“Something in the Air” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

For such a relatively small place such as Ambergris Caye is there always seems to be something new happening, and much of this revolves around construction. Buildings are knocked down and new buildings go up.
Just around a year ago Sam’s Hardware store in Pescador Drive (middle street)

was razed to the ground

and a fence erected.


And now? The foundations are in and the walls are going up



A little further down the road there’s been activity on the lot that has been empty for years.



A bodega built and painted, fences erected and electricity connected. And then air conditioning was installed! What next ? This was not going to be a food stall.Obviously there was something in the air!

And then yesterday it all became clear.

Golf cart rental. It should have been obvious!

But the build that I’ve been watching with a fair amount of interest is the hotel just south of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge that I first became aware of in November 2014.

Why so interested? Well it’s the first hotel built on Ambergris Caye by Belizeans , including a well known and long standing San Pedrana family, for many, many years. Perhaps as much as 30/35 years. 
Rose and I had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago of trying the new hotel’s bar, the Rio Bar & Grill.

Easy access from the beach with ample parking space nearby lead to a large and airy bar with plenty of bar stools and tables and chairs for those that want to lean back and enjoy the view. And those that want to keep up with whatever sporting action is going on around the world there are three, wall-mounted TVs, one of them with a 65 inch screen.

What could be better? Well Belikin a BZ$ 4 a bottle, that’s what. Oh and local rum drinks at the same price. Good enough ? No! Well what about a very comprehensive and reasonably priced menu?

And very shortly the menu choice will expand when the new chef joins.

You can sit at the bar on one of the multitude of stools that surround it
or take a table

and take in the view

The hotel – it’s called Park Place by the way – hasn’t opened yet but should be in a few weeks after satisfying the Belize Tourism Board that it meets all requirements but that didn’t prevent us from being given a tour of the rooms. And very nice they are too (pity that my camera skills aren’t what they should be!).

This could well be one ( if not THE ) of the worst photos I’ve ever taken and does the room a disservice . The rooms – although compact – are well laid out and equipped with all of the essentials, including a refrigerator.


With well appointed bathrooms.

The hotel has a spacious reception area


Although not in operation when we visited behind the reception desk there is what I’m sure will prove to be a mesmerising wall fountain.

Park Place

with its Rio Bar & Grill. A place well worth a visit. Or a stay!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1969 by Thunderclap Newman which reached number one on the UK Singles Charts and number thirty-seven on the US Hot 100 Charts.

And don’t forget if you’re thinking of buying ( or selling)property on Ambergris Caye please do give Belize Real Estate/Pelican Properties Limited the chance to help you find just what you are looking for.


  1. Susan says:

    Hi John, WHERE ARE YOU?! It’s been months since we’ve heard from you or Ziggy. I hope you, Rose and the Zigster are all A-OK. Will be down there in a couple of weeks. Will look for you at Estel’s.

  2. read religiously till health probems interrupted…now not seen anything from John Henry East for WEEKS…
    My original reply goes back many months when I recommended a George Foreman grill for chicken
    anyone know anything? Please email JD Wiggins at jdywky@gmail.com…Thank You! 🙂

  3. Gary Reimers says:

    Hey John,
    My wife and I have been following your blog for several years and are coming down this next week (4/2 – 4/9) for our third trip. Would love to meet you and bend your ear a little about condos and life on Ambergis Caye. Will you be at Estel’s Monday or Tuesday. We’d love to have a cup of coffee with you and get some insights on buying and living on AC.


    Kari and Gary Reimers

    1. Hi Gary. First of all may Kari and you have a pleasant and safe journey to Ambergris Caye.
      I’m more than happy to meet you both and answer whatever questions you have. And Estel’s is as good a place as any for that.
      I’ll be there on Monday (it’s closed on a Tuesday) from around 7am until say 8.15 am.
      If you don’t spot me just ask one of the staff. They’ll point me out.

  4. Susan says:

    Hi John, your photos are much better than the ones on the booking blog! I too saw the same HGTV show that Robert Vernon did the other night…hope the new owners make it!

    1. Didn’t watch the show myself Susan (most if not all are ‘set ups’) but I hope they make it too. Not everyone does but a fair number do.

  5. Kristina H Nadreau says:


  6. Just got this in my email…you and I were on very similar pages today 🙂

    1. Yep. I actually started it (about Park Place) nearly 2 weeks ago but …

  7. robert vernon says:

    Hi John. Wow, we got out just in time. Must say they’ve made a nice job of it, but no way would I want to believing next door.
    Was watching HGTV last WK and saw a couple purchase the Sun diver resort, if that’s the correct name. They also bought some extra land, paid $1.75 mil. I think they are nuts, but be interesting to see if they make it. Regards to Rose.

    1. Hi Robert. It definitely is getting busier where you used to live. Must admit that I don’t watch House Hunters so didn’t see the programme. Seems a hell of a lot for a dive operation. Unless the land was big. And beachfront.

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