“Betcha by Golly, Wow” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Yep, still here. Still been getting out on to the veranda – the western, lagoon facing one – every morning with the mug of black, unsweetened coffee and the iPad. Nothing much changes but yesterday it just felt different.

Why, you might be thinking. You’ve been living on Ambergris Caye long enough (coming up to three years) for nothing much to surprise you,faze you, make you feel differently. And I think generally you’d be right. But yesterday was different. Really different.

I’ve felt ‘part’ of this place (and I know it’s the same for Rose) ever since we first visited. And that sense of ‘belonging’ has grown with every year that has passed. But yesterday I truly felt PART’ of it.

So what was so special. So momentous about yesterday? The Municipal Elections that’s what. So what, they happen every three years. Ah, but yesterday I got to vote.


At long last I could use my VOTER’s ID card and exercise my right!

I’d intended to get to the Polling Station at the San Pedro High School shortly after it opened at 07.00 hours but I spent too much time looking at emails from people thinking of buying property in Belize through Pelican Properties Limited/Belize Real Estate Limited and I ended up having to rush to make the 08.00 appointment I had for a fishing trip. Don’t worry though, I’ll get back to the ‘Elections later!

I arrived at the TMM Charter’s dock five minutes late ( considered to be early in Belize!) and we set off within minutes and headed south


No, there wasn’t a bank robber on board !



to get some sardines for bait.

Ali, the Captain, bait catcher, fishing guide/mentor and all round nice guy acted as pilot to get us through the mangroves to where the bait (the unsuspecting sardines) would be waiting for us. Just for us . Or so we thought!



We passed (just) by the mangroves whose roots appear like they’ve been sculptured.



I don’t know what it is about mangroves but I become transfixed. I can look and marvel at them for ages. They have an ethereal beauty. But we were there to fish, not for me to look at mangroves so Ali got to work with the net.


But it seemed like everybody out fishing had the same idea



and the pickings were slim so we headed over to Caye Caulker where, according to Ali, the bigger Mummy sardines lived!

And he was right because within minutes


the net was in the water



and some lovely big sardines were in the bucket. Time to fish!

I could tell a fisherman’s tail (yes, I know it’s not spelt this way) and tell you that I reeled them in all day. But I won’t. Because I didn’t. But I did catch this.


It was a close run thing as to whether I would go in or he (or she?) would come aboard but I won in the end.

And then it was back to Ambergris Caye so that Ali could clean my prize



so that I could go cast my votes at a very busy Polling Station.



Now where to vote?


No, not there.

But here.


Surnames D-F. That’s me!

After showing my ID card, having my name checked off the Electoral Register and immersing my right index finger in purple dye


I was allowed to vote.

Did I feel good ? You betcha by golly wow ( I never, ever thought I would manage to use this one!).

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1972 by The Stylistics which reached number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number thirteen on the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Jenny Bryan says:

    Is the ink thing used to identify you as having already voted? Not a bad idea if it is! I’m making my maiden voyage to AC in less than a month and am beyond excited!!!! I have been researching the island and country for almost 5 years and have been following your blog since you began your home build and am finally pulling the trigger on a visit! I’m seriously consider it being my retirement location, so maybe I’ll be visiting Pelican Properties in a few years! Hopefully I’ll run into you at Estel’s next month! Have a great day! Jenny

    1. Sorry it’s taken so long too respond to your comment Jenny. Too busy scrubbing the dye of my finger.
      The dye is used to avoid multiple voting.
      Do look out for me at Estel’s when you visit. They do know me if you ask. “John, the British guy “.

  2. woof4treats says:

    What kind of fishing gear were you using? Good catch.

    1. I really do wish that I could respond in an educated and well informed manner. But I can’t. I haven’t got a clue. Ali, the Captain gave me a rod. I put the bait on, cast the line and … hey presto! In time I may be able to respond more expertly but until then …

  3. Susan Watts says:

    Hope the folks you voted for will make San Pedro and Ambergris Caye safer. Lately it’s like the wild fricken west! Keep your head down!

    1. So do I Susan. But I think their efforts will be directed towards the Minister of Tourism. Tourism is, after all, the key revenue driver for the island and if the current problems continue unabated then that revenue will be hit severely.

      I must add though that I do not feel unsafe living here. I lived in London before moving here and was more concerned there on occasions.

      1. Susan Watts says:

        Well, I’m seriously worried. We want to buy a place there and retire and right now I’d have to say no.

  4. kristina nadreau says:

    I look forward to being eligible to vote in Belize

    1. I’m sure you do Kristina. It definitely makes you feel more of the place that you live.

  5. Jane says:

    Good to hear from you, John! I’m envious of your right to vote. Some of us may never have that privilege.

    1. Nice to ‘hear’ from you too Jane. I got the right to vote very easily. Only one year here needed as someone from a Commonwealth country.

      1. Susan Watts says:

        What if you live in a Commonwealth State here in the US? Just curious…

      2. No sorry Susan. A member of the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly British Commonwealth). Good try though!

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