“Reunited” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Now Rose may only have been away for a month but since we’ve been reunited she’s been amazed at the number of changes that have taken place while she was away.

Those who live here and those that visit love this place -understandably in my opinion – for it’s laid back, slower pace of life. But in reality things don’t actually move that slowly (and no, I’m not talking about taxis and trucks on the new paved road north of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge!).

In all of the years we came here for our holidays (more often than not we made two visits a year) we noticed change but investment was buoyant, the island was growing as a tourist destination and we only came every six/seven months.

Things then started to slow. Projects started only for investment in them slowing to the point that some developments, having started, were never brought to the point of completion.

What I’ve noticed lately, and this awareness being made more acute by Rose’s absence and the observations she has made since returning, is that there has been a recent lifting of confidence and an injection of funding to develop. And that’s both new builds and extensions of existing ones.

Doubting me? Well let’s take a look.

Remember Sam’s Hardware in Pescador Drive (middle street). No. Well it used to look like this.


And then this


And this


And now this


I’m told that retail units are going up, probably with apartments above.

And then there’s the sixteen room, new hotel, Park Place, going up in Boca Del Rio


which I understand could be operational by July.

And then there’s the new supermarket going up near Annie’s Pastries


And the huge extension above Save On


Just around the corner – opposite Tropic Air’s Arrivals- an extensive refurbishment and extension is being undertaken.


Oh, and the build on the lot immediately north of us has been completed.





What we thought was going to be a house is in fact two apartments. And one of them is now occupied. We have new neighbours!

It’s not all new stuff though. Remember I told you about Tengo Cocos


Well it’s gone. Yep, just like that.


And it’s been replaced by?


What ? The Jolly Roger!!!

It also looks like the rumour I told you about as long ago as last November (now you starting to think I have a crystal ball, aren’t you) is true because the place was sold and it’s increasingly looking likely that come next January The Palapa Bar & Grill will have new management.


Now one change I do like. Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill has got new signage for the Gent’s (male restroom for non UK readers).


Now I liked the place anyway but now …

Oh speaking of Arsenal, Rose got me terribly excited yet jealous at the same time when she told me she’d had her photo taken with Arsene Wenger when she visited the Arsenal shop. I rushed around telling all of the Arsenal fans on the island (all six of them!). And then the photo arrived.


It was with a cardboard cut-out! Oh, Rose is the shorter one with the sunglasses.

Nothing to do with this edition whatsoever but just a couple of things I looked at from the veranda. The western, lagoon facing one.



The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released by Peaches & Herb in 1978 which reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number four on the UK Singles chart.


  1. footballbat says:

    Hi John, please feel free to post sunrise/sunset pictures and/or island progress pictures daily. Your posts and pictures always bring fond memories of Ambergris Caye. We REALLY enjoy the updates over the last few years.

    As to the property North of you: I’m not a qualified architect, but it seems to me that the “rectangular box with rounded sticks out the front, painting the whole affair an adobe-ish color, simulating a faux hacienda thingy” past it’s prime decades ago.

    Perhaps once they get the landscaping in and install the chihuahuas it will complete the charade whilst giving the local crocs some dietary variety.

  2. Emily says:

    Love the sunset and heron photos at the bottom. Lovely!

    1. What you didn’t like the Arsenal sign Emily? Seriously though, thank you.

  3. robert vernon says:

    Its all you can eat on a tues tooo !!!! Thx for the pics, how high are they going, somehow cant see it being open in July , but you never know. Funny seeing all the changes, I gather rentals and real estate have been slow, Tropic air saying numbers are down. Considering the high profile crime it wouldn’t surprise me if some aren’t coming. Glad Rose returned safe and sound , Regards to you both

  4. woof4treats says:

    Hope that is my new apt next to you guys. Is it listed by a realty company? Looks like a busy time.

    1. Sorry Kathy. The remaining apartment we understand is going to be for the caretaker for the property across the road from us.

  5. Jamie Cozby says:

    Yes, things are really buzzing in San Pedro lately. Soon to be one of your new neighbors, FINALLY! Five years in the making finally coming true, CAN’T WAIT!!

    1. Good things are worth waiting for Jamie. It’s why I kept Rose waiting so long!

  6. Jane says:

    Great pictures in this one, John! I agree that our island is changing everywhere. But…check the pix of your new neighbor. Two back of the building shots, I believe.

    1. Thank Jane. I’ve already awarded the prize for spotting the deliberate mistake!!!!

  7. Wes Witt says:

    from not form

  8. Wes Witt says:

    Your new neighbors building looks exactly the same form the front and the back.

    1. You spotted the deliberate (sic) mistake Wes. Your prize? Breakfast at Estel’s. On a Tuesday!

      1. Wes Witt says:


      2. With that comment you’ve lost it. Prize withdrawn!

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