‘“ The (Green ) House of the Rising Sun “ in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

If you’ve read the last two editions know that when Covid 19 struck Rose and I decided to involve ourselves in a number of projects from rejuvenating Highbury House to having a composter constructed.

Enjoyable as our tipple sessions on the east facing veranda have been there is little doubt that ambitions became bigger and bigger as Rose , on either Belikin or Pinot Grigio and me with my Hyper (which , given it’s price differential with, say , something like Absolut or Smirnoff , is surprisingly good) vodka and pink grapefruit juice .

Our brainstorming area. For this particular session I felt that vitamin C was more in order to accompany the vodka. Ziggy looking adoringly our hors d’œuvres. Which, if my memory serves me right, was Panko fried shrimp.

Looking down at the compost bin and holding Ziggy back from chasing iguanas our thoughts moved from a little vegetable patch to something far grander. A greenhouse no less. Time for a little Googling and YouTubing methinks. What do you say ?

I probably screen grabbed 40 to 50 photos of greenhouse designs which Rose and I, during a few of our ‘brainstorming’ (aka tippling ) sessions discussed at length and gradually whittled the selection down until we had chosen our ‘winner ‘. More of that later.

Our thoughts and deliberations then turned to how we would lay out and operate the interior of the greenhouse. Although Rose doesn’t look it (it’s true, I’m not just trying to win Brownie Points ) we are getting on in age and stooping down continuously to tend the vegetables we plan to grow would not be sensible. And one thing you shouldn’t get when you get old is stupid ! So, we decided we’d have raised beds. You know what comes next don’t you ? No? It’s obvious. I got into Googling and YouTubing mode and started screen grabbing. That’s what.

Next thing to decide was the location for this new addition to our ‘family’.

Traditionally in England, greenhouses are positioned in the back garden (yard for non-UK readers) and this is where Rose initially suggested we locate it. This appeared a sensible choice but we discussed it long and hard ,as is the case for many things that we are planning to do, and after much debate we changed our mind. We’d locate it in the front garden (I’ve no need to insert the translation again do I ? No? Good.) where the old flower bed had been.

Just here.

We chose this spot because it has a number of attributes :

  • It would be a shorter walk for us to get to (I’ve already mentioned that we’re not getting any younger).
  • It would be a lot closer to the water and electricity feeds that we wanted for it.
  • It’s positioning would allow us to knock off another wish from our To Do list. You’ll find out what in a later edition.
  • Given that it’s position would be in the south-eastern section of our garden it would get early morning sun. It would be the (green) house of the rising sun (did you spot what I did there ?).
  • With the ‘What, Where and How’ decided it was time to bring in Moses. So we did. But he couldn’t start work on the greenhouse straight away. He was busy with a number of other projects. That’s what can happen when you’re good at what you do. And he is.

This delay didn’t really disturb us though. We had other things to get in place and we set about getting them done.

We ordered a wood chipper via one of the freight forwarding companies that provide services for Belize. If you’re at all interested (if you’re not then just gloss over this paragraph) we used US Belize Trade who provided (and have subsequently) a first class service. We decided during one of our brainstorming sessions that we used wood chip for the floor of the greenhouse (it holds moisture and prevents weeds from easily growing ) and sparingly for some , but not all, of the vegetables and herbs we would eventually plant. A word of warning here though. Tippling can be exceedingly helpful when you want to brainstorm but be careful. Don’t tipple too much or you might just forget those fantastic ideas that you came up with !

When the wood chipper arrived (it took around 4 weeks from placing the order )

Lovely isn’t it.

I got to work with it straight away.

Loads of branches and leaves to convert into mulch.

And before long I was filling up box after box .

Looks good doesn’t it ? Well it does to me !

Next on the to do list was to collect some tree trunks and large branches – I’ll reveal why in a future edition (a tease, aren’t I ) – and I got these from a local guy (if you’re interested in who, just Message me) who I also got to cut the wood into more manageable and more easily (remember, I’m getting old) liftable pieces.

Trunks stacked ready for cutting.
Cut and neatly stacked in front of the composter.

The headline (adulterated I know ) for today’s edition is based on the single released by The Animals in 1964 which reached number one on both the UK Singles Chart and the US Billboard Hot 100.

Keep your eyes on the lookout for the next edition . Will the greenhouse start to take shape ?


  1. robert kellett vernon says:

    Hi U 2 , I bought the Sunjoe wood chipper about 3 months ago via Amazon, ive got their pole chain saw and their hedge trimmer , they are really good . Looks like your going to be busy, talking of getting older i also bought a Kneeler , wow what an asset that is. Take care R&C

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