“Something Got Me Started” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There’s little doubt that Subte (the Buenos Aires subway system) makes it a lot easier (and less expensive) to get around but we still did quite a lot of walking and even with my new , super comfy, shoes the ankle I broke just before Christmas

started to ache and I started walking in a different way (I suppose a subconscious action to try to reduce impact on the damaged area) with the consequence that my left heel started to really ache and it became quite painful to walk.

This didn’t stop our excursions however. You’ll be pleased to learn that I ‘manned up’. I am English after all ! It just meant that Rose wasn’t able to race around like she normally does. We got around at a more sedate pace. And I believe – and I’m sticking to it – it meant that we got to see so much more.

Anyway, enough with my sob story. Let’s get back to the main story, our visit to the San Telmo Sunday Fair which is a bustling street filled with stalls selling a variety of things. Some things which some people might throw out but others pay a lot of money for.

‘Entrance ‘ to the market.

And then something got me started. There was music playing across the square. So we walked (I hobbled) over.

A tango was in full swing and it drew a large crowd. They put much energy in it made me thirsty ! So a little bite and some liquid refreshment was in order.

We thought about sitting on the balcony but it was too far from the action . Tango was about to start again !

The dancers were very good but the accordionist beside them was even more entertaining. His facial expressions were something to see.

And if that wasn’t enough entertainment we also got to witness a photo shoot for a young, aspiring ballerina.

She was posing in front of a Curio Collection by Hilton hotel.

You can just see how Mahogany Bay Resort and Beach Club became a member can’t you !

In the next installment you’ll get to see more of Buenos Aires and I might – no promises though – take you with us to Uruguay. Can’t wait, can you !

The headline for today’s edition is based upon the single released in 1991 by Simply Red and reached number 11 on the UK Singles Chart and number 23 on the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. wyocarey00 says:

    Love all the pics, John. Particular notice to the seltzer bottles! We’d love to have gone through the art-walk in the photos! Thanks for taking the time to document and share!

    1. Pleased you have enjoyed the posts Mike. It’s a very interesting city.

  2. robert kellett vernon says:

    Hi U guys, John i assume you didnt Tango like those last two because of your sore ankle , i cant think of any other reason !!!
    The city and the ‘tube’ is certainly very colourful, what are prices like ?? Looked like you had a wonderful time .

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