“Rumours” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Since the last edition I’ve reverted to getting up early (anytime between 04.00 to 05.00 hours), made the mug of instant, sugar and milk free, coffee and taken it along with my trusty iPad (the Air version if you must know) out on to the veranda. The one on the first floor facing west ( the lagoon) if you are at all interested. If you’re not then you’ve probably packed up reading by now … For those of you still with me I’ll continue. Well, I’ve started now …

The weather has changed quite a lot since I first put pen to paper (or should I say “finger to iPad). The temperature has dropped to the extent that I have been ‘forced’ to open the drawer with the sweaters in. Worse than that though – I’ve actually been putting them on!

And it’s rained, oh how it’s rained. The water tank under the house has constantly been in overflow mode and the front garden is starting to resemble a quagmire again. Little doubt that when the rainy season eventually ends we’re in for some more landfill (are you reading this Lloyd?).

It’s been a week of primarily doing stuff at home. I’ve done a fair bit of reading and I’ve started the annual renewal process for my Qualified Retirement Program status. Rose and I have also spent a little time getting the ground floor apartment ready for our friend Dave to use this coming weekend.

We made friends with Dave when we lived in the UK. Dave is serving in the British Army and at the time had a posting at the Ministry of Defence. He was someone that we spent a lot of time talking to about our decision to move to Belize. It was ironic though that he got here before us. He got a one year posting and arrived here in April 2012. Nearly two months before we did.

We enjoyed spending time with him during his tenure and didn’t expect to see him out here again unless he came to visit on holiday. All that changed around two months ago when we got an email from him advising that he’d been posted here again. This time for six months.


It’s not been time spent totally at home though. Oh no. I’ve braved the elements – sweat top and poncho (yes I’m still using it Larry ) – for my weekly meeting at Pelican Properties Limited/Belize Real Estate Limited and, of course, a visit or three to Estel’s Dine By the Sea for breakfast. Well someone had to go there!

I’ve also spent a little time snooping and generally looking around and about. So what did I find out/see you’re wondering.

Well the Three Kingdom Bar has had a face lift (and maybe a change of focus). This was a bar for lonely men looking for company (you’ll of course appreciate and understand that I’ve never frequented it – honestly) and now


it’s the a Blue Hole Club with karaoke. Who would gave thought!

Now the next change I noticed is nearer to home. The little grocery store on the eastern side of the road just before the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge (southern side) has been razed to the ground.


Hoarding where the grocery store once stood.

And it’s rumoured that in its place there’s going to be a sixteen room beachfront hotel.


Building underway – right next door to DJ’s.

Now the other rumour I’ve heard is that the Palapa Bar might be changing hands very soon.


And the final rumour I’ve heard is that the budget for the road north of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge has been exhausted. Don’t know if this is true or not but one thing is for sure and that’s that no work on it has taken place this week.

Now I’ve not been able to substantiate these rumours but having worked on The Sun for nearly twenty-five years I know that you never let the truth stand in the way of a good story!

Time will tell if these are scoops or poops!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the album released in 1977 by Fleetwood Mac which reached number one on both the US Billboard Hot 200 and the UK Albums Chart.


  1. footballbat says:

    Many years ago I worked as an in-studio camera operator for a nightly TV news show in California. Our station’s promos proudly boasted: “When news breaks, we’re there.” Some of us referred to it as “When news breaks . . . we fix it”

    Sorry to hear about the road and Palapa Bar. When we were there in 2011 we visited Palapa Bar a couple of times – the food, the staff, the owners and the vibe were spot on. Some favorite vacation memories were made there (well, as much as I can recall from several hours at a watering hole). Hope it doesn’t change too much and that they keep the staff on if they do change hands.

    John, thanks (as always) for the updates.

    1. I got it wrong about the road – they restarted on Saturday. Was it something I said!!!!
      I could be wrong about the Palapa Bar too but I know it’s been up for sale for a long time.
      If it has sold I doubt that it will change much. Why change a winning formula.

