“Poetry in Motion” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I’m slowly (nearly everything I do now appears to be slowly!) realising that this blogging lark is not as easy as I first thought. Not that I’ve ever had great difficulty in using words. People that know me quite well might even ‘accuse’ me of verbosity! But just lately I’ve not been very good at ‘knocking out’ editions very regularly. Writer’s cramp? Other things on my mind? Too busy? Probably a combination of all of them.

Still getting up early in the morning and thoroughly enjoying my ‘me time’ on the veranda with a mug of black coffee and my iPad. Still venturing in to ‘Town for breakfast at Estel’s and still painting the bloody fence.! Whose idea was it to have a six foot fence around the lot (Rose!) anyway?


My forlorn figure (figure!, who am I trying to kid) on the way to start again on the inside of the northern fence.

Poetry in motion!

I have not spent all the time since the last edition (in fact I’ve spent hardly any time) painting the fence. There’s more to life than that after all and I didn’t move to Ambergris Caye, Belize to spend every waking moment with a paintbrush in my hand. Seriously, I didn’t.

On Monday Rose and I had the pleasure of spending time with Esme and her six year old grandson Tyler. Esme originates from Honduras but has lived in Belize for over twenty-six years but in all that time had never visited Ambergris Caye. Caye Caulker yes, but never in all that time has she made the extra twenty minute journey to Ambergris Caye.

So, why after such long a long time did she make the trip you’re thinking. Simple, she was delivering the remaining half of a pig that her husband Stephen had butchered (sounds horrible doesn’t it but I’ve never professed to be a vegetarian) for us. Stephen served in the British as a Master Butcher (come on, an army marches on its stomach) and occasionally (very occasionally we understand) can be persuaded to use his skills for acquaintances. And he very fortunately granted us this favour.


Esme and Tyler arriving on the 10.30 hours Belize Water Taxi service from Belize City.

They’d intended to catch the 09.00 boat but the driver of the bus they caught to get to the terminal decided to wait for twenty minutes for some friends to connect with the bus. Only in Belize!

After safely packing the pork cuts away in the refrigerator it was time for Tyler to enjoy himself with a swim in the Caribbean so we the short walk from the house to the beach.


Tyler impersonating a crab.


And then a fish.

And then there was just time for a group shot (minus me) before hosing Tyler down (he loved it) before it was time to run them to ‘Town to catch the 15.00 hours taxi home.


In the evening Rose and I went to Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill so that Rose could celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Rose was born in Cork a few years ago ( it would be unchivalrous of me -if not plain stupid- to say how many years ago) and this day has significant meaning to her. She no pseudo Irish person, she’s the real deal!

There was no draught Guinness on tap so we made do (very easy for me because I don’t like Guinness – and I tried it in the pub across the road from the brewery in Dublin) with Belikin but the T shirt that Rose was given was some consolation for her.



Oh and the Belikin koozie .


Green, obviously.

On Tuesday morning it was time to try the pig (no not in a courtroom but in a pan) and what better way to start the testing than with some Cumberland sausages. Stephen had provided both the traditional long sausage and a more conventional size. I elected to work my way up to the ‘big boys’ so started off with the latter.


Only one place for them.


In the pan!

Sorry, no photos of them on a plate. They weren’t there long enough!

On Wednesday I enjoyed a day out in Chetumal with five of the guys from BATSUB who were test driving the Land Rovers that they had taken delivery of only the previous day. Only ten miles on the clock when they set off.


I’d caught the 07.00 hours Tropic Air flight to Corozal where the guys picked me up and then it was straight to


“Well you’ve got to, haven’t you”.


“Come to Daddy!”.

No photos of my burger (a Whopper, what else) ‘unclothed’ because Rose would suffer withdrawal symptoms. See I am a caring and considerate type.

I enjoyed a thoroughly enjoyable day with the guys – being constantly reminded in every store that we visited of all of the things that we can’t get in Ambergris Caye- before they dropped me off at Corazal airport


so that I could get the 17.30 hours flight home.


Me ‘doing’ my back seat driver(pilot) bit.


Nearly home.

Oh, I meant to mention earlier, remember the new beach bar in Boca Del Rio I told you about around a month ago, well I understand that Ismael (the owner) is aiming to open it for Easter.

Got to bring this edition to a close now, I’ve got a fence that needs painting!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1961 by Johnny Tillotson which reached number one in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. alicetwits says:

    Love the picture of you painting the fence John! Much love to you aunty Rosey and the Zigmister 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks Alice. Hope all is good for you.

  2. Steve Ward says:

    was getting withdrawal symptoms! great stuff

    1. Don’t want you to suffer withdrawal symptoms Steve, I’ll try to publish a little more frequently. May have a ‘go’ this morning in fact!

  3. footballbat says:

    Y’know – you could become the island’s resident Tom Sawyer: convince your friends, neighbors and locals that fence painting is fun, ply them with BBQ and alcohol – you could get the fence finished before sunset . . . a bit of touch up here and there the next morning and Voila!


    1. Could do that Derek, could do that but then I would have to commit to a time/day and move away from doing it when I feel like it. Think I will stick with the freedom of ‘when I want to’.

  4. Guy Smith says:

    John totally enjoy your writings of day to day life on the caye. Had missed your entries for a few days, but that’s cool I understand and can’t wait to get down to Ambergris and enjoy the slow life.

    1. Thanks Guy. Pleased that you enjoy the blog. I keep meaning to write more frequently but …

  5. Jensen says:

    I agree John – checking in every so often is just great… hope to see you and Rose soon.

    1. Likewise Kris. On your own or with your wife?

  6. robert says:

    The British ???? And i know some squaddies marched on the their ‘arches’ , mainly dropped ones LOL Those bangers looked awesome . Now if one could get some proper bacon, not the streaky stuff. Oh well, we’ll be in Bighty for Aug/Sept . just gotta wait !!!

    1. Got some smoked bacon ( back and streaky) as well Robert. Haven’t tried it yet but if it is as good as the sausages we are on to a winner. Saving my first taste until Sunday morning just before Arsenal’s game against Chelsea. A victory breakfast I hope!

    2. Just spotted the typo Robert (and a few others). Must start proof reading!

  7. Jane says:

    John – We’ve missed you! Great blog today, and come back whenever you feel like “talking.” 🙂

    1. Thank you Jane. And I’ve missed all of you. I feel like ‘talking’ but I must have pressed the mute button just recently. Now I’ve found where it is I’ll try not to press it again!

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