“Love Is a Losing Game” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

In the previous edition I mentioned that Arsenal had an important Champions League game against Barcelona. I also mentioned that Rose and I get invited to join them when friends have a ‘no work today’ outing. And yesterday was one of those days.


There’s a large number of Belizean’s on Ambergris Caye that avidly follow La Liga (the premier football league in Spain) . Predominantly though they are either Real Madrid or Barcelona fans with the majority (based upon my observations) supporting the latter. When Barca are playing the distinctive shirt is to be seen all over the island.

Quatar Airways pay Barcelona £48 million a season to have its name on the shirts.

And the name seen on the back of the shirts more often than not is

Messi (Lionel) who in the opinion of many (me included) is the best football player in the world is the player’s name that adorns the back of the majority of the shirts.

So with so many Barca fans on the island I think they thought it would be good to have an Arsenal fan amongst them during the game to poke fun at and they saw me as ‘fit for purpose’ so  they invited me to watch the game with them. 

Those that know me reasonably well will know that I sometimes have dumb/stupid moments and I was experiencing one of these moments when the invitation was issued. Those same people that know me reasonably well also know that I love football (the REAL football that is) and I love Arsenal so … There was only one answer. And I gave it. “Yes”.

What I didn’t know though was that we were going to play ‘away’. We were going to Caye Caulker to watch the game. 

We assembled at Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar & Grill for a couple of pre-match nerve settlers.

 I think the ‘nerve settling’ was for my benefit because the Barca fans looked supremely confident. They were bordering on being blasé about the outcome.

Our boat came to collect us 

An extremely confident looking Chris.

I boarded and very stealthily commandeered the boat on Arsenal’s behalf.

And we set off for the very quick journey (it doesn’t take long when you have two 200HP Yamahas on the back of the boat) to Caye Caulker where we moored at Popeye’s Beach Resort‘s pier


and quickly made our way to the Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill

where we managed to secure ‘front of house ‘ (OK, in front of TV) seats. Game on!

The match started. Arsenal were tentative, Barcelona supremely confident. But we (I’m that close to Arsenal) stuck manfully to the task and the game reached half time at 0-0.

I looked around the bar. There was one other Arsenal fan.

Look hard below the yellow wallboard to the middle right of the photo.

The game restarted and we looked more confident. We had some chances to score but spurned them and then Barcelona struck in the 71st minute when the irrepressible Messi slotted one home. We battled bravely but he increased the lead in the 83rd minute when he calmly converted a penalty kick, sending our goalkeeper the wrong way. Game over!

To lose the game at home hurt and we now face an uphill battle in the return leg at Camp Nou on 16th March. But credit to Barcelona and credit to their fans. Well at least the ones I was with. They were gracious with their victory and didn’t rub my nose in it.

Only one thing for it. Drown my sorrows. So we headed to the Lazy Lizard

where I was surprised to see a face that I hadn’t seen for years.

Frequenters of BC’s I’m sure will remember Julie.

A few Belikins taking in the nice views 

I’m only human!

and I felt much better. So we lost. That hurts. But I still love Arsenal. But sometimes love is a losing  game!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released by Amy Winehouse in 2007 which reached number 33 on the UK Singles Charts.

Oh and don’t forget if you’re thinking of buying property on Ambergris Caye please do give Belize Real Estate/Pelican Properties Limited the chance to help you find just what you are looking for. Help me in my time of dotage!


  1. Gary and Kari says:

    Holy crap John, after almost 2 months off 2 entries in 3 days. Welcome back. You have been sorely missed. My lovely bride and I can only currently make it down to AC about every other year and you have been one of my lifelines to keep in touch. Thank you for your shared experiences and if I see you at Estele’s when we are there in less that 5 weeks and counting I will make sure I say Hi.

    1. Hi Kari and Gary. So sorry I’ve been a bit lax of late. I’ll try to increase my output!
      Please do say “Hello” when you reach Ambergris Caye, it would be great to meet you. Safe journey.

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