“Somethin’ Stupid” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Do you ever have the thought that you might just not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier? Not the sharpest pencil in the box? A few chips (fries for non UK readers) short of a happy meal? A few pence (cents to a dollar for non UK readers) shy of a £ (dollar)?

No. Well I wish I could say the same.

I’d always considered myself reasonably bright. Not brilliant, but reasonably bright. Someone who may not have scaled the academic heights but someone who – or so I had thought- had been ‘given’ fair sized dollops of common sense and street savvy.

I use the past tense because it appears that these attributes are on the wane. Or at least prone to go AWOL when I most need them. Why are you being so hard on yourself you are probably (and quite rightly too if I may say so) thinking. Well I showed the dumber side of myself (now the less kind of you are thinking ” and not for the first time”) in the previous edition when I mentioned that I was too enraptured with the red sky to get up and get my camera.

Nothing stupid about that I thought. That is until long-time reader Mike pointed out that iPads come equipped with a camera and, as you all know by now, I never go out on the veranda (yes, the western, lagoon facing one) for my early morning ”me time’ without my iPad. As I started to read Mike’s comment I just knew (I do have the occasional perceptive moment) that I’d written somethin’ stupid!

Now I must admit that when I read Mike’s comment I did feel a tad embarrassed and wondered if you’d think I’d lost my credibility (if I ever had any, that is). My confidence was shot and I didn’t have the drive or inclination (and subject matter if I’m really honest) to put out another edition.

All that changed, however, when ‘Champion’ (you must tell ‘Champion’ why you chose this name) posted a comment to implore (OK -guilty of over-exaggeration, he asked ) me to put out editions more frequently. He missed my storytelling, he said. So I was stirred in to action. Now if you don’t like it, well, you know who to blame. It’s the fault of ‘Champion’!

So what’s been happening in my little life since the last edition? Well I’ve obviously been to Estel’s Dine By the Sea for breakfast a few times. Actually I reckon I go there between two and a half (yes I know you can’t make half a visit) to three times a week and I’ve been doing this since we moved here in May 2012. Their best customer? Probably not if we use the strictest of definitions. But definitely amongst the more frequent.

With the municipal elections scheduled for March next year I thought it about time that I registered for my vote. As a Commonwealth citizen I’m entitled to vote and I want to exercise this right. So I visited the Elections and Boundaries Department in Pescador Drive (it’s located in the Four Sisters Plaza, just behind the Post Office).




It was a painless process. I presented my passport. They photocopied certain pages of it. They took my photograph. Filled in a form detailing my address and the names of my parents and asked for my signature. All done in fifteen minutes. They’ll visit my house in the next few weeks to verify that I live there and then I’ll get issued with my voter I.D. card. Simple. And then I presume the gifts will come flooding my way so that I cast my vote one way or the other. It could be like Christmas in March!

I thought I’d give myself some excitement so I cleaned the windows – inside and out- on the first and second floors. No big deal you’re thinking. Well it is actually because we’ve got so many windows.


I left the windows of the ground floor apartment for another time (I have to leave something to do!) but even so still cleaned nearly 1,000 square feet of glass. Who said retirement is easy!

The excitement didn’t stop there though. Rose and I received an invitation to be guests at the Grand Opening of the extension at Caribbean Villas Hotel.


Now there’s probably a couple of hundred people on the guest list but it’s always nice to know that you’ve been included! And it’s free!!


Photo of the 48 room extension – with a lift (elevator for non UK readers) – that I took around four weeks ago.

This feeling of importance didn’t stop there though. Oh no. Why? Well on Tuesday I got an invitation from Grand Caribe to attend a Press Appreciation Day that they are holding this Friday. Apparently they’ve invited media houses and Belize based bloggers to this inaugural event. Now the closest I come to a media house these days is when I take the San Pedro Sun home!

Regrettably I’ve had to decline the invitation because we have Ziggy booked in with the vet to examine his left ear (hopefully we will find out that the treatment has worked) but I’m sure it will be a great success.

I had a good look around the resort a few weeks ago when I went up there prior to the opening of Rain Restaurant & Rooftop Terrace and I was mightily impressed with what I saw. Oh well there’s always next year but I really would have liked to have had a press card again!

My early morning ‘me time’ hasn’t been the same in recent weeks as work on the house being built on the lot immediately north of us progresses. The guys start work some mornings around 06.00 hours and the sound of the birds trilling has been intermingled with the sounds of cement mixers and hammers. They’re making great progress though and I’m sure it won’t be too long before it’s finished.


Got to bring this edition to an end now – I’ve got to go to ‘Town to pay some bills. But at least for some of the way I get to travel on the new road being constructed north of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge.


The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1967 by Frank and Nancy Sinatra which reached number one in both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Laurie the Cruisin Camper says:

    Another brilliant edition. Hello to Rose and Ziggy and yourself, of course! Headed San Pedro way in a few weeks. Maybe you at Esteles for breakfast.

    1. Thank you Laurie, pleased you enjoyed it.
      Rose and Ziggy say “Hi” back.
      There is every possibility you may see me at Estel’s – I’m there probably 3 times a week.

  2. Jan B. says:

    Hi John. Your information on voting rights for Commonwealth citizens is very interesting. Clive is also a CW citizen as he was born in Trinidad and has dual US/Trinidad citizenship and passports. We will have to check out if he has voting rights now that we are here full time. Hope to see you, Rose and Ziggy soon. I agree….you should post more often! 🙂

    1. Hi Jan. As long as Clive takes his Trinidad passport to the Election and Boundaries office I think he should be OK.
      Unless we are taking Ziggy to the vet or I deign to take him to breakfast with me he generally only goes out in a Sunday. A sort of Sunday treat!
      We hope to see Clive and you soon too.
      I’ll see what I can do on the blogging front to improve my frequency. Probably going to Estel’s less!

  3. robert Vernon says:

    Wow , you’ll be all concreted up shortly, i did laugh , reading a blog on the Ambergris Forum, one reader asking if they had put in drainage, surely they must have, they didnt lay all that concrete ontop of a quagmire did they ??? Oh yes they did .. Theres only one problem getting to vote John, Who the hell is there to vote for ?

    1. Hi Robert. I’ll be surprised if the concrete hasn’t reached our front gate by the end of November. How long it will last though is another thing! As to my vote, I’m going to see what inducements come my way! My vote could the one that swings it!

  4. Lori Hartmann says:

    John, are there any other benefits other than voting you might be able to get with Commonwealth citizenship?

  5. Mike says:

    John, I didnt intend to undermine your memory! It was a serious question, I thought perhaps some Ipads did not have a camera… That my story and I am sticking to it! And yes please, more posts! I check Daily!

    1. No worries Mike. Just me having a little fun. And I needed something to get me writing. So why not my stupidity!

  6. Erik Jensen says:

    No need to be hard on yourself John, if that’s the worst thing you do this week, you’ll be fine. 🙂
    Glad to see the road is finally making it’s way to you, your repair bills for the cart should drop dramatically.
    All the best to you and Rose.

    1. Thanks for your support and considerate words Erik. There’s still 3 days of the week to go though. Good enough time for me to be stupid again! I’m starting to enjoy even the little strip of road we’ve got.

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