“Outside” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

On Wednesday Rose and I spoke at length (taking in to consideration the many comments we received via this blog) as to how we would tackle the Ziggy ‘problem‘.

After much deliberation and reflection we decided that we would let Ziggy sleep in the house. It’s not what we had intended but we recognise that the move to stay with us is most likely a traumatic experience for Ziggy. New surroundings. New routines. New people (pack). Quite a lot to contend with all in one go without being forced to sleep outside. So on Wednesday evening we took a change of tack.

Early evening we took him with us when we went to Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill where he very quickly became a source of attention. He’s a good looking ‘boy’ and very well behaved and it wasn’t long before people were coming over to pet and stroke him. He lapped it up and, if I’m honest, so did we. Two of the people that came over to make a fuss of him we had never seen before but within seconds it was obvious that they came from London, our part of the world.

They were Jill and Jim a retired couple originally living only miles from where we used to reside that now live in Spain. In fact Jim was a senior officer at our local police station. Pleased though that I never had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting him when he was in this line of work!

Jill and Jim have been away from their home since the beginning of the year on an extended holiday that before reaching Ambergris Caye has seen them visit Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore. They plan on travelling extensively through Central America but don’t know when they will start this because Jill immediately fell in love with Ambergris Caye. We know the feeling Jill.

With the ‘family’ outing over we headed home for dinner and a bit of TV and then the time came for bed. For Rose and I and Ziggy. I’d brought his bed in to the house and positioned it in the living room area before we went out


Ziggy’s dream palace.

The change of location for the bed worked a treat. I got up the next morning at around 04.45 hours opened the bedroom door and there was Ziggy waiting to greet me. Tail wagging like crazy.

A survey of the living room area on the floor below indicated that he had not jumped up and slept on the sofa or chairs (we’d covered them just in case – well you never know…). I can’t tell whether he slept on his bed all night (actually I don’t know whether he slept on it at all) but one thing is for sure – our front door was unscathed (well apart from the damage already done to it). Result!

Feeling reasonably pleased with myself ((don’t know why really because it was Rose’s suggestion – she has all of the good ones (or so she tells me)) I made my self (Ziggy hasn’t mastered this yet!) a mug of black coffee and grabbed my iPad and Ziggy and I retired to the veranda.

When Rose joined us I showered, shaved, got dressed and Rose took off to take Ziggy for his morning walk on the beach


An impatient Ziggy.


“Come on, get the gate open”.


“Look right, look left”. And they’re off.

No sooner than they were off I was too. Headed south for breakfast at Estel’s Dine By the Sea. Well, someone’s got to do it, haven’t they. And I was the ideal candidate!

When I got home after breakfast (I did take care of a few errands too) Rose and I went to Captain Shark’s Boatyard where Lewis our mechanic was waiting for us. As we approached the yard we could see the boat we are interested ‘sitting’ in the water.


“Looking good”.

Lewis had brought along Captain Albe ‘Bam, Bam’ to take the boat out for its water test.


Lewis on board with ‘Bam, Bam’ and me looking on.

The engine cover came off


and Lewis tried to start the engine



So he tinkered around (technical term!) and ‘Bam, Bam’ had a try.


But try as they might Lewis and ‘Bam, Bam’ could not get the engine started.


Lewis told me what replacement parts are required and gave an approximation of what they and the labour would be and we disappointingly set off for home to fire off an email to the owner. We’re still interested in the boat but only if the price drops to accommodate the spend necessary to make it seaworthy.

We didn’t remain down for too long though because Ziggy wanted to play.


Jill and Jim ( remember them? I mentioned them in the fourth paragraph) weren’t the only people we met this week. Oh no. We met a British actor (who must remain nameless at this time) who was in Belize researching for the leading role in a film that goes in to production in June. The film which will be called “Rough Cut” is based on the book by Owen Carey Jones, a native of this country. Another exclusive??

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1998 by George Michael which reached number three in the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart and number two in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Steve Ward says:

    Great stuff, good luck with the boat John, If its a Yamaha outboard they are good but like all things mechanical need regular maintenance. Our Motor on our runaround is a 135HP Chrysler from ’76 (what a year!) and its temperamental but runs alright.

