“Goin’ Out of My Head” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

As we get ever closer to the rainy season the weather this week has, at times, been somewhat muggy. Hot days, cloudy skies, periods of hardly any breeze and humidity high and the ‘threat’ rain for around the last three days. Not complaining, just giving you some background information.

Yesterday morning (Friday that is) at around 04.00 hours (give or take ten minutes) the sky was lit up by flashes of lightening (no I wasn’t at all tempted to rush to get my camera , this blogging is, after all, a fun thing for me. Now if I was taking it seriously? Well that would be a whole different matter). This continued for around ten minutes and was then joined by thunder which was followed shortly after by rain. At this time I decided to get up. No not to grab the camera but a mug of coffee and my iPad. Time for ‘me’ time on the veranda.

It didn’t rain particularly hard but it did rain -off and on – for around four hours. Enough to put a reasonable number of ‘showers worth’ in the rainwater collection tank beneath the house. I know that our tank holds 45,000 gallons and it was full to the brim when the rain eventually stopped in January and all of the calculations that I carried out regarding per capita usage indicated that a tank that size should be more than enough for Rose and I but it hasn’t stopped me occasion wondering if we will have enough to last!

Around 07.00 hours after shaving, showering and getting dressed I grabbed the rainwear and headed off to breakfast at Estel’s Dine By the Sea and we I got there was very pleased to find that it was open.


In the dry at Estel’s.

Oh, whilst talking about Estel’s I got the price comparison in the previous edition wrong ((I’ve mentioned before that most if the attributes (who am I kidding) I had when working appear to be diminishing rapidly)). The price differential for VERY (got to emphasise this) similar breakfasts at Estel’s and Lily’s Treasure Chest is just over thirty-eight percent (yes, 38%) in favour of Estel’s. Not to be sniffed at. Slightly less than three breakfasts at Estel’s and not Lily’s and you’ve got a ‘free’ one!

I’m running away with myself though. I haven’t told you about the close brush with stardom that Rose and I nearly had.

On Thursday evening we had just pulled in to the car(t) park in front of Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill ( what else were we going to do at that time of day!) when a cart pulled in sharply behind us and we heard an American accent crying out ” Hey guys what are you doing tomorrow?” Turning around Rose (ever cautious, no ‘read’ suspicious) responded with ” Why, what timeshare are you from? Captain Morgan’s?”. “How would you like to spend the morning at a mansion? I’m shooting an advert for the Australian lottery at Wataview and I’m looking for a couple to play the lucky Australian couple”. We thanked him but declined his offer. It left me wondering though if I look like I come from convict stock!

So I came within a whisker of releasing and realising that latent desire and obvious ability to be a star of the screen! We believe that the guy who wanted to make stars of us was Ben Popik of Island Films.

Oh before I forget we also got to meet another reader of my blog, Donna Ehart and her husband Timm who introduced themselves to us. Donna and Timm recently opened The Coconut Cafe in Coconut Drive (you can find it opposite Ramon’s Village) and are aiming to move here permanently in December.


Entrance to The Coconut Cafe.


A tranquil seating area away from the noise of the road. You know that a place is good when the owner eats there. Donna is the one wearing the pink T shirt.

Donna and Timm are holding an Open House on Thursday and very kindly invited Rose and I


“We’ll be there”.

Now where was I? Oh yes, Friday. When I got home from breakfast I noticed that we are going to have another thatched roof near us. This one will be the roof for the extension to Pirate Villas.


Delivering the thatch.


Unloading the trailer. It’s about time she got a rest!


And then it was time to get the roof trusses in place



And then the ‘shortest’ route up with the wood


And then the framework for the roof started to take shape.




Scary, eh.


In the early afternoon Rose and I headed off to Captain Shark’s Boatyard to choose the colour for the Bimini (a brightish red which is the closest we can get to an Arsenal red) we are going to have made for our boat and the colour (red again but a rather dull red) for the anti foul. Whilst we were there we took the opportunity of having a good look at the interior of the boat to determine what gauges we need to replace


Nearly all of them I’m sorry to say.

The rest of the interior though looks pretty good




We’re going to change the colour of the seat (Rose will make the cover) to, yes you’ve guessed it, red. To match the Bimini.

And given that the boat is now ours (well it will be when I’ve paid the money) we’ve already started the renaming process.


We’re going to call it Gunner – an Arsenal fan is a Gunner. Sad isn’t it!

On the way home we came across a new (well to us anyway) fruit and vegetable stand on the Corner of Coconut Drive and Blake Street


and BZ$17 later we had all of this


I just love buying something off the back of a lorry!

Well after this somewhat higgledy-piggledy edition I may take a rest tomorrow and give Ziggy another go. He’s be at me all week. I think it’s gone to his head. Me? I’m just goin out of my head!

The headline for today’s (more rambling than usual) edition is based on the single released in 1964 by Little Anthony & the Imperials which reached number six in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Kristina Nadreau says:

    Where are you john henry, rose and ziggy we miss you

    *kristina nadreau dvm*

    On Sat, May 3, 2014 at 6:47 PM, Belize- building a new life . A Belize

    1. Message understood and acted upon!

  2. Dave says:

    I have been reading your blog since the beginning and have a question about your rainwater collection tank. You may have addressed this before but how do you keep it from becoming a swamp? Do you treat it like a swim pool? Also, doesn’t having that much water under your house create a moisture problem for you?

    1. Hi Dave. First of all thanks for being a long time reader. Appreciated. As to collection system, it’s a concrete tank and the water (once in there) stays there until we draw it off via the pump. It may end up leaking one day but I think I will be long gone.

      Now the area around it is another thing and we are going to tackle in the next month or so with some more landfill and then shingle on top.

  3. lifeagain says:

    John, one of your concerns after the completion of your home was will/what will you write about to keep the blog going?
    Well, you and Rose doing a Aussi lottery commercial in Belize would have been a weeks worth of twist and turns and unexpected craziness if not two weeks…..
    That blog opportunity was laid in your lap….

    1. I know Don but at my age I don’t think I could handle the stardom!

  4. Emily says:

    You should have taken Ben up on his offer — he and Joanna do quality work. You coulda had your 15 minutes of fame!

    1. I know. But I didn’t want to tarnish his reputation!

  5. kristina nadreau says:

    I am having ziggy withdrawals due to no pics of Ziggy this week. I very much liked the pictures of the thatching for the roofs you have shown. Interesting process. On another site someone was suggesting that a particular type of palm made the best thatch but had been nearly decimated by loggers. I wonder if there are any tree farms in Belize where they are attempting to re-forest the desirable trees that have been logged off, like the mahogany etc????? Keep up the good work. I miss you when You are gone……….

  6. Jane says:

    The boat is really nice, John, but what the heck is an “anti foul??”
    And…how can I get one of those invitations to the Coconut Cafe’s Open House?

    1. It’s a special paint Jane for the bottom of the boat that slows the growth of organisms (algae, etc) that damage the boat.

      As to the invitation, maybe Donna will read your comment! Donna ????

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