“Still Waiting” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

In the last edition I wrote about the wood chipper I’d bought to be able to create a covering for the floor of our planned greenhouse and as a mulch for some of the vegetables we would eventually be planting.

This ‘baby’ turned out to be a hungry Horace. As fast as I pruned the trees and bushes the wood chipper magically (OK I did have to ‘feed’ it ) turned them into mulch. And eventually I ran out of ‘stuff’ to feed Horace (it makes it more personal when you name a piece of equipment don’t you think ?) with . I had a dilemma . Or as Christopher Robin put it “What to do, what to do, what to do ?’.

Well amongst the very, very many great things about living here on Ambergris Caye is that there is always an abundance of dead branches by the side of the roads, and particularly where development has or is taking place . So I got the trusty wood hauler out (Pablo if you must know ) and scoured the sides of the roads. And in no time at all.

‘Food’ for Horace !

With no date set for when Moses could start to build our greenhouse I found myself still waiting so gave thought to the kind of things we could do to help the growth of the vegetables and herbs we would eventually plant. So, Googling I did go and found loads of interesting stuff. As I think you normally do when you’re searching any given subject. The problem is that I get sidetracked and Google off in a different direction. Anyway, back to the subject !

Through my Googling I stumbled across effective microorganisms and following some fairly lengthy (remember, I’m retired ) research I decided that I would make some . And it’s really easy to do (I chose recipe 2) .

The Kurd on the top. I understand that you can actually make cheese from this. Maybe after we’ve grown some tomatoes and spring onions !
And after straining it you’re left with the good stuff. EM .

It keeps well in a refrigerator so that’s where it is now until I start to use it on the soil. I’ll let you know how it performs.

A few paragraphs previously I mentioned that I do have a habit of getting sidetracked, I do get back on track but … Anyway, when Googling for soil treatments and finding effective microorganisms I kept seeing the word Bokashi. Now you know what I did next don’t you ? No? Oh c’mon . I did some Googling of course ! You feel foolish now don’t you ?

Having found Bokashi you know what I did next ? Yep, you’re right. I ordered a bin and a supply of bran to be delivered to US Trade Belize and around four weeks later it arrived.

The Bokashi bin.
And the bran .
First use of the bin .

You put all of the stuff from the kitchen that you’d normally put into your compost pile but you can also include stuff that you’d normally keep away from the compost pile such as dairy products, meat, onions, citrus fruits, etc. You can do this because the bran nullifies the smell. A couple of other neat things about the Bokashi method is that you can use the stuff in your soil a lot quicker around four weeks after filling the bin) because it ferments and doesn’t need to decompose. The other neat thing is that you get Bokashi juice as a by-product.

The headline for this edition is based upon the single released in 2002 by Sum 41 which reached number 16 on the UK Singles Chart and number 6 on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles (I’d not heard of this chart either !).


  1. Pat and Clyde says:


    wow! plenty to do even in this Stay Home Era! Thx for sharing. PT

    1. Always lots to do . And keep fitter and healthier along the way .

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