“I Want You Back” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

As the day when Rose leaves me to head off to the UK gets ever closer (tomorrow) the stark realisation (non UK readers delete the ‘s’ and replace with ‘z’) of what life without her for a month will be like is starting to dawn on me.

In between making the final arrangements for her trip Rose has set about with a real zeal to organise (same guidelines as above for non UK readers) and care for Ziggy and me in her absence.

Now she’s always liked a list but during the last few weeks she has really excelled herself.

I’ve got a list for Ziggy. What dates he needs which tablets or tick and flee treatment, when I’ve got to get his nails cut. A gentle reminder as to what food (special, special treats) he is to get on a Sunday. A reminder that I mustn’t forget to play with him. The list goes on (and on!).

There’s another list just for me. What food Rose has prepared for me ((well I did help with the vegetables – I am far from being an entremetier (yes, I did have to look that one up) but give me a knife and a potato peeler and I’ll ‘play’ happily for hours)). Contact numbers for everyone that Rose is visiting. And some that she might. Or might not!

It’s not I’m useless but I do need a bit of looking after. I suppose you could say I’m ‘heavy duty maintenance’. Well I was until Ziggy came along. Now I’m second division!

What I do know already though is that I’m going to find it very difficult when Rose and I have our FaceTime sessions (I suspect that they might be a daily occurrence -Belize Internet permitting) not to say to her ” I want you back” (right that’s the mushy bit out of the way – and the song title. Result!).

In between preparing the lists and my provisions for the next four weeks Rose has also spent lots of time with Ziggy (he really, really likes her as regular or frequent readers will know) to carry him through her absence.


Rose is the one wearing the sunglasses!

I’ve got my first lunch out shortly after Rose leaves me tomorrow when I’m going to the forth BBQ Cook Off, this one in aid of the Sunshine Scholarship Foundation,which is being held at Estel’s Dine By the Sea.


And this morning there after breakfast Charles was busy getting the grills ready.




Now this one really intrigues me. Made to the contestants specifications. And only finished yesterday!

I’m also pleased to report that my existence as a potential vote is known by the political parties because yesterday when we got home this


The PUP (People’s United Party) 2015-2018 Manifesto.

was waiting for me. It’s nice to be noticed.

Anyway, must bring this edition to an end. I’ve got some lists to read and memorise!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single reader in 1969 by The Jackson 5 which reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number two on the UK Singles Chart.

Oh and don’t forget, if you’re thinking of buying property in Belize do please give Pelican Properties Limited /Belize Real Estate Limited to help you find what you’re looking for. As Del Boy Trotterc would say “You know it makes sense”.


  1. Susan Watts says:

    Entremetier wasn’t even IN my dictionary! Had to look it up on line…nice to learn new words. Keep them coming, you’ve now set the bar! Hope your month goes quickly.

    1. I don’t want the month to go too quickly Susan. Don’t tell Rose I said that though!

  2. kristina nadreau says:

    thanks to Roses diligence, I predict that while you and Ziggy will miss her, you will both survive. Perhaps one too many dinners out but nothing major. best luck to all members of your household. sounds like your upper respiratory has responded to treatment. good news.

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