  2. Disappointing about the road work budget if it’s true. Coincidently, guess who we are seeing this evening in concert in Portland, Oregon? FLEETWOOD MAC! Yes, I’m excited.

    1. Hi Robert. My ‘scoop’ re the road proved to be a ‘poop’. They resumed work on Saturday. Perhaps it was the power of the press!
      Hope you enjoyed the concert. Can’t believe that you didn’t.

      1. Great news for me that your “scoop” was incorrect. It’s not hard to find the words to describe the concert, but to be brief: Fleetwood Mac were “out of this world” (concert was totally sold out in the 20,000 seat indoor arena). I’ve seen them over the decades many times and this show and their new arrangements of their older songs were fantastic. I’ve never seen a musician our age with as much energy onstage as Lindsay Buckingham with the exception of Paul McCartney (even Rod Stewart takes a break). He played for 2-1/2 hours straight…my arms and hands would be totally cramped within 15 minutes. You would have loved it!

      2. Even I can’t be right all of the time Robert!
        Really pleased – but not at all surprised- that the concert was great. They were consummate professionals when they were in their heyday and I didn’t think they would be anything less now.

  3. robert Vernon says:

    Hi John. Amanda Symes seems to think it should help, certainly not hinder, block some of the noise from DJ’s That store harboured rats and stunk at times , Id thought about razing to the ground a couple of times !!!!

  4. Kathy says:

    Interesting, good post. To add to the rumor, we heard that the cement trucks were busy with other jobs. Agree its been awhile since any road work has been done. The workers show up everyday but think they are doing private driveways, and general stuff. Hopefully they will at least finish the “bend” by the theater before they abandon the project if there is no money left.

    1. Thanks Kathy. Yes, I’ve seen a few of the road guys but mostly sitting around not doing a lot. Let’s hope that the money starts flowing again soon.

  5. The joke in our news room was, “With two facts and a rumor I can give you 30 inches of copy.” Well, maybe it wasn’t much of a joke sometimes. Besides, today’s editors would look at you cross-eyed if you turned in 30 inches of copy.

    So, the Boca del Rio hotel will enjoy courtside seating for the park’s basketball court? That will be awkward, unless guests like jumpshots with their view ….

    Meanwhile, I saw an ad in this week’s San Pedro Sun for a condo project in Tres Cocos on the lagoon side. Says the first units will be available in December. I must not be paying attention as I don’t recall any construction up that way that looked like it will have a December opening!

    1. On The Sun if there were no facts and no rumour they just made up the rumour!
      Understand that the new hotel might be called Park View. Don’t know that I would want a room right next door to DJ’s on a music night/day.
      Think the condo development you are talking about might be just north of the Bamboo House. They’ve been working on it for some time and with a fair wind they could have some units completed by Christmas.

    2. The Sun -in its ‘glory’ (sic) years probably had more libel cases than the rest of the British Nationals put together. It didn’t stop over 4.3m people a day from buying it though.

  6. robert Vernon says:

    Wow , so nice to see that crap place next to our bungalow is gone. That was an eyesore. Wonderful Keep snooping John

    1. Hi Robert. Agreed the grocery store was a mess. Do you think the new hotel will help or hinder the sale of your place.
      I’ll snoop but if I don’t find anything I’ll make it up!

  7. Jane says:

    John – Barges came in yesterday with road fill and cement, so I hope the coffers are filling again!

    1. I hope so too. I have BZ$ 20 on it being completed by end of February. Could be a life changer for me!

    2. Seems like that ‘scoop’ is a ‘poop’!

  8. Wes Witt says:

    I hope that you are wrong about the road. I did not even look half finished when we were there last month. If this is true I don’t see the next 4 miles coming anytime soon.

    1. I hope that I am wrong too Wes but nothing at all this week and I’ve been told by a couple of people (that generally know what’s what) that the money has run out.

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