“Streetwalkin’ away from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize “.

When Rose and I moved to Ambergris Caye just over six and a half years ago we promised ourselves that once our house had been built we would use our Central America base to travel and experience the countries around us.

We’ve been to the USA four or five times – we’ve spent time in Texas , the Carolinas, Mérida (a few times), Panama , Cuba, Nicaragua, Chetumal and, not surprisingly, the UK and it was definitely time to try something different.

So one morning I made my usual mug of coffee – instant, black and unsweetened- and headed to the veranda, the western, lagoon facing one with the coffee and my trusty iPad .

“Where to go, where to go, where to go ?” (I’d obviously seen the Christopher Robin film trailer too many times) I muttered to Ziggy (he’s normally my early morning companion ). He opened his eyes, wagged his tail but offered no suggestions before he closed his eyes again and got back to ‘chill mode’.

So I had a sip of coffee and that’s when it hit me. Caffeine, why not chase the caffeine? How about a little trip to Colombia, I thought. Another sip and my fingers went to work on the keyboard of the iPad and before I’d finished my mug of coffee I’d got a trip mapped out. Seven nights in Cartagena .

A few weeks later we loaded our suitcases on the golf cart, dropped Ziggy off at his home away from home ( Pampered Paws ) and took the 15 minute flight to the ‘International airport . At ‘International we boarded the Copa Airlines flight to Tocumen International Airport where , after a nearly four hour stopover, we caught the flight to Cartagena.

Just over an hour and a half later we had cleared immigration and customs and went outside the airport where we saw a chap (guy for non-UK readers ) holding up an iPad with my name on the screen. It was the taxi I’d booked with the hotel we were going to. Casa Cocherada Del Gobernador.

In just over thirty minutes we reached the hotel, booked in and were in our room ready for a good sleep. The time by then was 23.15 hours. It had been a long day.

We awoke the following day suitably refreshed and after breakfast started our exploration of Cartagena with some streetwalkin’ and for day one we confined ourselves to within the wall.

But first a glimpse of the hotel I had chosen.

And then to the streets of Cartagena. Well, within the wall anyway.

Time to sample the local beer !

Pretty good too.

Back to the street tour.

In the next edition we venture further afield and sample some of the culinary delights that Cartagena has to offer. Can’t wait, can you !

The headline for today’s edition is based upon the single released by Shakatak which reached number thirty-eight on the UK Singles chart.


  1. Forrest Jones says:

    The War of Jenkins Ear 1739-1742
    The ill usage suffered by one Capt. Robert Jenkins, Master of the brig Rebecca. Legitimately bound for London from Jamaica with a cargo of sugar, Jenkins’s ship was plundered and his ear severed by the commander of a Spanish coast guard vessel near Havana on 9 April 1731. It took some years and a great deal of spin to magnify this “outrage” into a British excuse for declaring war against Spain, but that’s what happened.
    In 1741, during the War of Jenkins Ear, Admiral Edward Vernon led a large-scale assault on Cartegena (Columbia). This was the biggest amphibious attack until the invasion of Normandy in 1944, but it ended in disaster. The British fleet of 186 ships and almost 27,000 men was defeated by a garrison of only 3,500 men and 6 ships of the line. In over all command was a one-eyed, one-armed Spanish Admiral named Blas de Vega. His outnumbered but strategic defense of the colonial port of Cartegena led to heavy British casualties and eventually a retreat to Jamaica.
    Serving under Admiral Vernon was George Washington’s half brother brother, Lawrence Washington. Regardless, of the defeat, Lawrence so admired his commander-in-chief that he re-named the Virginia plantation he inherited after him – Mt. Vernon. Brother George inherited it when Lawrence died, and the rest is history….
    Go check out the fort.

    1. Why thank you Forrest. I was aware of the War of Jenkins’ Ear. But rather sketchily. Thanks for filling in the massive gaps.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Absolutely stunning — what beautiful photos of a gorgeous city! May I ask what camera you use, John?
    So far, this looks like your most picturesque vacation. Can’t wait to hear about your experiences there. Especially loved the photo of the ceviche restaurant with all the bougainvillea on the rooftop. Splendid!

    1. Hi Cynthia. Thank you. The photos are from a combination of a Samsung WB250 (mine) and an iPhone 6 (Rose).

  3. Frank Ney says:

    I agree John and Rose, COPA airline has been a brilliant addition for connecting Belize to many more choices. TACA is OK too, but now we have choices and competition.
    We will be flying AeroMexico in April from Belize to Puerto Vallarta via Mexico City. Used to have to go to Chetumal, Mex., and connect to Mexico City, sometimes an overnight trip.
    Travel opportunities are is definitely getting better from Belize. Let’s keep using them, as you do, or we’ll loose them
    Thanks for the travel blog.

    1. True Frank. Copa Airlines has ‘opened up ‘ South America. We plan on using the AeroMexico flight too. Just hope that it operates year round and not only during high season.
      I miss the Tropic Air -Mérida service.

  4. Nova says:

    Nice to read about this latest trip!! We always enjoy reading about your adventures

    1. Thank you Nova. When are Kevin and you next back ?

  5. Mary Burton says:

    Great to see you are traveling and posting once again. I have missed you. Starting following you when you were building your house and so enjoy your adventures, song choices and in general how you and Rose are living your dream. Big plus is you choose to share it with us.
    Keep on travelling!

    1. How nice if you Mary. We love our life here on Ambergris Caye but it’s nice to get away from time to time. I’ll probably never write as much as I did when the house was being built but I will write a bit more than I recently have done.

  6. robert kellett vernon says:

    You two are doing a great job !!!! Keep it coming

    1. Thank you. We try to do our best.

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