“People” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

It’s taken me nearly week to get this edition out. I tried to start it when I was sitting at Estel’s Dine By the Sea on Monday morning waiting for breakfast. But I just sat there looking at the Caribbean Sea wondering what in the hell I was going to write about. I had gone through the same fruitless process earlier when I was out on the veranda -the western one on the first floor – from around 05.00 hours taking my caffeine fix.

I could have taken the easy way out and produced another edition on Lobster Fest .I’ve got loads of photos that I took on Saturday night that I could have used but I decided not to. Lobster Fest has, after all, been ‘done to death’ by anyone who has a blog. And I include myself.

Had I shown a tad of foresight I would have taken the camera out with me on Sunday so that I could have taken a few snaps, ‘wrapped’ a few words either side of them and, voila, another edition ‘out of the way’. But I didn’t. The closest I came to foursight (yes I know I’ve chosen the incorrect spelling but …) was when I put a pair of glasses on!

Struggling to find the creative juices (who do I think I am kidding!) I started to wonder (question even) why I had started the blog. Oh yeah, to keep a record of the build of our house and a very easy (or so I thought at the time) way of letting family and friends know what we were up to. And then it took on a new ‘face’. I started to get readers that I didn’t know. From all around the world. And the best part was that they (and you might be amongst them) started to interact.

I’ve gotten questions. I’ve had suggestions. I’ve been sent photos to include in the blog (I haven’t forgotten you Julian). I’ve had long time residents of Ambergris Caye ask me for advice because we’ve done something that they were about to do. We’ve received presents. And, most importantly of all, we’ve made the acquaintance of some really, really nice people.

Last week we met Kathy and Ron who hail from Wilmington, North Carolina. Kathy had brought a whole bag of stuff for Ziggy. Oh, and some sweets (candy for non UK readers) for me (and perhaps a few for Rose?). Regrettably they didn’t get to meet Ziggy to personally give the gifts.

But I’m pleased to report (sounds very newspaper like doesn’t it) that this was put right on Sunday morning.

After the travails of the Lobster Fest Block Party (I only mention Lobster Fest because it has relevance to this anecdote) I got up later than usual. Not until 07.30 hours. Shock, horror. How could I get up at such an ungodly hour!

I spent around an hour or so on the veranda (c’mon I needed the coffee) showered, dressed and went to pick up Frank (Ziggy’s Dad) and -more importantly – Ziggy from Pedro’s Hotel. They’d come over for the Block Party.

We headed down to Estel’s for a late breakfast, more like brunch really, and hadn’t been there long when I heard “John”. Looking up I saw that it was Kathy and Ron. They were taking a morning stroll along the beach.

After making introductions Frank took Ziggy out to the beach to meet them. Now if I was a serious blogger, or at least one that demonstrated a modicum of foresight (see, I can spell it correctly) I would have had my camera with me! Trust me though, Ziggy was very pleased to meet his newest benefactors.

With breakfast over we headed home so that Rose could spend some time with Ziggy.


“Best smile Ziggy. Oh, and you too Frank.”

In the afternoon we took Ziggy and Frank to catch the 15.00 hours Belize Water Taxi service back to Belize City and then headed to Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill to watch the USA versus Portugal World Cup Group G game.

We were sitting there soaking up the pre-match atmosphere amongst the crowd of expectant Americans there, when a female voice asked ” Are you John?” Not knowing whether it was a debt collector I hesitated, turned around, saw that it wasn’t and replied hesitantly “Yes”. ” Hi I’m Jan” the lady replied.

I knew that Jan (a reader of my blog) was going to at the bar (she’d emailed me to that effect earlier) but I hadn’t clue what she looked like. She was there for the match with her husband Clive and it was obvious from the conversation that ensued that she understood football (and no, I do not mean soccer).

Jan and Clive are relocating to Ambergris Caye later this year and were over to ‘knock off’ some things from their ‘to do’ list. Not least to find some accommodation to rent whilst their new condo is being finished. Good to meet you Jan and Clive and hope that you had a successful visit.

We settled down to watch the game and during the course of it struck up a conversation with a young couple, Claire and Ian, from Seattle. Over here for their first ever holiday together they are ardent ‘Sounders fans and really knew their stuff about football. And pleasingly for me, that’s what he called it. It was difficult not to like him!

Football hasn’t totally dominated my week – although it has had a more than fair share of my time. I’ve managed to fit some weeding in (having had the garden cleared we’re determined to ‘hit’ the weeds as they appear). And I’ve been monitoring progress on the making of the burglar bar doors/gates for our home.


For the entrance to the first floor (where we live).


