“Panama” from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize – Part Two.

Now where was (see what happens when you get to a certain age, you’re memory starts to fade) I? Oh yes, we retired early on the Saturday night so that we would be refreshed for our Sunday in Panama City.

We awoke to a grey sky and the rain was pouring down. But what do you expect when you visit a tropical country during rainy season! Undeterred (we’d had the good sense to bring rainwear with us) after breakfast we made the short walk to the Metro station -passing through the gentleman’s club area of the city –

I’ve never seen Santa Claus dressed this way before.

and took a train to 5 de Mayo where we alighted and after around a 5 minute walk we were at Mercado de Mariscos (the fish market).

We bought ourselves a ćoctel de gambas (prawn cocktail) each for US$ 2.50 and found ourselves a table in the restaurant area. The container and the prawns within it were huge.

We then took a stroll around the harbour

In the background a skyline that reminded Rose and I of Hong Kong when we first visited nearly 30 years ago.

Fishing boat being prepared for a new paint job.

Next stop was Casco Viejo or the old town.

A renovated building that is now a hostel. Classy eh!

A building readied for renovation.

A fair bit of work to do on this one.

With streets that are reminiscent of some towns in Spain the old town 

is an area which is strangely at odds with the inner city with its skyscrapers.

Our walk around the cobbled streets was brought to a sudden halt when the sky opened up and the rain came tumbling down. And I mean TUMBLING. Only one thing to do. Visit the museum

The Casco Viejo Canal Museum.

It’s a really good way to spend a couple of hours, and especially when it’s teeming down with rain. Lots of exhibits and tons  of interesting facts and figures. The only pity though is that they apply restrictions as to where and what in the museum you can photograph. And guess what? This generally applies to all of the good stuff. Not all of the good stuff though.

Rose signing the Visitors’book. Told you I was able to photograph some of the really good stuff!

As we were leaving the museum we were treated to seeing some young girls dressed in national costume. 

As you can probably see from the first photograph in the series the rain was still pouring down, so we grabbed a taxi (taxis are relatively inexpensive but DO negotiate and agree the price before you set off) back to our hotel. Time to get ready for dinner!

After a shower and change of clothing we took a taxi to Gaucho restaurant where we enjoyed two very good steaks complemented with some fantastic homemade bread. I can’t recall exactly how much the bill was but it was around US$ 90. Not bad for an entrée each,  steak for our main course, a half a bottle of wine for Rose and two beers (yes, I’m a philistine) for me.

Oh, in case you don’t believe I went with Rose here’s a gratuitous photo of me near the harbour.

Not wishing to spoil your day I’m including a photo of Rose.

Now that’s better!

Well that’s enough from me for today so if you want to read the last thrilling instalment – our visit to the Panama Canal – you’ll just have to wait for the next edition.

The headline for today’s edition is the same as yesterday’s (lazy or what!). It’s based on the single released in 1984 by Van Halen.


  1. Federico Pons-Travé says:

    Very, very beautiful, when I was looking at the pictures I feel a really lovely fragance of the sea and the seafruits of such fantastic selection of prawns, lobters and fish.

    1. Hi Freddie. The seafood there was great. Hope all is good for you.

  2. Kathleen Moore says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I don’t fancy the fish market myself. I could “smell” the fish while looking at the photos!

    1. We had a great time thanks Kathie.

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