“Little by Little” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

If you read the previous edition , which by the way I ‘knocked out’ , shortly after I’d got up around 04.30 hours , while I drank a couple of mugs of back , unsweetened instant coffee, you know that the next stage of work on the greenhouse was connecting electricity and water.

First though we had to have the hugely rust ridden D Switch replaced.

Nicholas, Moses’ younger brother, was going to remove the old box and connect a new one that I had bought but first Belize Electricity Limited (BEL ) had to disconnect us from the grid. It seemed only right that it was Nicholas because it was he and his brother Angel that had constructed the tower for the electrify connection for our house in November 2012.

Nicholas at the top, Angel below him.

Nicholas arrived around 07.30 hours to get everything ready for the big change over and BEL thankfully arrived shortly after 08.00 hours. Thirty minutes later the BEL team of three was on it’s way and Nicholas was doing his thing in the north-east corner of our garden.

Working all on his own Nicholas removed the old D Switch and replaced it with the new one and finished the task shortly before 13.00 hours. Just in time for lunch but I asked him to wait until BEL arrived and reconnected us. I wanted to be certain that everything worked. Nicholas readily agreed. Unfortunately- especially for a very hungry Nicholas – BEL didn’t arrive until shortly before 15.00 hours. Twenty minutes later though we were reconnected and everything worked. Nicholas left but before doing so promised to return the next day to start work on the greenhouse.

True to his word, Nicholas arrived the following morning shortly after 07.00 hours and he was accompanied by his assistant, Vilmer. Within minutes they disappeared from sight as they entered the trees and bushes in the north east corner of our garden. The area Rose and I affectionately refer to as the Dingly Dell.

After clearing a way in (and out) they set about digging a trench from the well and the electricity connection to the greenhouse and then started to lay the PVC piping for the water and electricity ‘feeds’.

Nicholas in the green T shirt and, if you look hard, you can just see Vilmer’s legs.

With the piping ‘laid’ Nicholas set about installing the utilities that we wanted for our greenhouse.

Wiring in the PVC pipes. Nice and neat.
Twin power socket in.

Fan in on western side over the main raised bed.
Fan installed in north- eastern corner . One fitted in south-eastern corner too.
Lights fitted. And they work !
Control ‘panel’ for the three fans and two fluorescent strips.
Fuse box.

With the electrics ‘done’ Nicholas turned his attention to the water supply and it wasn’t too long before a tap (faucet for non-UK readers) had been fitted outside the greenhouse.

And the handle matches our railings ! Result.

And not too long after we had one in the greenhouse.

We also decided to make use of Nicholas’ electrical skills whilst he was ‘with’ us and got him to install two motion sensor lights on the eastern (front) and western (back) ends of the greenhouse to light up our driveway.

Eastern end.
And one for the western end.

Little by little we could see the greenhouse taking shape but there was still much to do

like filling the raised beds with soil .And … planting seedlings !

The headline for this edition is based upon the single released in 1985 by Robert Plant which reached number 36 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and a lowly number 83 on th

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