“Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes ) “ in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

The editions I put out on this blog are a little bit like London buses. You wait ages for one ((alright, you may not wait ages for one but someone (hopefully) does )) and then a convoy of them turn up. So, for the second consecutive day I’ve knocked together (and it shows ) an edition.

Anyway, when Ambergris Caye went into Covid 19 lockdown in March Rose and I spent our mornings/early afternoons working our way through the list of jobs that we had pulled together. Repainting the railings and burglar bars being a couple of them.

But in the afternoons, after showering, we’d retire (what a lovely ,old-fashioned description that is ) to our Caribbean Sea facing veranda (it’s in the shade in the afternoon) and take a tipple (or two or three). Rose normally choosing a Belikin , Pinot Grigio or a Prosecco and I’d ‘go for’ either a Belikin or a vodka with pink grapefruit juice. Throw in a dish of Pringles (Cheddar cheese for me and Cheddar and Sour Cream for Rose ) and we were ready to sort out the problems of the world. Not really, we just talked about what projects we could undertake to keep our bodies and minds active.

During one of these brainstorming sessions (a so much more accurate description than binge drinking ) we got to talking about growing stuff in the garden. We’ve tried on numerous occasions during our seven years living at Highbury House with limited success. The coconut and palms have generally thrived but virtually everything else has looked good for a while but then withered and died.

As the vodkas went down (I think I was drinking vodka but …) my thoughts became more adventurous. Funny how alcohol can do that to you,, isn’t it . And before not too long my adventurous thoughts turned to foolhardiness. “ We’ll have a compost bin” I exclaimed. “ I’ll produce great compost that will help what we plant to grow and thrive”.

Rose humoured (humored for non -UK readers) me, thinking, I’m sure, that the drink would wear off and I’d get my brain back in gear. Wrong ! The next morning I ‘went into’ research mode – I love Google and YouTube – to find the compost bin of my dreams. And I did.

A three bin composter. The Rolls Royce of compost bins !

I was going to go back to my youth – or at least a much younger age – and grow vegetable again !

Me and Rose’s niece Alice in the garden of our first house. Taken perhaps 40 years ago.

So , I had the design but how to get it built? Moses of course. And I needed to put something in it when it was built . So I started a compost pile. Forward planning has always been one of my strongpoints . Or maybe it’s because I’m poor at everything else !

But first I dismantled the flower bed – one that we never managed to successfully grow flowers in – and moved the rocks to create a wall near where the compost bin would be situated.

The temporary ‘home’ for the compost pile.
And the compost starts to grow in size.

With the lumbar and roofing delivered it was time for Moses to start work !

And he was off .

And work on creating the bin lid begins.
Slats for the bin ‘doors’.
And the lid goes on.
And it works ! Well done Moses.
Neat or what ?
Time to start filling the bins .

Even people that know me reasonably well don’t realise that I have an annoying trait (I’ve probably got quite a few but I’m not going to list them today) . I can be extremely impatient. I want things yesterday. So having to wait between 3 months to a year for my pile of cardboard, grass cuttings, vegetable and fruit scraps to turn into useable compost just wasn’t on. So a Googling I did go. And I found a system that can – if you follow the procedure – produce compost in 18 days. Yes, just 18 days. You’re interested now aren’t you ! It’s the Berkeley Method.

Turning the compost every two days- and getting myself fitter and losing a few pounds as byproducts – from one bin to another , adding some water as I layered the compost and covering it with a black, plastic sheet the compost very quickly reached temperatures of over 120 degrees. Perfect.

And before long I had a colony of worms there.

I can’t wait to start plant the vegetables and herbs, especially the herbs and Rosemary in particular because – wait for it – I just know that love grows where my Rosemary goes ( you didn’t think I get any worse with the song links did you ? Well, I did. So there ! ).

Now don’t forget , if you got jobs doing in need of the multi talented Moses (he also a very nice guy ) you can contact him via Facebook Messenger , via telephone on 635 8764. And he’s on WhatsApp too!

In future editions – yes there will be more – I’ll let you know how much more adventurous we became.

The headline for today’s edition is based the single released in 1970 by Edison Lighthouse which reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and number 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. I love your ambition! I have a one-quart container full of coffee grounds that I call my compost heap. I’m going to mix it in with dirt and let it sit a while before I try to resupply some of my potted plants. I’d love to try a rooftop garden, as there is no ground around the house. You are an inspiration! happy gardening, John!

    1. Thank you Bob. In future editions you will see that our plans become a little more adventurous .

  2. Antonio Domingues says:

    Well done ! Moses does great work ,he has a good sense of the cosmetic aspect of the project ,,I will call him for sure, thanks John

    1. You won’t be disappointed.

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