“Mercy Mercy Me” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Last weekend seems like a blur to me. Probably because I spent a good deal of it in a blurry Belikin state!

It all started Friday evening when I picked up Geordie (regular readers will ‘know’ Geordie from previous editions) and his colleague Chrissie who recently replaced our friend Dave as 2 IC for BATSUB,

They caught the last Maya Island Air flight from the Municipal Airport and I collected them from the San Pedro airstrip and took them back to the two bedroom apartment we have on the ground floor of our house.

They stowed their bags and then joined us upstairs and within minutes Chrissie and Rose were chatting away as if they’d been friends for years. We’ve always had great times when in the company of the BATSUB team but now Rose has someone of the same gender to chat with.

In the evening we went out for a few beers (well maybe slightly more than a few) at Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill but were all up bright and early (early is a relative description in this case), had breakfast (bacon sandwiches if you must know) and then set off for a drive north to show Chrissie a little of the island.

When we got to Venetia del Caribe I took a left and parked the cart on the lagoon side so that Chrissie could get a good look at the crocodiles. If you haven’t been yet there are currently between fifteen to twenty good sized specimens there. Don’t stand too close to the water’s edge though otherwise you could be leaving more than your heart and money in San Pedro!

On the way back home we stopped off at one of the islands ‘must go to’ places


“Yes, that’s right, the Palapa Bar & Grill“.

On the way home I showed Chrissie and Geordie where Im informed (sounds very official doesn’t it) the Palapa Bar is moving to.


From the roadside.

Virtually opposite


Bamboo http://www.bamboohousebelize.comHouse.


Access to the beach and what I assume will be a cart parking area.



Pier under construction.


And it’s a long one too.

We’ll find out in a few months if my informant was telling the truth or if it was just bull&@%t.

In the evening we took Chrissie on a Poker Run and all was going great until we left Lola’s Pub when I realised that all was not well with the golf cart so I pulled up at Harmouch’s Center Hardware House.


Within about a minute three carts pulled in behind me with the drivers (they were all on the Poker Run too) wanting to know what was wrong . There was no time to dally so I drove the cart over to the Fire Station


asked if it was OK to leave it there overnight – it was – and the four of us split up and grabbed a lift from our guardian angels (OK maybe not angels because Peter aka Pedro was one of them).

We continued on the Poker Run (no, we didn’t win) and at the end of the night Peter lent me a golf cart so we could get home.

The next morning Geordie and I drove to the tyre (tire for non UK readers) repair shop in Boca Del Rio.


After explaining my predicament to Reuben he grabbed a wheel and a ratchet and jumped on our cart and we proceeded to the Fire Station where he changed the wheel. Back to his workshop and within ten minutes the puncture had been repaired and the wheel back on the golf cart. And the price you’re thinking. A mind bogglingly low BZ$15. Unbelievable right.

Geordie and I headed back home, collected Rose and Chrissie, returned Peter’s golf cart and then headed to Caribbean Villas Hotel


for Pedro’s 60th Birthday Fundraiser Bash.

The place was packed. I took a bunch of photos. And, I think, some really good ones. I can’t show you any though. My SD card got corrupted. Hanging out with me too much I assume!

Without photos you’ll just have to trust me that it was a fun event and one that raised BZ$ 15,000 to be split between the San Pedro Sailing Club and the San Pedro Animal Foundation.

Geordie bid very aggressively and scooped the auction for a great selection of activities and accommodation. And I won the bidding war for two nights for Rose and I at the HiddenValley Inn. Matt Hoy wanted it but he could see that I wanted it too. He tried to dissuade me from bidding against him when he cried ” Mercy, mercy me” (is this my worst ever song title link?) but I showed no mercy. I’ve still got that competitive spirit!

In bringing this edition to a close I’d like to say “Hi” to the guy that came up and introduced himself to me. I’m really sorry that I can’t remember your name (I’m getting old and my memory is not what it once was) so do please make contact and remind me.

Why do I mention this? Well, it’s because he came up to me and asked if I was John, the guy that writes the blog. ” Yes” I replied. “Thank you” he responded, ” You inspired my wife and I to build a home on Ambergris Caye”. And you know what? I felt really chuffed.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the (brilliant) single released in 1970 by Marvin Gaye which reached number four on the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Shawn says:

    Hi John!! It was me that came over and introduced myself at the fund raiser event. Like I said it was an honor and a erasure to meet you sir. The rest of the week was quite hectic meeting with architects and builders but I think we have come up with a good team to build our dream home. Today we finalized our decision on both architect and builder over lunch at Carlos and Ernie’s. What was supposed to be a business lunch soon turned into happy hour…. Actually more like happy hours. Funny how that happens eh? I sure do hope our paths cross again as I have a million questions for you.
    Shawn and Forest

    1. And hi to you Shawn. I’m normally quite good with remembering names and thought your name was Shawn (I thought Sean) but couldn’t be certain.
      Feel free to fire questions at me. If I know the answer I give a response. You can email me at:
      Good to meet you.

  2. kristina nadreau says:

    good to see a fundraiser to help both the kids and the animals……………..what did our darling Ziggy think of all this???

    Today there is the sound of hammers on concrete while a crew bashes out the old kitchen in our 5 th week of renovation. My herd hates the noise and has threatened the workers with sneak attacks from the rear. The 2 potlicker girls are especially sneaky. We are living in our reno, everything is filthy and dysfunctional. My husband hides out at this office. and we are double our projected costs. This is all a typical renovation.

    1. Ziggy thinks the fundraiser was a great idea. He didn’t go though because there was too big a crowd and lots of noise. A bit like your dogs by the sound of it. Good luck with the renovation. You’ll get there in the end Kristina.

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