“Money (Thats What I Want)” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

We’ve had Ziggy for around a week now and its starting to feel a bit more like it was before he came to stay with us.

Since allowing him to sleep inside the house I’ve enjoyed a much more restful (and uninterrupted) sleep not wondering or worrying if our front door was coming under attack.

When I arise (sounds like I’ve been knighted doesn’t it) in the morning it’s required a slight modification to my early morning routine but nothing too dramatic. I mean its not too difficult (in fact it’s extremely easy AND very nice) to pat and stroke Ziggy to let him know that I’m pleased to see him again after our five/six hour separation.

With the bonding session finished it takes no more of me than to open the front door (yes, THAT front door) and let him out to take care of his ‘needs’ (he chosen three locations in the garden and our challenge is to reduce this to one. With this taken care of its straight in to ‘me time’. Make the mug of black coffee, grab the iPad and onto the veranda. Ziggy joins me when he’s done ‘what a dog needs to do’ but is quite content to just sit by my chair. As long as I give him the occasional stroke that is.

This ‘me time’ sets me up for the day. Don’t know why because I don’t feel that I do a lot. Yes I might send the occasional email. I read The Times online. I read some blogs. Touch base with Facebook. But nothing life changing. Yet it puts me in a great frame of mind. My variation of transcendental meditation? I don’t emit a sound and I definitely do not have a mantra (well not yet anyway) but after a bit of ‘me time’ I feel totally relaxed and if I was suffering from any stresses they’ve gone by the end of my session. Maharishi John? Why not? I mean I do like Indian cuisine!

In my transcendental state I showered, shaved and got dressed (well at least I think I did!) and then headed in to town to pay the cable and property tax bills stopping off afterwards at Estel’s Dine By the Sea for breakfast (it would have been rude not to was my way of thinking!). When I got there Shanty (one of the waiters for those of you unfortunate enough never to have been there) told me that a British guy had been asking about me. I’m hoping he’s a reader of the blog who just wanted to meet the world famous blogger – me if you haven’t guessed ((don’t worry I’m taking the micky out of myself (for non UK readers this translates as (well the clean version anyway) ” making fun of myself”)) and not a debt collector! Anyway I’m sorry I missed you! Maybe next time! If you’re not a debt collector that is. If you are then I need to let you know that I’ve changed restaurants for my breakfast!

With the chores and breakfast done I went back home and then Rose and I took Ziggy for his morning exercise (some for us too) and took to the beach and headed north and here are just some of the things we saw along the way ((you’ve probably sensed that I’m struggling to come up with anything mildly interesting (not saying that what I ‘put out there’ other times is interesting but …) so why not pad this edition out with some photos!)):


CUTE (aw come on, give me a break, I haven’t used it for a while!) table and chairs on the beach.


Well we just had to. Ziggy is the one on the left!


“Hello. Is anyone at home?”.


Don’t you just LOVE (look I’ve found the CAPS button and I’m going to USE it!) this sign.

After around a two hour session of walking and throwing the ball in the sea so that Ziggy could retrieve it (most of the time) we returned home for lunch to wait for Connie and Bill to arrive.

Connie and Bill come from Ohio but live on Ambergris Caye for six months of the year and believing that we are caring and upstanding people (they’ve obviously spent most of their time talking to Rose!) asked us to look after their plants when they return to the States and yesterday afternoon they delivered them.


Adds a bit of colour (color for non UK readers) in front of the ground floor apartment. The question is “Will Connie and Bill get them back!”.

We’ve now been asked to look after a dog and some plants. Is there no one out there that wants me to look after their money? That’s what I want! PLEASE (oh no, the CAPS have appeared again).

The headline for today’s obviously cobbled together edition is based on the single released in 1979 by The Flying Lizards which reached number five in the UK Singles Chart and number fifty in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Mick says:

    Hi John. My name is Mick, the British guy who was asking about you at Estel’s. I’m the guy who was originally from Scunthorpe
    then moved to Canada over 33 yrs ago. We have always wanted to visit Belize, So we made the trip to Ambergris Caye April 17th to April 27th ( just got back last night ) I made a couple of trips to Estel’s just to have a chat but missed you both times.
    We rented a golf cart for a day and decided to take a drive out of town north of the bridge. It was funny because we stopped
    at the restaurant (Pirates Treasure) I think? to ask about the Lion fish they served on the menu. Then I saw your house that
    I recognized your house from the pictures on your blog. I was going to knock on your door but did not want to intrude. We had
    a great time down there cannot wait to visit again. All the best Mick ( maevans@sympatico.ca)

    1. Hi Mick. Really sorry that I missed you at Estel’s. I do remember the day that Shanty mentioned that a British guy (now know that it was you) asked about me. All of the tables on the ‘deck’ were taken so I went to do some errands (pay property tax, Internet bill) and when I got back there tables were free. But you had gone.
      Sorry we didn’t get to meet and have a chat. If you come here again do email me advance and we can arrange a meet. Best John

  2. kristina nadreau says:

    the picture of you and Ziggy on the creatively painted chairs is very fine. Ziggy is a good teacher.

    1. Thanks Kristina. Yes, he’s very persuasive!

  3. Jane says:

    A delightful post as always, John. How do you do it at such an ungodly hour of the morning?? Or do you write later after your “me time?”

    1. Good to wave today Jane.
      The beauty of writing the blog for me is that I don’t have a schedule to comply with. If I want to do it during my ‘me time’ I do. If I want to do it later in the day , I do. Sometimes I write some during my ‘me time’, some at breakfast and then finish it off later. But it always has to fit in around football at the weekend!

  4. Julian says:

    One begins to worry about you John! I need you to proof read the caption under the photo of Ziggy and you sitting on the bench! I’v heard that Ziggy wears silver reflecting sunglasses and thus it just can’t been him on the right. Good post anyway and I’m glad Ziggy is willing to put up with you so he can stay with Rose!

    Take care,


    1. You’ve every right to worry about me Julian. I only make the mistakes to make sure that you’re all paying attention! I’m glad that Rose is willing to put up with me too.

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