“The Tracks of My Tears” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

The day had started so well yesterday. I was up nice and early – around 04.15 hours I think – and out on the veranda within a few minutes with the mug of black coffee and my iPad.

I spent well over an hour devouring every little snippet about the World Cup, and particularly England’s upcoming game against Uruguay, via The Times online. This was an important day. No, a vital one. I needed to be prepared. To have all of the facts at my disposal. There could be no room for error. It mustn’t all end in tears!

A leisurely shower (we’ve had some rain recently so I’m not worried about the tank below the house being empty), followed by an even more leisurely shave (wouldn’t want to cut myself, would I), a scrub for the molars and the selection of my wardrobe (which pair or shorts and polo shirt – decisions, decisions!) and I was ready to hit the road for breakfast at Estel’s Dine By the Sea. I mean you wouldn’t want to send a man to the gallows on an empty stomach, would you!


A very empty Barrier Reef Drive (front street) at 06.40 hours.


My breakfast. Looks good, doesn’t it.

And the view was pretty good too.


After a while of just taking in the views – whichever direction you point your eyes in is good – I achieved a state of serenity. I was in the right frame of mind for THE game.

Around 11.00 hours Rose and I headed north to Grand Caribe. We were going to meet Kathy and Ron Chavis.

Kathy is a reader of this blog (Ron may be too but he didn’t mention it – if you aren’t Ron, you should be!) and some little while ago she Facebooked me (is there such a thing?) to let me know that when she visited Ambergris Caye she was bringing a present for Ziggy.

We’d never met Kathy and Ron but within minutes we were chatting away like we’d known each other for ages. They are from Wilmington, North Carolina and in three years will be relocating to Ambergris Caye. Great choice Kathy and Ron. And the three years will just fly by. Trust me.

When we opened the bag that Kathy presented us with we were overwhelmed. There were gifts for all of us.


A collar and lead


For Ziggy. Or are they for me?


And a matching bandana and



And the coup de gras


Or should it be ‘poop de grass”? A poop bag, bag!

And for Rose?


They should keep her quite for a while! Only kidding Rose.

And what about me, you’re thinking. Well …




It’s alright Rose, you will get some. And Ziggy too if there are any left when he rejoins us.

Thank you again Kathy and Ron (if you’re reading this) for your amazing generosity.

We gave Kathy and Ron a lift in to ‘Town so that they could connect with the trip on the Reef Runner Glass Bottom boat they had booked and then Rose and I headed to Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill. The BIG match awaited.


The English crowd starts to build.

The players come out on to the pitch.


The crowd had swelled


England went one nil down to a Luis Suárez goal and then it was half time. Time for lunch.


Cottage pie courtesy of “Chef” Carlo. And very good it was too.

The second half kicked off and England drew level with a goal by Rooney. Our hopes were revived. Could we get a winning goal or would we hold out for a draw? But no. Suárez struck again. Our hopes were dashed. The whistle blew.


Our hopes were dashed. I feared that it might end in tears and it did. Head bowed I looked down at the bar and there they were, the tracks of my tears. Only one thing for it.


We still have the slimmest of chances of making it to the next stage but it depends on other results. Oh well, only four years to the next one!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1965 by The Miracles which reached number sixteen in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number nine in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. woof4treats says:

    It was so nice to meet you and Rose. Had a great chat and the lift to town. We didn’t make it to Carlos & Earnies. We were both “feeling sick” from the boat ride and time to catch the water taxi. Jane was very nice and enjoyed her dogs as well. Hope to see Ziggy next trip. Enjoying San Pedro. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kathy. So sorry to hear that the boat ride was a bit bumpy. Probably just as well you didn’t make it to Carlo & Ernie’s because I think I may have got a “little worse for wear!”
      Thanks again for the kind gifts and we look forward to seeing you again when you come back next year.

  2. kristina nadreau says:

    so sorry about the futbol………………..

    1. Thank you Kristina. I’ve sort of got use to though. This is the 12th tournament since we last won it -the first and only time.

  3. peter l. oberhaus says:

    Whats going on at the World Cup? Lot’s of surprises. England,Spain.

    1. Could be Italy too Peter.

  4. peter l. oberhaus says:

    Hello John how are you ? I think the Collar and Lead are for Rose,to keep you in li.ne! If you have a sweet tooth how can you go wrong British all-sorts . Next would be the aussy. kind .

    1. I’m very well thanks Peter. Rose would need a longer lead than that! The sweets are amongst my favourites but I will eke hem out over weeks and weeks. Never had the Aussie version. Any Aussie readers out there? !!!

  5. robert Vernon says:

    England just cant play football , the defence were like a bunch of schoolboys , and these are some of the highest paid professionals in the world .
    Thank God i can remember 66 !!!

    1. Got used to it by now Robert. I too was around for 1966. Rushed home from my Saturday job to watch it at my Grandparents’ house.

  6. Jane says:

    Sorry for the outcome, John. Uruguay just came through when England couldn’t -again!
    I met Ron and Kathy the other day. Nice folks and lovely gifts.

    1. Thanks Jane. A bit used to it by now though.

      As you say, Kathy and Ron area very nice couple. Very down to earth.

  7. Harry the Hornet says:

    England’s ability to disappoint us has become incredibly consistent regardless of who the Manager is and which players are on the pitch. It would be less painful if we failed to qualify rather than be embarrassed when we get to the Finals. 2010/2012/2014 all very poor. Come on Italy!

    1. I’m sorry to say, Harry, that I couldn’t agree more.

  8. Paul Cloutier says:

    How do you get up at 4am, eat that huge breakfast, and not take a nap in the afternoon ?
    Hope you enjoyed the game despite the outcome … Cheers.

    1. Some days I do take a nap in the afternoon Paul. Not every day but … Wish I could say I enjoyed the game but the result is what counts I’m sorry to say.

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