    1. Thanks Steve. Still waiting for the owner to come back re the offer we made (much lower than his asking price). Our offer is a fixed price to allow for the spend on the engine which is a 150 , 4 stroke, Yamaha.

  2. Jenny Bryan says:

    I am so happy to hear Ziggy gets to sleep inside! I have been worried about the poor little guy! He is so adorable. He is going to make your house a real home!!

    1. He’s made our house his home you mean. I’m only days away I’m sure from asking permission to enter the house!

  3. Emily says:

    I am so relieved that you brought Ziggy inside the house to sleep at night. To me that is where dogs belong — safe with their pack. Happy for him — and you and Rose as well.

  4. Kristy says:

    I love your blog, and am very happy that Ziggy is sleeping inside. Dogs have a way of becoming part of the family so quickly, don’t they? I never let our twins sleep in our bed as babies, but our Cockapoo is at my feet every night. I’m sure it will be hard when you have to let him go back to his owner.

    1. Hi Kristy. Really pleased that you like my blog. Makes all of the hours (who am I kidding) I spend slaving over the iPad worth it!
      It already feels like Ziggy is part of the family and although we only have him for a month we get him back for good at the end of August.

  5. footballbat says:

    Recent entries have been very entertaining John. Always start my day with a check of your blog and my mug of black coffee. How has Ziggy taken to motoring around in a golf cart? Most dogs seem to be naturals at “going for a ride”.

    Just had a thought: Ziggy + Babe = Sea-dog.

    1. Thank you Derek. Pleased that you have enjoyed recent editions. I like your suggestion but think we’ll stick with an Arsenal connection. All to be revealed when we eventually get a boat.

    2. Sorry Derek didn’t answer your question about Ziggy and the golf cart. He loves it. I just need to get on the seat and he’s in the cart too. Even when I don’t want him there!

  6. 4sarge says:

    Good to see that Ziggy has you well trained . LOL

    1. Nothing could be truer. I’m sorry to say!

  7. lifeagain says:

    And then there was 3 (three) Ziggy stays….yippie
    Great news…alert the blogs…….Ziggy wins them over!……John and Rose folded like a card table on all points……Ziggy is in the house like a true family member, gets walk on the beach, goes to the bars and restaurant as a true equal and will soon find out his allotment of Belikins per week.
    Congratulations John…..

    1. You are so right Don. Soon we will be asking permission to go out!

  8. robert says:

    Geez I thought the engine had been sorted, how did the ‘Babe’ get there. You gotta great one there in Ziggy. Im sure he’ll keep Highbury free undesirables !!! Gotta make sure he doesn’t pee on the new plantings, they wilt quickly .
    We areust checking out boats suitable to visit the hundreds of island around St Lucia , a Bayliner Ciera seems to fit the bill about a 2000 one, bit like a water RV.

    1. Don’t know how it got there but a couple of years sitting in the boatyard won’t have done the engine too many favours. We’ve made an offer and now await a response.

      Nice boat you are going to get. Think if I put that at the end if our garden it’d be there a day and then…

      As to Ziggy, you’re right he is a nice dog and he is starting to show signs that this is his place.

  9. woof4treats says:

    Looks as if Ziggy is getting “Usen-To” your place (southern slang). Will you be able to save the door? Hope you get the boat going soon. A couple of rawhide chew bones can keep Ziggy occupied for a while.

  10. I am so pleased that you didn’t give up with Ziggy as he will make you a wonderful Mate in time, Oh I am sorry that the Boat wouldn’t start but they do say here in Belize every disappointment is for the better so may be the boat is not the one for you. I do really enjoy reading your Blog it has now become part of my routine every time I open my E-mail folder Thanks for sharing
    your adventures.

    1. It would be nigh on impossible not to like Ziggy. Really pleased you enjoy the blog Stephen. It fills up some time for me and I have a laugh whilst writing it. All a bit of fun.

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