“Forever Young (Young Forever)” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Out on the veranda -yes, the western, lagoon facing one (are you getting bored with me letting you know which one?) at 05.15 hours yesterday with a mug of black coffee (without sugar if you haven’t read the blog before) and my trusty iPad.

Straight in to The Times online and to the Register (formerly the Obituaries) – it reminds me how lucky I am. I can still read them, and am not one of them!

And then to the Sports’ pages to relive (Arsenal has this affect on me!) Arsenal’s convincing win over Galatasaray.

I finished off my early morning reading with the Business section – it reminds me of what I don’t miss! – and then it was time to get ready. We had errands to run.

First job on the list was to take Ziggy to the San Pedro Animal Hospital for a check up. His first since he joined our family.




Like a lamb to a slaughter


he went in to the lion’s den! He didn’t know that in addition to the check up we’d also booked him in for a tick and flea bath,


to have his nails trimmed. Oh, and a chronic irrigation -yes I know its colonic but it sounds chronic to me!

With Ziggy ensconced at the vets Rose and I headed to ‘Town to renew her Belize Drivers Licence. It seemed like only yesterday that she got it but that’s how quickly the year seems to have passed!

The first time you get a licence it’s for a year but for renewals you get the option of getting one for three years and that’s the option Rose elected to go for. You don’t save any money but …

Rose was dreading having to have her photo taken (every year that passes and all that) and was as pleased as punch when the lady told her they would use the same one as last year. As she was told this I heard Rose mumbling something about being forever young (or young forever)! If she’d had her way though she would have used this photo!


#TBT. No, not throwback Thursday but throwback Thirty (years ago!). I may be in trouble for this one!

With the licence renewed (BZ$ 180) we headed to Coral Cable to organise an Internet service to start at the end of the month. We’ve been using Smart’s service for the last year and although we know people that it works very well for it just hasn’t “done it” for us. The recent decision by BTL means that we will get double the bandwidth for the same price. I’m sure it will still be slow but hopefully not as slow!

I said goodbye to Rose at The Greenhouse so that she could take care of the more menial stuff (I’m either very brave or very stupid today) while I took care of the important stuff. Breakfast at Estel’s. To have got so close and … Well it would have been criminal!

Rose joined me for a coffee and just in time to get a hot off the sewing machine, stylishly chic 2014 version of Estel’s “T” shirt.


C’mon admit it, you want one too!

With the errands done we went to collect Ziggy and found out that he has an ear infection. Apparently caused by his love of swimming in the sea. The medication we got for him though should clear the problem up very quickly. It needs to. I mean we can hardly have a Head of Security that can’t hear!

We got home to find Lloyd and his boys hard at work land filling the garden


Or talking about filling the garden!

Not really. They’d actually been hard at work


Bringing in the fill.


And the pile grew.


And Lloyd and his young son Alex (they do start them young in Belize) spread it around.

Me? I sat around until it was time to bring the boat back to our dock. It’s a hard life!


The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 2009 by Jay-Z and reached number ten in both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.


  1. retiredcaboose says:

    Sent from Samsung tablet

  2. JD Wiggins says:

    Always enjoy your messages..wife & I visited Ambergris Caye in July Villas@Banyan Bay & had a great time but wondered if a version of US’s AngiesList might do well there. Just an online way of separating the local good and honest vendors of products and services of all types from those that…say…are not yet at the top of their game…via collecting reviews complete with dates and opinions…everything except exact locations and names of writers per se…and encouraging said consumers to share experiences…might that be welcomed? Any thoughts?

  3. Susan says:

    Hi John,

    What type of boat do you own? We are starting to look at things like boats and golf carts in anticipation of moving there. Also, does anyone water ski there? We didn’t see any ski boats or skiers for that matter. Thought maybe because of the reef. Thanks, Susan

    1. Hi Susan. We bought a second-hand Mako 22 feet with a 150HP Yamaha 4 stroke. Buying a boat and getting the Registration in your name is relatively easy but if the seller is not around to sign the documentation when you are there is an additional charge. Plus you have to advertise ownership for two consecutive issues in a local (therefore The San Pedro Sun).
      Golf carts can be a bit more difficult. You need to get a permit and for this you have to demonstrate that you have off street parking for it. There’s also always talk about limiting the number of carts on the island. This may well be why some people drive around in carts that are still in the name of the previous owner.
      As to water skiing, I’ve never seen anyone doing it here.

  4. Steve says:

    My wife and I are moving there in 23 days! Which internet is the best dollar for speed unlimited (no or very high data caps) internet?
    We have GSM phones so digicell is going to be the cell provider.

    1. Hi Steve. All Internet providers are very much the same. Or at least that has been our experience. Relatively low speeds for high prices. The good thing though is that from 1 October BTL (and Coral Cable) have doubled the speed for the same price as pre Oct 1.

  5. Susan says:

    Rose is as beautiful as her name sake! Make it easier on Ziggy and just explain what’s going to happen and that’s it’s no big deal. A shot might pinch but he’s a big boy and can handle it. He’ll be happier and respect you more. Trust me on this one…dogs are my profession.

  6. Jane says:

    Beautiful Rose! No wonder you fell in love!

    1. Absolutely. And still is today. And will be tomorrow. Now that’s enough mush from me.

  7. woof4treats says:

    Glad Ziggy made it through his Vet visit. They always believe they are going in for “treats”. Ron has been talking “boat” before I get to say “golfcart”. I believe a dip in the ocean should change that idea. Beautiful pic of Rose.

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