“Get Busy” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Regular readers may be wondering (or maybe not – can’t say that I blame you if that is the case) how I’m coping without Rose.

Now I could go for the sympathy angle ad nauseam but I’d be lying. It’s been easy. A doddle one might say. Well at least so far. Yes, I know she’s been gone less than a week but , so far, it’s been a breeze.

What to eat? Not a problem. Rose stocked up the freezer with pre-prepared meals for me before she left eg last night I had chicken curry Nepalese style. Cooked (OK microwaved) to perfection by me! Alright, so I had a little help.

But what to do whilst Rose is away? I decided to get busy. Occupying my mind and my time. Some weeding (topping up the tan and making the garden look a little, and I do mean a LITTLE, tidier. Some house cleaning (it wasn’t dirty but the sand and dust finds a way in). Ziggy does his bit on that front to ‘help’ the cause!

I’ve hosed down external paintwork where dead insects (don’t ask, I haven’t a clue what type) have built up . And I’ve made a start on cleaning the second floor windows. Oh, and I’ve also done one wash (coloureds, if you must know) and ironed it ( I’m not one of those people that can wear something – yes, even a T shirt – that hasn’t been ironed). And if that wasn’t enough I’ve managed to fit in a bath for Ziggy.

Now it’s understandable if you’re all wondering if I’m available for hire. He can cook (with assistance), he can do the washing and ironing, he does housecleaning , and he gardens. Well sorry to disappoint you. I’m not in the market for a job. I’ll stick with my ambition of helping loads and loads of you thinking of buying property in Belize through my involvement with Pelican Properties Limited/Belize Real Estate Limited (that’s got the plug out of the way so on with the storytelling!).

All this work though has required good stamina levels so I’ve been ‘forced’ to go for breakfast at


Estel’s Dine By the Sea every morning it’s been open.

But, even with all that I’ve been doing (feeling a little guilty Rose?) I’ve still found time to take a little drive around to see what’s going on.

Remember the two building projects I told you about in December? No. Well let me refresh your memory.


The new location for the Waruguma Restaurant in Angel Coral Street (back street).

Well look at it now.


And the extension to Super Buy (rumoured to be a cash & carry) also in Angel Coral Street.


And now


Doesn’t look to far away from being ready.

There’s also a new building going up on the lot immediately north of Annie’s Pastries in Lagoon Drive


which I am led to believe is going to be a supermarket. Further Chinese investment I understand.

It hasn’t all been work and no play for me though. Knowing that the Lobster Season was coming to an end on Saturday and won’t open again until 15 June I made sure that I got some for the freezer (there were some left Ed!).


5lbs of lobster tails.

And Ziggy and I had our Sunday ‘boys’ time out.


For Ziggy? A sleep.

And for me?


Oh, and I didn’t forget Rose either.


Delivered just for her on Saturday!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 2003 by Sean Paul which reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number four on the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Ed Kircher says:

    Atta boy, John. You make me proud (and hungry). Enjoy your “you time”. I know Rose is enjoying hers.

    1. I’ll think of you Ed with every bite I take!

  2. Emily says:

    I was surprised to learn after purchasing a tiny bit of lobster in season that it is illegal to have it in your freezer after lobster season closes! Or at least that’s what I read on the forum…I found it absolutely ridiculous, and of course we ate it anyways! Question: what is a “cash and carry”?

    1. Don’t know about that Emily. I can see that it might be illegal to sell it after the season has closed but not if you bought it when it was OK to catch lobster.
      As to ‘cash & carry’, it’s a term used in the UK to describe an operation from which you can buy in bulk. Normally subject to membership. I suppose a bit like Sam’s Club.

  3. Susan Watts says:

    Hi John, glad you are keeping busy and keeping Estel’s busy! At least you don’t have frozen pipes to deal with. All ok here now, but this morning we were a bit nervous. One more incentive to get the heck outta here sooner rather than later! And yes, I know…contact you if we need any real estate help! 🙂

    1. My breakfast is never going to keep Estel’s busy but I like to do my bit!
      Having to wait to get here will make it all the more special when you get here.
      I know that you know that I want the company I’m associated with to sell properties but there are others that may not know that. So you can just gloss over my adverts!

      1. Susan Watts says:

        Don’t mind the adverts! And the more you/we talk about it the more advertising you get! 🙂

      2. Absolutely. Carry on talking Susan!

  4. mva1957 says:

    John I will be in San Pedro scouting Belize out for possible relocation. I have enjoyed your Blog for several months. You mentioned real estate. So with my grasp of the obvious said self maybe you should buy John breakfast at Estel’s and pick his brain on relocation and real estate. I will be there March 7th through the 14th. If this sounds like a chance meeting that you would consider, we may have a few laughs.

    1. I’m far from being an expert on Belize real estate but am more than happy to share what knowledge I do have. Email me closer to the time of your trip and we can organise date/time/venue.
      By the way, what’s your name.

  5. woof4treats says:

    Ziggy looks exhausted! Oh, you too John. Lobster looks delish. Hoping Rose will teach me how to make a Curry when we get there. Very cold here this week.

    1. Ziggy always looks exhausted Kathy. Me? I just look old. I’ll save the lobster for Rose’s return. I think ?!

    2. And I am sure that Rose will be only too pleased to give the recipe for the curry.

  6. roseypon says:

    Sweetie John Enjoying my time with my family in blighty. I have not been idle also, I have bought you lots of sweeties. I am now bored with shopping so let the party begin. Rose xxx ;0) everyone says hi. X

    1. Sorry haven’t got time to respond more fully, I’m too busy!!!!

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