound” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I may not have written an edition for a little while but thought you might like to know that I’ve still been going through basically the same routine.

Up before the sun rises out on the veranda, the western one on the first floor that faces the lagoon, with my mug of black (instant, with no sugar) coffee and the iPad (an Air for those of you that might be interested).

I’ve continued to enjoy the relative quietness -there are the sounds of the leaves swooshing (if there’s a breeze of course), the lapping of the water, the birds chattering, the fish jumping out of and then re entering the lagoon, the snarling and grunting of racoons when they fall out with each other. Oh, and the occasional barking of dogs when they are spooked by something. The early morning sounds that let you know that another day is about to begin but it’s quiet, very quiet.

Ideal conditions you’d think for knocking out an edition. And they used to be PZ. PZ? Pre Ziggy I mean.


For those of you not aware, this is Ziggy.

The solitude of the early morning for me is now a distant memory. When I get up in the morning there he is. Waiting at the bedroom door, tail wagging happy in anticipation of the first strokes and pats of the day. It used to be that my first job (sic) of the day was to get the kettle on and spoon the coffee in to the mug. Not now. That comes a poor second best!

We do eventually make it to the veranda but any chance of pulling together something that anyone might want to read has been nullified by Ziggy’s head constantly finding itself in my lap. So you can blame (or thank) him for the absence of postings on my part.

To get this one ‘out there’ I’ve had to (any excuse) decamp to Estel’s Dine By the Sea


for breakfast


and for some time alone with the iPad!

So with the “solitude” I sought and an ideal setting what do I write about? What has happened since I last posted something?

Regular readers may well remember that nearly two months ago I mentioned that we had ordered burglar bar gates/doors. At the time of placing the order we were informed that they would take around three to four weeks to be made and fitted for all of our external doors (two double doors and two single doors)


Double door entrance to the first floor.

We’ve been popping in to the workshop in Boca Del Rio probably twice a week to monitor progress and on each occasion we’ve been told “They’re nearly ready.” But … nothing.

And then last week – I think it was Wednesday- we heard Ziggy barking to let us know that someone was at our front gate. It was Franco and he had our gates/doors with him. Within minutes they were in the front garden


and just as quickly they were off the trailer neatly positioned for installation.


Franco decided to start with the ground floor apartment first so moved the relevant gates/doors but then realised that there was a design fault which he had to take two of the gates/doors back to the workshop to correct.


So close yet so far!

We thought that was the last of the gates/doors we’d see for a few days but no. The next day Franco returned and they started to be installed.


But first an adjustment to the frame.


Second gate/door about to be ‘slotted’ in.


“It works!”

With the first installation completed they moved on to the door of the apartment


and then the pump room


and then the first floor!



A bemused -and imprisoned- looking Ziggy.

They haven’t greatly obscured the view though


but have increased our sense of security so that we feel safe and sound. And the breeze can flow freely through the house.

We thought it had gone “belly up” on Wednesday

With the gates/doors installed Ziggy and I settled down to watch work on the house that’s being built on the lot immediately north of us.


“We’re going to have neighbours soon Ziggy.”


The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 2011 by Taylor Swift and reached number thirty in the US Billboard Hot 100.