“Shine a Light” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Started Tuesday morning the way I start every day – I woke up (and long may this continue to be the case!). But wait, there was a difference. I got up at 03.45 hours. I had tried to get back to sleep after looking at the clock but try as I might I just couldn’t renew my sleep.

I made the ‘absolutely must have’ mug of black coffee (unsweetened if you are at all interested) and took it along with my iPad to the veranda -the western, lagoon facing one.

I’d been out there around ten minutes (reading The Times online) when the thought struck me. “Why not go to ‘Town and see what goodies the Mennonites had brought over from the mainland”. So I showered, shaved, dressed and grabbed my rucksack and headed off in the golf cart at 04.20 hours ( get ready fairly quickly don’t I! But then again I’m not a female and don’t need two hours to get ready! Only joking ladies. Honestly).

With the combination of a recently graded dirt road and paved road I made it to the dock on the lagoon side (just north of the new water taxi terminal) around 04.30 hours, parked up and walked straight to the dock.

As I got there I realised that I had made an error ((most unusual for me (sic)).The dock was virtually in total darkness. There was only one small torch and this was on the table next to the till.


The last time I had visited the early morning ‘market’ Rose and I had got there later and visibility wasn’t too bad. Not this time though.

My shopping experience was essentially a very slow walk until I bumped in to something and then feeling the objects to determine what it was (OK, so I’m exaggerating a little bit).

I filled up bags as I walked around and took my selections to the counter for the weighing process to take place and when this had been completed I handed over the requested BZ$ 31.25 (US$ 15.62 or £10.15) and headed off for home and arrived there at 05.07 hours.

So what did I get?


Not bad, eh.

I learned a lesson though (I’m continually learning stuff!). Next time I take Rose with me to shine a light.

Rose and I then spent what seemed like the rest of the day (it wasn’t but it just seemed like it) on a general house clean. It’s not like it’s ever dirty but our house is the venue this Saturday for a dinner to mark the occasion of the end of Nick’s tour in Belize as a member of BATSUB.

We think that there’s likely to be around ten of us but it’s not going to be too much work for us (I mean Rose of course. I’m just using the royal ‘we’). Why? Well, Nanda, another of the BATSUB team is going to do the cooking.

Nanda is a Gurka and obviously as such originates from Nepal,and is going ,as much as he is able to with the ingredients available, cook a traditional Nepalese meal. Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never tried Nepalese cuisine so I’m really looking forward to it. I understand its a fusion of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan cuisine. My mouth is starting to salivate already. Obviously there’ll be some photos (be warned though that they’ll likely be taken very quickly – I need to make sure I get some on my plate!).

With the chores for the day taken care of Rose and I got ourselves ready and headed to ‘Town to meet friends at


The Blue Water Grill.

There were five of us. Just right. Why? Well we each made a different selection – Texas Roll, Rainbow Roll, Arrowhead Roll, Shark Ray Alley Roll and Saikyo hoisin yellowtail – and then got to sample the lot. Perfect. And they were!

If you’re not aware, Tuesday and Thursday nights are ‘Sushi Nights’ at the Blue Water Grill. Not tried it yet? You should!

Regular readers will be aware that there has tended to be a fairly common theme in the stuff I ‘put out there’. It’s rubbish! Well it might be but that’s not what I’m on about. No, it’s how, more often than not, I mention my ‘me time’ out on the veranda with the mug of coffee (black and unsweetened) and my iPad.

Well you’re going to have to get used to something else if you’re going to read my ‘stuff’.

This week I’ve been introduced to the ‘long tail keywordm’. No, it’s not a Sushi dish. It’s the use of phrases that are more likely to attract people to the ‘stuff’ people put out on the web. And now I’ve got an involvement with Pelican Properties Limited/Belize Real Estate Limited I want to attract people to use ‘my’ company if they are looking for property for sale in Belize, land for sale in Belize, a house for sale in Belize or a condo for sale in Belize.

Now my challenge going forward is to introduce these phases subtly (read ‘sneakily) as often as I can. C’mon I’m retired – every little bit helps!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the title of track seventeen of the album entitled Exile on Main Street which The Rolling Stones released in 1972. The album reached number one on both the US Billboard Hot 200 and the UK Albums Chart.


  1. Jan B. says:

    Hi John. Looks like you were able to get to the best produce on Tuesday morning by arriving so early. We arrived at 6:20am and it was already picked over. Guess we have to hit the road next time before first light!
    Also, congrats on your new business venture! 🙂

    1. Hi Jan. The last time we went we got there around 5.15 and the selection was good. I’d say get there before 5.30 and you should be OK. The earlier the better though. But take a torch!
      Thanks re my recent re involvement in a working (sic) life!

  2. Laurie the Cruisin Camper says:

    John, had so hoped to get a chance to track you down whilst we were in Country, but alas it did not occur. Maybe the next time we visit. I really must add those links to my favorites. Cheers!

    1. Sorry we didn’t get to meet Laurie. Next time for sure.

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