“Something Old, Something New” (Part Two) Estel’s Dine By the Sea, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

In the previous edition I tried to give you a taste of the work that the ‘E Team’ ( the Estel’s Dine By the Sea team) have been putting in to renovate and revamp this extremely popular beachfront dining spot on Ambergris Caye.

When I went there on Wednesday it was obvious that they still had a massive amount of work  to do but I’ve got to admit that I was surprised (perhaps “worried” is a more appropriate choice of word) that they were still working yesterday evening when I drove past around 18.30 hours. It was then that I started to panic- in fact I started to sweat (and it had nothing to do with humidity levels) –  that they might not be ready for the rescheduled 9 October re-opening. But there was nothing I could do to influence the outcome. It would be what it would be.

So … I got up this morning, made my mug of coffee – black and unsweetened – and took it and my iPad out on to the veranda, the western, lagoon facing one, and hoped . I just hoped. I hoped that my trip in to ‘ Town ( it’s only a ten minute journey so I really am hamming this up) was not going to end up being a wasted journey. One that might – OK, OK read “probably”- end up in tears. Torrents of tears. And me a blubbering mess. Forced to take my tear stained face (don’t know why I wrote that because I don’t wear make up so…) to another restaurant for breakfast.

I showered with a degree of trepidation( yes I know that most people use soap, shampoo and water but I’m not ‘most people’), shaved with dangerously shakily hands, dressed ( in a most unusually haphazard manner) and set off to ‘Town in a less than exhuberant mood.

I parked the ‘cart, grabbed my rucksack and strode (ambled is, perhaps, a more correct choice of word) towards my target. Estel’s Dine By the Sea that is. Time ? 06.40 hours. Told you I was keen. Didn’t I?

And then I saw. The door was open. But … were they open? I mean, really open. For food? My stride (yes, OK, amble) slowed somewhat. The door was open but it was obvious, so painfully obvious, that there would be no breakfast there for me today. I was gutted, absolutely gutted. So, I wiped the tears away and headed back to Highbury House to say hello to the good looking cook/waitress!

I’m confident though that tomorrow morning I will be happily seated at table number 11 (unless they’ve renumbered the tables as part of the remodelling).

Charles has advised that Estel’s will not be open today for Bar- B -Que.

I did get a bit of excitement from my trip though. I got to see the fire engine responding to a call to put out a fire at the wooden house just behind Hammock House (immediately north of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge on the Caribbean Sea side).



  1. Susan says:

    Oh John, I feel your pain! Plus I’m hungry and Estell’s breakfast would indeed taste good right about now! Hope you have a better out come tomorrow!

    1. Ill get over it Susan. Just hamming it up really.

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