“Just Can’t Get Enough” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye,Belize.

Out on the veranda, yes the western, lagoon facing one, this morning with the ‘must have’ mug of black coffee. Didn’t make it out there though until 06.20 hours. Much, much later than usual. And not feeling at all my usual chirpy, full of zest self. Reason? The dreaded Belikin.


Cause? The Grand Opening of the forty-eight room extension at Caribbean Villas Hotel.


Knowing that this was going to be a popular and well attended – it was an Open Bar (read FREE) event – Rose and I set off early from home. Belize timing (equals late) was not going to apply for us. And we arrived bang on time. Within minutes I had a beer in my hand (the first of far too many I somewhat regret to report).

Having a fair inkling that the night might be somewhat ‘liquid’ (I didn’t get to this age without learning something) I took a trip earlier in the day to Caribbean Villas Hotel to take a look at the reason for the party. The new rooms and additional pool.

When I got there work on finishing off rooms and putting the decking in place for the pool was still going on but I didn’t let this put me off. Brushing aside calls of “We’re not ready, we’re not ready” I fearlessly strode forward (another thing that comes from advancing age is a deterioration in hearing. Or, the ability not to hear when you don’t want to!) and found a vacant, and completed room.





Every room has its own veranda


so that guests can enjoy the views


or take a few steps to one of the two pools



The new pool.

or wander over to the newly named Amber Bar and Grill



or stroll over to the dock for a day of diving with Ambergris Divers


or for the less energetically minded just enjoy a lounge on the beach


where’s there’s plenty of room to do? Well, nothing if you want!

Feel like you’ve been to the place? Good. My work is done then so let’s get back to the party!

Now bear in mind that I was being plied with free drinks and extremely tasty appetisers – and it was all free – so the quality of the photos that follow may be of questionable quality. It’s not the fault of the camera though. Oh no. For that you can blame Bowen & Bowen, the brewers of Belikin! Me? I’m taking no blame!


Waiting for a dignitary to arrive? Or was it something I said?


Melon topped with feta. They were delish (did I really use that word !).



And the Mayor turned up too. (Photo in mono for Peter’s (aka Pedro) sake because I’m told that it makes you look slimmer!).

The three hours passed so quickly and everyone was sorry to see the night come to an end. But sometimes you just can’t get enough!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 2011 by the Black Eyed Peas which reached number three on both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.


  1. So what does it take to be invited to an event like this? Just curious.

    1. Can only speak for myself Lorenzo. I’ve known Peter (the major shareholder) for around 14 years and we are both Arsenal fans. Don’t know about everyone else!

  2. Steve Ward says:

    hilairious, cheers

  3. Harry the Hornet says:

    Black Eyed Peas?? Are you becoming Americanised and a trendy pensioner?? There’s only one “Just Can’t Get Enough” i.e. Depeche Mode – UK Chart #8 – 1981.

    1. Harry, Harry, Harry you’re just not paying attention. Or you’re losing your memory. I used the Depeche Mode version in April when Rose and I visited Merida.

    2. Harry the Hornet says:

      Well don’t use the same one twice then. There are thousands of song titles to choose from. And how am I supposed to remember all of your witterings!

      1. Typical. Go on the attack when you are in the wrong! Witherings? Is that a clone of Twitter?

      2. Harry the Hornet says:

        1. There is no ‘h’ in witterings. 2. Obviously you put the Twit in Twitter. 3. Definition of wittering: “to chatter or babble pointlessly and/or at unnecessary length”. 4. See my point?

      3. Put the ‘H’ in there in your honour Harry. Is ‘wittering’ ‘ a clone of Twittering?

      4. Harry the Hornet says:

        Not sure but if so then you have definitely put the Twit in Twittering. Now bugger off, do something useful and sell some real estate!

  4. Jane says:

    Looks like fun!

    1. It was Jane. And it was FREE!

  5. roseypon says:

    Hic hic 👍🍺

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