“My Life” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Since publishing the last edition I’ve got up every morning fully intending to ‘knock out’ another one. Out on the veranda – the western, lagoon facing one on the first floor- with a mug of black, instant unsweetened coffee and the iPad. All ‘tooled up’ for a spot of writing (allow me my fanciful self indulgence).

It may have been the turn in the weather – it’s been decidedly chilly (OK maybe not by your standards) and it’s rained most early mornings – but I just couldn’t conjure up the necessary enthusiasm. Now you may not have detected any signs of enthusiasm in what I put ‘out there’ but believe me it’s there. I don’t sit down with any preordained ideas (you’ve probably formed that opinion anyway if you’ve read a few editions), I just write what pops in to my head. Well sad (for me anyway) to say that this week nothing has popped in to my head.

I must admit though that the longer the absence has gone on the harder it has got to think about what to write about. So why not let you know the problems I’ve had, I thought. Who knows some of you may sympathise. Some may even empathise. No? Oh well.

Anyway enough of this what’s been happening since I last communicated with you?

Well obviously (well it’s obvious if you’ve been following this blog) I’ve braved the weather (rain and cold) to head in to ‘Town for breakfast at Estel’s Dine By the Sea.


Tourists obviously prepared for the rainy season!

On the way to and from ‘Town I’ve eagerly watched progress on the laying (OK pouring) of the paved road north of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge.


Section between the ‘Bridge and Solitude completed.


Next section will take a single lane to Legends Burger House.

And the markers are in for the next stretch that will take it to Pirate’s Treasure Restaurant & Bar.


And the next stretch will take it to my front gate!

I’ve watched Christmas decorations going up. From the tree in


Central Park

to exquisitely and ornately decorated houses




in Boca Del Rio

to putting the tree up in our house


It’s also the time of year to renew our ‘QRP’ (Qualified Retirement Program) status – renewal is required at the end of a calendar year irrespective of when you enter the programme . So I took a completed application form, a passport sized photograph and a Belize based bank account statement verifying that the required sum of US$ 24,000 has been deposited during the current year along to the Belize Tourism Board office in Barrier Reef Drive. Oh, and a payment of BZ$ 50 for each new card.



Belize Tourism Board office ‘dressed out’ for Christmas.

It will take around four weeks for our new ID cards to be produced (I don’t know why it takes so long but …) and we’re all set for another year.

So what else has been going on you’re probably (understandably I might add) thinking. Quite a lot actually and a lot of it in Angel Coral Street (back street).

The new ‘home’ for Waruguma restaurant is now starting to take shape.


No opening date yet but as the sign states it’s “coming soon”.

And just across the street the old Olympic bar (??) has been refurbished and renamed.


‘Mamacitas’ – ‘hot Mexican babes’!

Probably explains why there are so many house rules!


Think I’ll be passing on this one. Honest Rose!

Further down the street work continues on the building next to Super Buy which, it is rumoured, is going to operate as a cash and carry.


And inside it looks cavernous.


On Saturday Rose and I joined what seemed like everyone else on Ambergris Caye to look and marvel at the creativity and immense effort that had been put in by the people that took part in the San Pedro Holiday Lighted Boat Parade (organised by the San Pedro Business Association).

I clicked away frantically with the camera but try as I did I failed miserably to take one photo that came anywhere close to capturing just how great the boats looked.


See what I mean! If you want to see just how good the boats looked take a look at the San Pedro Business Association’s Facebook page.

What else have I got to tell you. Oh yeh, I won the week 14 NFL Pick at Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill. The English guy who hasn’t got a clue about NFL strikes again beating all of the knowledgable American and Belizeans! So I’m BZ$ 130 richer (don’t think it will change my life materially). But it’s not the money. It’s the look of shock, horror and indignation on so many faces that this know nothing Brit can beat them at their own game!

So there you are. A brief glimpse at my life in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Scintillating isn’t it. Bet you can’t wait for next thrilling instalment !

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1978 by Billy Joel which reached number three in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number twelve in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. footballbat says:

    Merry Christmas John & Rose.

    1. And to you and yours too.

  2. Steve Ward says:

    good to have you back John! hope the business is coming on well…!

    1. Thanks Steve. The guys have sold a few. Tourism numbers pick up now so it’s the start of something bigger. Who knows I might be able to retire!

  3. kristina nadreau says:

    I admit to missing you and where is Ziggy?

    1. Well thank you Kristina. As to Ziggy, he’s been concentrating on his Facebook page.

  4. Eric scott says:

    Mamacitas…….around 3ish?

    1. I was there Eric. Where were you?

  5. Jen Bryan says:

    Thank goodness! I was so happy to see this! I’ve been in withdrawl! 🙂

  6. Champion says:

    Yea, yer still alive. It’s got to be tough to continue with the blog when all you really want to do is live the island life. Cudos to you for continuing.

    1. Thank you Champion. I’ll bear the brunt!

  7. Wes Witt says:

    Are you still making your NFL pick by which team mascot could defeat the other?

    1. No moved on from that Wes. I now look at the stars and am building up my own knowledge bank. It’s not so much pure luck now!

  8. Susan Watts says:

    I was actually starting to worry, and I was frankly going through withdrawal…but can certainly understand your lack of momentum what with all the cold rainy weather…same here although much much colder…but then it’s all relative I’m sure. Glad you are back!

    1. Thank you Susan. I’m pleased to be back. Although I don’t suppose I ever went away!

  9. Jane says:

    Miss you, John, but I sure understand the “writer’s block.” Check in again when you’re moved to do so!

  10. Andy says:

    I thought you had emigrated again, 1 week without a word or two… sending Regards…

    1. No just resting Andy. It’s tiring being retired!

  11. Harry the Hornet says:

    Gee whizz John that’s great! Please don’t wait so long next time. Merry Christmas.

    1. Gee whizz? You’ve been reading too many comics Harry. Try moving on to books. You’ll master the big words eventually. Perhaps …

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