“I’m a Believer” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

The day that Rose and I had been waiting for eventually arrived. We got a ‘phone call from Moses. He was ready to start work on our greenhouse and I needed to order the building materials on the list he was going to send me.

The list arrived as promised . I knew it would because I’m a believer and Moses always keeps his promises and I placed the order and the delivery was made.

And I got to work treating the wood. No, that didn’t mean talking nicely to it. But giving it some …

Boiled Linseed Oil. Quite expensive but very good.

And I slowly but surely worked my way through the pile, length by length. Boring but … somebody had to do it !

Monday morning couldn’t come quickly enough for Rose and I . They (whoever THEY are ) say that you shouldn’t wish your time away but sometimes you just have to. Anyway, it eventually did arrive and so did Moses. And he was accompanied by his assistant.

They immediately set about marking out where we had told Moses we wanted the greenhouse to be built .

Although we were only looking at some posts in the ground it was very exciting . Our project was starting to take shape.

Taking shape nicely.
Now that got your attention didn’t it ! No, not yet , but hopefully soon.

The headline for this edition is based upon the single released in 1966 by The Monkees which reached number 1 on both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Paul Brady says:

    Like it John and pleased to see you are still documenting your wonderful life in Belize. I must admit I haven’t seen your posts for years but clearly they are still as enjoyable and entertaining as they always were! I hope you and Rose are well and I wish you both good health and a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year! Take care of yourself. Very best Paul

    1. Nice to ‘hear’ from you Paul. Life is still good for Rose and me in Belize and it remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made . The best was when I saw Rose and thought “We need to be together “.
      We both wish you a happy Christmas and a 2021 much,much better than 2020.

  2. Bob Barr says:

    Interesting,I quite enjoy your builds, having been there numerous times. Have to ask, what became of your dock,boat, etc ?

    1. They’re (the dock and the boat ) are still here.

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