“Happy” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Ever since Ziggy’s blogging experience on Sunday I’ve had a real job of wresting my iPad from him. Fame (OK fame with a small ‘f’) has gone to his head!

His first attempt at blogging wasn’t bad. Not as good as mine (sic) but not bad … and with a bit more practice I’m sure he’ll improve. But he now considers himself an island, no, a Belizean, celebrity. He’s got his own Facebook page (you’ll find him at Ziggy Belize) and it won’t be long before his got more friends than me (not too difficult you’re thinking).

There’s a definite spring in his step and the constant standing in front of the full length mirror is starting to grate a little but this prancing and preening on his part does have its upsides. He wants to look good and this played right in to our hands when it was time to give his first bath on Sunday.


“A bit more lather please”.


“Haven’t you got any scented shampoo? Oh, and don’t forget my legs”.

Scrubbed and with his best collar on (well his only one actually) we took him out for a Sunday treat when we went to Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill to get a Barbecue (the best on the island as far as we are concerned). Ziggy showed us just how well behaved a little chap he is.

And how, with his new found fame (oh sorry Ziggy, FAME) he loves to have his photograph taken.


“Do you have to be in this Rose?”.

Anyway enough of Ziggy, what else has been going on? Well for a start I have had to change my breakfast routine this morning because Estel’s Dine By the Sea inexplicably chose to close on a Wednesday so I’m writing this whilst eating my breakfast at Lily’s Treasure Chest, just slightly north of my normal position


Not a bad view



the breakfast was good. More expensive than at Estel’s (by around 20%) but good.

Now where was I ? Oh yeh, it hasn’t all been about Ziggy. For instance since we last ‘spoke’ we have had two contractors around to provide quotations for the dock we will need for when we buy a boat (more about the boat later). The intended dock will ‘sit’ the other side of the gate in the fence of the back garden .


You can just see the gate behind the pile of rocks.

The dock, five feet wide by thirty-five feet long, will run from the gate


out in to the lagoon.

Although some excavation may be required because it is very shallow near the sea wall.


We’re currently considering the two quotations (which surprisingly but pleasingly are within a few dollars of each other) and will make a decision in the next few days as to who we will appoint to construct it for us.

Talking about boat sheds – well I wasn’t but there is a natural connection ((am I’m struggling to find stuff for this edition (shows doesn’t it!)) – the one being built on the lot immediately north of us has come on a bundle (for non UK readers this means “progressed a lot”) with the thatch for the roof being completed. You get to see in a few photos what took a few days. The wonders of technology!


Roof trusses (just for you Robert) going in.

And then for the thatching (now this I find really interesting. You probably not but hey, I’m writing it!).



“Let the thatching begin”.




On the home straight.



Finished. Break open the Belikin. What else!

Now what seems an age ago (well this edition has gone on a bit) I mentioned the boat didn’t I. Well yesterday we received news that made us happy – the current owners have accepted our offer. Just now need to rustle up the money! So if you’re stuck with a few bob (non UK readers this means ‘money’) you don’t know what to do with well …

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 2013 by Pharrell Williams which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart (and a host of other countries as well).


  1. Randy Novotny says:

    John can you email me at rnovotny6170@live.com

  2. Randy Novotny says:

    Nope, I meant we’re on the Northwest side of the island but you most likely thought through that.

    1. I knew where you meant Randy.

  3. kristina nadreau says:

    agree with roseypon………. we love ziggy. baby shampoo is easier on them then dish washing detergent. also they do like warm water best. respecfully submitting unsolicited advice as a retired vet and ongoing dog houser. We have 4 here in Belize. all hate baths of any sort. I think I got to following Ziggy on FB, but still can not friend him. that is probably best., so Ziggy does not get clogged with my postings.

  4. Jackie says:

    Can you tell me exactly what kind of plant leaves they use to thatch with?

    1. Dried palm leaves I believe. Haven’t had one built so do not have personal knowledge Jackie.

  5. Randy Novotny says:

    Hi John and Rose………….this is Randy and Grace. We stopped by your build about a year ago, the finished product looks fantastic. We are the couple who are purchasing property North and East, Ambergrise Bay just North of GBE on the East side of the island. Have you applied for your dock permit ? If so we need to ask you a few questions.

    1. Hi Randy (and Grace). Yes I remember you. I haven’t applied for the dock permit yet but have been in to the San Pedro Town Council offices to ask about the process.

      Feel free to ask questions, I may not have the answers but they are probably relevant to me so will need to find out anyway.

  6. Another very interesting post John what with Ziggy wanting to take over and then the boat house dose it need to be as big as the guy next door you already have a lovely big house just a sturdy shed that you can lock .any way what do I know I don’t have a boat still enjoying your Blog.

    1. Thanks Stephen. Not going for a boat house just going to try to make it as secure as possible on the dock. For a boat house I would need to have part of the lagoon side fence taken down and its only just gone up!

  7. 4sarge says:

    Every self respecting doggie author is entitled to a ‘selfie’

    1. Ziggy couldn’t agree more 4sarge. Think it might be the first of any though!

  8. robert says:

    Great news about the boat , Ziggy could be the ships mascot. By the way , hows the new re-opened Molly Malones doing

    1. It needs work Robert but we got at a price that allows for this. Ziggy can definitely swim so he is in with a chance.
      Molly’s is still open but must be struggling. They’ve now got the slow season to slog through as well. Shame because they are a very nice couple and it is a nice bar.

  9. roseypon says:

    Bring back the Zigster ;0)

    1. You’re not dispassionate enough. It needs someone other than you to make such a request. And no, not Ziggy!

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