“Don’t Stop the Party” 

Amazingly after the rigours of the previous day I awoke reasonably early at 06.00 hours. And I didn’t have a thick head or feel nauseous. Probably the Chinese meal that did it!

I felt remarkably good but not so good that I was going to be silly. I decided that this would be a lazy day. A walk around London, pop in to some shops to see if anything caught my fancy, a couple of beers at lunchtime with some simple pub grub. 

But then I got a Facebook message from Carlo (he of Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar) “Did I have a 5 foot by 3 foot Arsenal flag to fly from one of the flagpoles at the bar?” Well I didn’t but I knew where I could get one. The Arsenal Armoury store, only 4 train stops away. It would compliment the Mesut Özil decal on the ceiling of the bar.

So I got ready, had breakfast and took the tube from Covent Garden to Holloway Road and made the short walk to the store where I found a flag and was out of the store within 10 minutes.

Now in ‘shopping ‘ mode I decided to see what little surprises I could get for Rose so I garnered up my courage (or I found my stupid button) and headed back to the Primark (aka Primani) store in Tottenham Court Road.

Unencumbered by not having to wander around the racks with an iPad in my hand I let my natural good taste (sic) take over and bought items of clothing that I thought would look good on Rose. I didn’t want to return to Ambergris Caye with half empty suitcases.

For lunch I popped in to a pub in Covent Garden (I really cannot remember which one) for a couple of pints of bitter and a Ploughman’s Lunch (that knocked number 4 off of MY Cuisine List).

I didn’t take a photo but it looked a little like this:

Whilst sitting in the pub I decided that I’d make an impromptu visit to see my nephew Bradley, his partner Shorona, their son Cody and their newly (just 7 weeks old) born daughter Lottie. So I ‘phoned him and told him I was on my way to Romford railway station.

The journey only took around 30 minutes even though it involved 3 changes of train and within 10 minutes of arriving Bradley had collected me from the station and we were on our way to his house where I got to reacquaint myself with my 6 year old great nephew (and he is GREAT) Cody and his new baby sister Lottie.

A much, much bigger Cody than when I last saw him 4 years ago.

And  Lottie, his ‘new’ baby sister.

And the proud Mum

Proud Mum Shorona with little Lottie.

And my nephew Bradley with his little girl.

I had a great couple of hours soaking up and enjoying my time with Shorona, Bradley, Cody and Lottie but I had a party to go to the next day – primary reason for my trip to England – so I left them around 21.30 hours.

The next morning after breakfast I checked out of the hotel (leaving my suitcase with the Porter – I’d be back there the next day) and headed to Watford, the venue for the party.

I checked in to the hotel just in time to join a number of the party goers for lunch. Time to knock another menu item from MY Cuisine List.

The choice was an Italian restaurant

where I chose Funghi Alla Bruna to start

My photo doesn’t do this Starter justice, it was delicious.

followed by Fegato De Vitello Al Burro E Savia

Calves liver to you and me! Number 5 off the list.

We got back to hotel with just enough time (well the guys did anyway!) to shower, shave, dress, etc before planting ourselves down in front of the TV ( beer in hand obviously) to watch the FA Cup Final ( well most of it anyway – it went to extra time) before heading off to Vicarage Road. We were going to PARTY!

Vicarage Road, home of Watford FC and on our way to the Sir Elton John Suite. 

The shy and retiring birthday ‘boy’ John and his wife Janet.

I never did get a bit of cake. Personally I think he hired it for the night!

Ex work colleagues Nicky, Janet and Maria.

Jeffrey, an ex-adversary when it was time for negotiating contracts.

Jenny and Ricky down from Scotland.

Rozalla and John. We tried to get her to sing but .

And then John made the speech that he promised he wasn’t going to make. And it went on, and on and on!

But I forgave him

He was sorely tempted to pat me on the head.
All too soon it was midnight. The barman shouted out “Last orders please”. The partygoers to a man (and woman) retorted ” Don’t stop the party“. But it didn’t work. The shutters came down. 

This didn’t stop us though. We just went back to the hotel and continued it there. Some of us (yep, me included) continued on until  04.00 hours. And I can remember it all. A great night/morning.

The next edition brings to an end (aren’t you glad!) my trip to the UK.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single (one of Rose’s favourites) released in 2012 by Pitbull which reached number 17 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 7 on the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Carlo segura says:

    Next time can you refer to me as Sir Carlo of Runway Bar.

    1. OK Sir Carlo de Runway Bar.

  2. Wes Witt says:

    I think John was just trying to show how much taller he was than you. A little disappointed, you missed a major opportunity to use the song Scenes from an italian restaurant

    1. Hi Wes. Yes John is taller than me. He’s also tighter and grumpier.
      What great choice for the headline. Wish I had thought of it. Next time!

  3. Kris Jensen says:

    Wonderful – I am so glad you were surprised with an invitation back home John – way too many chapters in your life to simply leave it all behind. Now that the ‘bead’ is broken, the next trip will be easier – next time with Rose!

    1. Thank Kris. And you are right. Rose and I will go together next time. I’ll stay for 10/12 days and she will remain with her sisters for maybe a month. And next time I’ll take in some shows. Not all pubs!

  4. robert says:

    Looks a bit different to a night out at Pedro’s LOL Looks like your having a ball back in your old stomping ground.

    1. A lot different to Pedro’s Robert. My body couldn’t have taken 2 weeks of it. Too old now!

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