For the ground floor Store Room/Garage (on the left) and the apartment.


Pump Room.

Franco has made a good start on the gates/doors and they should be finished and fitted in around two weeks.


Pump Room and apartment gates/doors.


Gates/doors for the first floor.

While I have been busy taking care of stuff Rose has found the time to get some practice in with the fishing rod.





Looks the part, doesn’t she! (The photos are in reverse order but you’ll get the idea).

And she was.


A snapper.

It wasn’t all work and no play for me though because I found time (who am I kidding) to take the boat out for its maiden voyage with me at the helm.


Ahoy there Cap’n.

We got as far as Brahma Blue, the uncompleted and unused resort on a caye west of Ambergris Caye before I turned back


Brahma Blue in the distance.

We didn’t go that far but far enough for Rose to get the rod out for a bit of trolling and she struck a little barracuda.


That evening when imbibing with a well deserved Belikin (c’mon all seaman drink) we had the pleasure of meeting another couple of really nice people. Jessica and Tony, a young couple from England (actually from Forest Gate where I was born) who have taken a ‘year out’ to travel around Central and South America. It was their first day on the island and they loved it and had already extended the duration of their planned stay. We know the feeling Jessica and Tony.

I’ve just seen the theme (submitted by a female by he name of Denise Bowman) for this year’s National Celebrations, ” Industrious hands, intelligent minds, together for Belize”. I think she had me in mind. I mean I’ve got an industrious mind and intelligent hands. Oh, maybe not!

The headline for today’s somewhat higgledy-piggledy edition is based on the single released in 1964 by Barbra Streisland which reached number five in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart .


  1. kristina nadreau says:

    good to see you again always a pleasure kris

    1. Good to be back Kris. Although I never really went away!

  2. footballbat says:

    Will the deck get a coat of water-proofing Captain? Seen any crocs lurking under the new dock? Just wondering – if one ‘cleans’ fish out there regularly on “ye olde (new- e?) fish cleanin’ slab” might one attract more amphibious and tooth-ed ‘friends’? Surely one would attract the local Pelican Population if one becomes a regular fish dismantler ?

    1. The deck is probably in for a protective coating when I get my a&@; in gear.
      As to the fish cleaning, it could attract a croc or two but I think what we throw in gets eaten fairly quickly. And the pelicans don’t appear to have got wind of the new ‘feeding station’ yet. Time will tell of course. And particularly if we become prolific at reeling them in!

  3. Jan B. says:

    Hi John! Thanks for the shout out! Glad to report that we have found our temporary accommodation until our condo is ready and our ‘to do’ list is almost complete. Woo hoo! It was great to see the pic of you and Rose going solo in Gunner….many memories to come, I’m sure. Did you eat the fish that Rose caught?

  4. JD Wiggins says:

    Thanks for writing! Always enjoy your blog, John!
    Us ol’ (married in ’67) Texas geezers still enjoy snorkeling, biking, & occasionally diving & have done
    a little publishing…(if you call writing IPO’s for mutual funds, & Letters to the Editor publishing).
    Find us @ Villas on Banyan Bay starting 1 week after 7/7, if any interest…& helpful hints..favorites to visit &/or avoid always appreciated..no phones..so will just keep checking our email for your posts.
    Learn more every time we read you ! 🙂
    Thx !
    Jim & Penny..

  5. Hazel Ahmad née Brown says:

    Good on you Rose great catch, we Celtic women can do anything eh. Been really enjoying your blog since the very early start of your build. We retire in December finally and won’t be far away from retiring to Belize too. My sister has come back across with me to LA after my Australian trip home. Then will be retiring along with us toBelize.
    Hope to catch up one day at your breakfast hangout. Oh ps you never answer any of my questions or comments. Maybe you have not seen them all this time. Hazel and Ab Ahmad.

    1. Sorry to learn that you haven’t seen my responses to comments you have posted. The last one I received from you Hazel is:

      “Go the scots and the Aussies. Hope you and Rose are well. Place is looking great no wonder your birth so happy.”

      And I responded to it.

      From now to December will just fly by and it will seem like no time at all before you are here. When you make it I would love to meet you. Don’t go to Estel’s on a Tuesday though. The place is closed!

  6. woof4treats says:

    Good catch there Rose! The snapper fish. John too!

    1. She caught the best one of all when she got me ! Totally biased opinion of course.

  7. Wow,
    Thank you John, just plain ole thanks….


  8. robert Vernon says:

    Isnt ‘trolling’ what the Three Billy Goats Gruff did ?

    1. Could have been looking for me. Like Garfield I’m under tall!

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